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Listing created by kremekitten on May 25, 2014    

Even with a measly 32 hawker stalls, Zion Riverside Food Centre's outsize reputation makes up for its own small size: the hawker centre's braised duck, prawn noodles, and char kway teow earn rave reviews from even the most jaded hawker eaters. Thanks to its proximity to orchard road, you'll find plenty of office workers congregating here for lunch. 



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Classic hawker fare at wallet-friendly prices

I really like this hawker centre for its proximity to town but above all, it serves up tasty, affordable and satisfying local fare.

I love the Adam Road Prawn Mee here with its rich, sweet broth and huge prawns. I always go for the dry prawn noodles because I like a well-tossed noodle in chilli. The crowning glory has to be the fat slices of succulent and fresh prawn meat. The prawns are juicy and meaty - just the way a good bowl of prawn noodles should have it.

I also like the Zion Road char kway teow, which is smoky and fragrant with the sweet taste of sticky black sauce. Cockles are generously sprinkled and the char kway teow is not too dry, yet not too runny. Apparently PM Lee is a fan of this stall too.

With it's down-to-earth, classic hawker fare, Zion Hawker Centre is a one-stop-shop for a satisfying office lunch without breaking the bank.

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Zion Road
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Fantastic prawn mee

Zion Street Food Centre is one of the rare sites of local fare you can find in the Central Business District (CBD). Not only does it sell food at affordable prices, but also you can find fare of the yester-years still living on. Personally, I've tried the chicken wings and the prawn mee, having visited review sites prior to my visit to get an idea of what I should try.

Chicken wings wise, they are simply fantastic. Look no further than the accolades of my fellow reviewers and you'll know that your journey is wasted if you do not try it out. Otherwise, the prawn mee sold is one of the best I've ever tasted in Singapore. Upon your visit to the food centre, look for a stall called 'Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Mee', or simply the 4th stall of one of the rows, located between a drink stall and a noodle stall. This stall sells heavenly prawn mee.

Not only is the soup of a rich, obvious prawn base, the noodles are well cooked such that they are not too soft (disintegrates easily) nor too hard (unpleasant chewing experience here). Their home-made chilli is fragrant and aromatic and the blend of ingredients used was acceptable. However, bowls of prawn mee may tend to be pricey (averaging $6-$10 spent depending on the version you order), but are quite worth it.

Otherwise, the food centre exemplifies that of what you see in other hawker centres. However, it is well worth a visit, if not for the food, but the ambience, one which is rarely found in the town area.

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The bbq chicken wings here are sooooo juicy, crispy, fragrant and tender omg. I love the honey coating on the wings... a sticky yummy mess. The stall is located on the right side of the hawker centre where the famous prawn mee is at. I think there's only one stall selling BBQ Wings so it's unlikely you will eat from the wrong stall!! They are priced reasonably at $1.20 each and I can have 10 of them at one go if I'm feeling healthy enough to not fall sick the next day...

I usually come here for the carrot cake which by the way, is super amazing as well. The carrot cake is being fried by a deaf man so you'll have to point at the pictures with your choice of cooking (black/white) if his helper isn't around. I personally prefer crispy carrot cake as compared to the soft and mushy "all-scattered-around" kind so I love the ones sold here. The carrot cake here is crispy and tightly binded together with the egg.

The whole place is also clean and well-ventilated!! Highly recommend if you're looking for a place with great carrot cake and bbq wings :P

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All the Famous Local Delights!!

One of the Most Convenient Hawker Centre!!!
Famous hawker centre are always located at the extreme east or north of Singapore but hey, Zion Riverside Food Centre is located in the central part of Singapore! So convenient for foreigners or Singaporean to visit if they are in Orchard district, just hop on to bus 5, 16,195 and alight 2-3 stops. Likewise, come to this hawker to try all their famous food such as carrot cake and the no 18 fried kway teow. (You can see queues forming before you enter the hawker centre!) – reviews for this is available too! You can check it out :)

I just found out one more food that taste great in this hawker centre! Their bbq chicken wing! Melts. This taste so much better than the one that I tried at Changi Village, the meat is so tender and the uncle brushes it with lots of honey. Sweet yet juicy at the same time. Their hainanese chicken rice isn’t that oily too. All good food in one place. Yumzz. Always end my meal with sugarcane drinks, and this is how my family eat when we have a craving for local food.

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