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Alexandra Food Village, Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Singapore 150120
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on November 08, 2012    

Alexandra Village Food Centre is located along Bukit Merah Lane. Singaporeans would be more familiar with the directions "opposite Ikea". They have hawker stalls spanning three long rows with many famous stalls, notably:

  • Claypot Laksa

  • Teochew Braised Duck Rice

  • Shun Li Fried Oysters

  • Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies

  • Old Punggol Satay

  • Tiong Bahru Lien Fa Shui Jing Pau

  • House of Desserts

  • Avocado


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One Of The Best Hawker Centres In Singapore

Alexandra Village Food Centre is one of my favourite food haunts. Although it’s at the other end of Singapore for me and the traveling time from my house to there would make anyone balk, the number of times that I frequent this place is absurd.

It’s home to many of my favourite foods, such as Claypot Laksa, Lao Ban Zhai Roasted Duck Rice and Mr Avocado. The list goes on. Walk down one row of stalls and you’ll be sure to find something mouth-wateringly delicious! I’d be willing to bet a $100 with someone over whether they won’t be able to discover something they want to eat in Alexandra Village Food Centre.

If you still have the stomach, you can even pop on over to IKEA for some Swedish meatballs and $1 hotdogs. But that’s highly unlikely.

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Favorite Hawker!

The best hawker for the southern Singapore definitely goes to Alexandra Village Food Centre. My dad used to bring me over here during the weekends whenever he have craving for clay pot laksa and I want to eat my fried oysters. These two dishes are one of the popular foods in this market. Of course, there are more as seen from above. Why do I say this two food are the best?

That’s because their fried oysters are really the bomb. Everyone in my family loves it. However, the fried oyster stall only open after 4-5pm and queue would start forming afterward. Also, the uncle is super generous in the portion despite us ordering the cheapest plate. His fried oyster is really crispy and soft as they put more tapioca flour (I felt that more tapioca flour taste better, if not it’s really too dry).

Furthermore, their clay pot laksa is next my favorite. Their soup is really good, so thick! (I’m really craving for this, right now). With a variety of good food, this Hawker Centre will hit a wider storm of customer (It’s better to come at non-peak hours for most of the food and to come at evening for their fried oysters!!)

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Fried Oysters
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Value for Money

While I must say that this is one of my dad's favourite hawker centres in Singapore, I only remember coming here for the fruit juices. While it can be said that it is hardly the main attraction of this place, the affordability of the fruit juice really stunned me. For the price of $1.50-2, I got a gigantic cup of freshly squeezed apple juice that not only quenched my thirst but also made me feel full.

Unlike other hawker centres which give stingy portions for more than two dollars, I really felt that the drink was so worth it that I had to order another, despite how full I was feeling. Sadly, that being said, I only managed to finish half a cup which my dad finished after eating his Laksa.

We rarely go there now, but if I were to go there again, oh how would I love to go there with my dad and drink that fruit juice again.

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Avocado Galore

I think Alexandra Village Food Centre is best known for its avocado milkshakes. There are quite a number of dedicated fruit juice stalls that all lay claim to being the best avocado milkshake stall in the place, and it is hard for one to decide which is the true king. Avocado is a fruit that has multiple health benefits but is also high in fat.

The avocado milkshakes there are absolutely delicious and wonderfully refreshing, especially on a hot day. Although they are more expensive than the other types of fruit juices, I still think it is worth it to pay for quality. Those stalls are famous for their avocado drinks and to miss it would be a real pity! Each time I visit this food centre, the milkshake is a must-have for me.

Of course, there are also good food stalls. In fact, there is a beancurd stall that boasts of many different flavours like strawberry and durian. Although I prefer the original taste of beancurd, feel free to try their other varieties if you feel curious :)

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Avocado Milkshakes
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Addictive Avocado and Delicious Sambal Chicken Rice

The food here is fantastic and the place conveniently located between Queensway Shopping Centre, Anchorpoint and Ikea. It makes for a good meet-up place before you visit either of those places.

My guilty pleasure here is the Avocado and Sambal Chicken Rice. The avocado sold at the stall aptly named ‘Avocado’ is top-notch. It contains a fantastic blend of avocado and milk that makes it rather addictive. I don’t quite remember the name of the stall that sells Sambal Chicken, but I do remember it being located at the back of the middle path. The stall is easily recognisable with its bright red colour banner. The Indonesian butter chicken sold there is equally as delicious.

If you are bored of ABC or want to have a delicious meal near the three shopping malls mentioned, this is the place to go.

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shui jing bao!

The two reasons why I come to Alexandra Village food centre for: Shui jing bao and claypot laksa. The claypot laksa has a separate review thread so I'll post my review there.

The shui jing bao here is really good. The skin is translucent and oiled nicely. It's something like har gau skin but chewier. The filling is made with a mix of vegetables (radish and some other variety) and is seasoned really nicely. It serves as a great snack to as the portion of 1 shui jing bao is just nice. Not too big or small. The price is also very reasonable! Yummy food often sport long queues and if you are a little too late to reach, your eagerness and taste buds would be greeted with disappointing empty trays. The best time to reach would be about 10-11am and if you are planning to go there after 2:30pm or 3pm, I'd say wait till the next morning.

Other than the shui jing bao and laksa, I hardly eat anything else here. This food centre is very near to ABC brickworks market and if I am not craving laksa or shui jing bao, I'd usually just go to ABC for the higher variety of food there.

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Best Thai Food in Singapore!

Alexandra Village Food Centre has the best Thai food among all the hawker centres in Singapore. Hands down! I am pretty fussy when it comes to the standard of Thai food. However, the one at Alexandra, Phati Thai Food, far exceeds my expectations, especially because it is at a hawker centre. If you are looking for authentic and cheap Thai cuisine, you have come to the right place. Furthermore, the portion given is huge, as compared to the more well-known local Thai restaurants and cafes. I highly recommend their Pad Thai Noodles, Pineapple fried rice and Thai Mango salad. The mango salad was refreshingly delightful -- portion was of the right size and it was not too sweet. Definitely a nice wrap up to all the main courses. Having spent less than $5 each for such a hearty and delicious meal, we were all immensely satisfied. I will definitely return whenever I have cravings for Thai cuisine!

I would also recommend the Old Punggol Satay. Having read excellent reviews on it, I was so keen to try it. The unique part of their satay is the peanut dip. Unlike that of other stall, it seemed to contain some garlic to make the gravy more fragrant. If you have the satay at the hawker centre, I think the peanut dip comes with freshly sliced pineapples. While I liked the gravy, I could't taste much of a difference between that and the conventional one. That said, the chicken satay totally won me over. I didn't even have to eat it with the gravy. The meat was so succulent and I was pleasantly surprised that the they weren't too charred.

I will definitely return to hunt for more good food!

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Pad Thai
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Famous avocado milk shake

This hawker centre had undergone upgrading and some of the old stalls are no longer there. I remembered before the upgrading, there was a zi char stall that sold very nice hor fun, I was not able to find this stall anymore.

Fortunately, the famous avocado milk shake stall is still there. Although the upgraded hawker centre is more spacious and well ventilated, I noticed the lunch time crowd is no longer that big. I remembered the times when I went there during lunch, it was difficult to find a table and it was even hard to find a table to share. Recently, I was there, I was able to find a table on my own without sharing.

Sometimes, I always have this conflict, it was nice to upgrade a hawker centre but after upgrading, the spirit of the hawker centre is changed. The spirit of a hawker centre are those stalls that made you want to visit the hawker centre, if those stalls are no longer there, even the cleaner and better ventilated hawker centre will not appeal.

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For this particular food mart, I would recommend a stall that sells western food. It's located in the middle aisle and it has a green signboard. I always order their lambchop. It is pricey for hawker food at $7, but the food is worthwhile to be served in restaurants, where each serving is about $18-$20.

The lambchop comes with the mint dip, which people rarely see even in middle range restaurants.

I also like to end the meal with a "ba-long-long" drink, from a corner fruit stall from the same aisle. It is refreshing and a little sour from the added sour plum.

But one doesn't have to spend so much, like when my pockets feel really empty, I will opt for the nasi lemak @ $2.50 with 3sides.

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Overpriced and Not so Nice

I came here one day to eat because I had an event at Queensway shopping centre which is just nearby this area. I was expecting cheap food for a hawker center but I suppose it would be rare to find such a thing in Alexandra Village area. The claypot laksa is quite famous so I settled for that, and my friend ordered char siew rice from another famous stall.

The queues were really long but we decided to wait since we were already here. The laksa portion was really small although we ordered medium. The taste was not particularly special as well. It was not piping hot as I expected it to be! My friend’s char siew rice was just oily and overly fatty. Overall quite disappointed.

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