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Listing created by Iswariya on October 11, 2012    

Conveniently located a mere 2-minute walk away from HarbourFront MRT and directly opposite HarbourFront Centre, Seah Im Food Centre is an ever-crowded food centre. Known for housing many famous stalls ooffering delicious hawker fare, Seah Im Food Centre is a definite must-try for all lovers of Singaporean cuisine. 

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Don't let this place die...

As a child, I used to eat at this food centre before/after visiting the Singapore Expo Halls or Sentosa. There was one chicken rice stall that I remember best. They used to serve their chicken with the best tasting soy sauce that I could remember.

Now, that stall is gone but in it's place there are new ones to take its place. To name just two, Taksin Beef Noodle is one of the best stalls there. There is also a Malay stall selling satay and gado gado in an odd corner. I can't recall the name, but normally the guy who is cooking your satay uses a hair dryer to do so.

Find the hair dryer, find the stall.

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Absolutely tasty!

Frequenting hawker centres in Singapore have become a rare occasion now. I remembered indulging myself into a bowl of noodles there, accompanied by stray cats and swatting flies away.

Unfortunately, hawker centres seemed to lose it's appeal the moment Banquet and Kopitiam debuted accessibly in shopping malls. These hawker centres are equipped with air conditioners. They are neither littered with fleas nor cats. Heck, even stray menacing dogs are absent there.

However, I was flooded with nostalgia when I caught sight of Singaporeans digging into delicacies from the usual outdoor hawker centres during the Worker's Party victory ceremony. I dashed to the hawker centre that I was most familiar with; Seah Im Food Centre.

This hawker centre seemed to have implanted an invisible air purification system there. The air quality there was dripping with excellence. The fleas population seemed to have shrunk, fortunately. So did the stray cats and dogs. I ordered a plate of black pepper chicken rice and stationed myself on the vintage rock hard stool. The outdoor ambiance coupled with it's sentimental value enriched the flavour of my food platter tremendously. Applause! It's a flavour like no other. Especially not those that are confined within air-conditioned settings.

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Near Harbourfront
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Long history

I remembered when there was still a world trade centre at that area, this hawker centre was already around. Back then, it was like all the old hawker centre, stuffy and not so clean. Recently, I had revisited this hawker centre and it had changed a lot. It is now so much brighter and well ventilated.

The only thing that had not changed must be the good food available there. I liked hawker centres with a long history because these hawker centres will have a few stalls that have built up a good reputation. Judging from the lunch crowd there, this hawker centre must have a few good stalls or the food here is cheaper compared to near by eateries.

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Great food at very affordable prices

Just an overhead bridge away from Habourfront Centre and in front of the bus interchange, Seah Im food Centre is very accessible. It's close proximity to Vivocity and Sentosa makes it a viable dining alternative to the relatively more expensive food centres in those areas. I enjoy dining there as the food is good, without being overpriced. I could have a good meal at less than $3. My all time favourite dish at Seah Im food Centre is the prawn noodle soup, as it is fragrant without being too overpowering.

However, Seah Im food centre is not the place for those who are overly conscious of the heat or cleanliness, as it may be very warm and occasionally dirty. Nevertheless, Seah Im food Centre is stlll a recommended dining outlet for it's good food. The next time you visit Vivocity or Sentosa, consider dining at Seah Im Food Centre!

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Good location and food

I like this food centre as it has very nice food, even though the variety is the same as anywhere else. The bak kut teh is my favourite especially. The prices here are also very reasonable and definitely worthwhile for their taste and quality.

I used to visit this place every Saturday after running at Mount Faber and it is a great place to recharge after exercise. I also turn to this place when my friends are looking for a cheaper alternative to eat at besides VivoCity. This is also useful when you're heading out to Sentosa. Fill up your stomachs here before heading over to the island.

This food centre has a fantastic location due to its proximity to VivoCity, Mount Faber as well as Sentosa. Personally, the food did not disappoint and I will definitely recommend it.

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Awesome food throughout the entire food centre!

Whenever I visit Seah Im Food Centre, I'm always spoilt for choice. It's really difficult to choose from Nasi Ayam Penyet, Carrot Cake, Briyani, etc. Expect to see long queues forming up at many of the stalls there, and try your best to beat the lunch crowd.

Even when I'm not in the mood for a full meal, I opt for a round of satay! The waft of the satays being cooked will definitely tempt your palate. I have never been disappointed at Seah Im, and I know I will definitely recommend this food centre to anyone looking to experience a hotpot of Singaporean cuisine.

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