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Tekka Market and Food Centre

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Tekka Market & Food Centre 665 Buffalo Road 210665
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 24, 2012    

Tekka Center remains a landmark in Little India with a popular hawker centre on the first level and a shopping area on the second selling many indian style fabrics.

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Not so clean

When my son was hospitalised in KK Hospital, I drove over to this place for my lunch. We parked at the basement car park. Once we were out of the car, my daughter told me she was not hungry anymore. The car park was not well lighted and had a funny smell. It also looked quite dirty.

I told her not to be too fussy, we would only be there for a quick lunch and then be back to be with her brother. She understood I was in no mood for argument so she gave in. We went up to the hawker centre and had a hard time finding food the she wanted to eat. At least half of the stalls there were selling Malay and Indian food and my daughter did not take both. The Chinese food also did not look very appealing, we finally settled for Western Food.

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Charming place, but you must not be fussy

Tekka is perhaps the most famous wet market in Singapore that ought to be given heritage status. Wet markets themselves are not a very common sight nowadays, with supermarkets being the norm. But for us having grown up from an earlier era, wet markets are a way of life.

The prices in Tekka are not exactly very cheap, but they do have very fresh produce. Haggling is possible, but with the rise of supermarkets nowadays, haggling itself is a dying art practised by the oldies.

When you are done shopping for produce, step into the food centre and soothe your hunger with some very good food and drinks. Enjoy and savour the sights, tastes and smells. Nobody could guarantee how long this would last, not even the government.

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Melting pot of Indian culture.

Tekka Market is more than just a market to me. Being an Indian, ever since I was young, Tekka Market is a symbol of Tekka itself as well as a literal melting pot of supremely authentic Indian food!

The highlight of Tekka Market has to be it's chendol! The fact that people from all races flock here for the chendol says it all. This in addition to all the stalls selling all varieties of Indian food makes Tekka Market a place where you can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!

A sure must-see for any tourist or local. In addition to the food, there are shops on the second floor selling fabulous clothes and textiles as well.

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Great food and great groceries at great prices!

Tekka Market is a place I always enjoy going to with my mother for groceries. For just $20, we had bags of groceries which we could use for the rest of the week. There was also a great variety of stores to choose from. For example, if you are wanting to buy some chicken, there are about 7 or 8 stores in the wet market itself. Regular customers tend to purchase their groceries at certain stores, while newer customers tend to scramble their choices around.

After you purchase your groceries, it is great to sit down at a table, order a cup of Black Coffee or Chinese Tea, and watch the day go by. The air is extremely fresh in the morning (especially if you sit far away from the wet market).

The downside, however, is the need to wake up early to shop at Tekka Market. This is because it is a wet market, and the things they sell tend to get sold out very quickly. But, as it was said, "no pain, no gain", so waking up early in the morning is certainly worthwhile in order to buy your favourite groceries at their freshest state!

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