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Listing created by xinty on July 04, 2012    

Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre has been at it's location for many, many years. Among the many stalls selling local food, there are also florists and small clothing shops.

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your average hawker centre with maybe one unique dish

My father enjoys going around looking for (what he believes is) good food, whether in Singapore or Malaysia. This hawker centre is one of many that he likes bringing the family to, though I don't quite understand why.

Parking isn't easy - the lots are almost always packed when we go there for dinner. However, it's not that difficult to find an available table, though the hawker centre is pretty well-received, judging from the number of tables filled (well, whenever I go there).

There are definitely many stalls and a variety of food to choose from. However, of the food I've tried, there's not one that I'd die craving for. No, not even close.

The unique dish that they do carry that I've not seen elsewhere, though, to give the hawker centre its credit, is the sin chew bee hoon. It's actually dry/soup (you get to exercise freedom of choice here) rice vermicelli with a generous serving of clams (oh I love clams, and you know how stingy stall owners can be with their clams), peanuts and other ingredients. I do like the various consistencies while chewing on the food - the peanuts V. the peanuts, for example - but I've never been able to finish one serving of this dish. Sure it's a nice, refreshing change, and it's really pretty delicious, but too much of it makes me feel sick.

Overall, a place I'd go to for the bee hoon dish, but only if it happens to be convenient for me - there are other places I'd prefer going to to satisfy any craving for anything bee hoon.

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(Updated: February 14, 2013)

Since I was young

I've been coming to this market ever since I was young. As I live reasonably close by, my parents used to always take me to have a meal here. There has been some renovations done over the years, and this has helped the food centre to be as clean, modern and welcoming as it is in present day.

There is a huge variety of food, and my favourite would be the hokkien mee. The rojak here is also famous throughout Singapore, and many people from all parts of the island flock here just to have a plate of rojak. Presently, there is also a beancurd store, the very first stall on the left side of the market. I've tried it recently for the first time, and I have to say that it was deliciously smooth. I'd be going back for seconds!

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Many nice food.

Whampoa Drive market is a very happening and crowded market and hawker place. It is also very unique as there is a day hawker and night hawker just opposite each other. Every weekend, it is crowded all the time from 5 till 11pm with Singaporeans who are there to grab a taste of what they think are the best food there.

There is indeed some nice food there such as the nasi lemak at the corner, the bbq crabs and wings and also wanton mee. However, as we all know, there are food and there “are” food. Some other stalls also experience long queues such as the famous rojak and hokkien mee but they probably did not suit my taste buds or did not taste anything outstanding.

Despite that, this hawker is one place where you can find almost all type of local food. There is bbq wings, chicken rice, nasi lemak, oyster omelette, duck rice, claypot rice, fish head steamboat, roti, ngoh hiang guan qiang, bak kut teh and plenty others. I think the only missing thing is probably spring rolls.

And with all popular hawkers the downside is the constant unavailability of seats and the terrible mess that Singaporeans make and the inconsideration for the poor cleaner aunties and uncles who are always old enough to be our parents or grandparents. I have seen many quarrels between the customers and the cleaners, cause the customers keep demanding for the tables to be cleared. Give the cleaners a break and let them do their routines. Be patient.

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Morning and night makan place all in one

I really liked Whampoa market because they have both morning and evening makan places located opposite to each other that offers a wide variety of mouth watering food.

In the morning, i loved the economic beehoon which always has a long queue among housewives and working adults who tapao for breakfast. The newly opened dim sum eatery is also a new gem to the makan place. My dad heard from the boss that he used to work at Crystal Jade for 10 years before he quit to open his own small shop. The dumplings and guotie, and the lamian were very yummy and had similarities with crystal jade. An awesome breakfast to have.

At night, almost all the morning market area will close except for one famous fishead steamboat, which is so delicous and always have a long waiting time of at least 45 minute on weekends. The soup is full of cuttlefish and fresh fish taste, boiled together with heaps of vegetables and yam.

Over at the night market in the evening, the famous food i will recommend will be the hokkien mee, hoover rojak and the oyster omelette, a must order for me everytime i visit!

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Nothing to go out of the way for

Signaporeans are notorious for driving across the island just to eat at a famous hawker stall, no matter the distance. Well in my view, Whampoa hakwer centre doesn't have such a stall. When I visited at lunchtime recently, half of the stalls were closed.

The only stall that had a long queue was Rubiah Muslim Food Nasi Melayu. I think many people have like me read about their sotong, with comes stuffed with roe. But you can order anything else, like the fried potato and even the veggie dishes, and come away happy.

There are also a few interesting tau huey stalls in the last row. One of them even has mango and durian-flavoured tau huey, made in the 'modern' way, without any sugar syrup.

Otherwise, nothing really stirred my interest. I would rather go to Balestier to get my Tau Sar Piah than to visit the hawker centre. But Whampoa residents are still lucky to have a handful of excellent hawker stalls at their doorstep.

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Nasi Padang
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