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At Chomp Chomp Food Centre, there are many different famous food choices available.

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Omnom at Chomp Chomp

There are those who condemn Chomp Chomp as extremely overrated and overpriced - then, there are those who swear by it for the best hawker food. I’m in the latter.

Chomp Chomp was where I had met my first love - Sambal Stingray. If people asked me where the best Sambal Stingray was in Singapore, I’d point them towards Chomp Chomp - and for good reason. I usually rotate around the same two stores for my barbecued seafood, and both taste almost equally as amazing. The serving of stingray given is thick and succulent, covered in a sufficient amount of chilli paste. On top of Sambal Stingray, other hawker fare must-haves would include satay, chicken wings, kang kong, hokkien mee, and sugar cane.

Many people avoid Chomp Chomp because of how smoky it is, but there is an easy fix to that. Just dabao your food and head over to the rooftop at myVillage, and you’d be able to enjoy your meal in a quiet, clean, and even romantic, setting. Tried and tested.

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(Updated: September 07, 2015)

A Local Food Paradise

There's nothing more authentic or Singaporean than getting your fix of local food in a hawker centre. There's a couple of must-try dishes when you go to the heart of Serangoon, which include the fried Hokkien Mee, BBQ Chicken Wings at $1 a piece, Sambal Stingray and the gigantic Sugar Cane drink that puts the average cups to shame.

The downside to this food paradise is that it is stuffy and hazy with all the smoking and roasting that's going on to serve up your delicious treats. The minute you walk out of the hawker centre, fresh air would have never smelt so good.

A word of advice would be to head down to Chomp Chomp as early as 6pm to avoid the hassle and unnecessary waiting when finding a table.

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Chicken Wings!
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(Updated: September 07, 2015)

Chomp Chomp Away

Popular with both locals and tourists, Chomp Chomp Food Centre is Singaporean barbecued hawker fare paradise. Food available at Chomp Chomp includes satay and chicken wings, stingray and cuttlefish, along with other local delights like ‘orh luak’ (oyster omelette) and hokkien mee. I always order an entire sambal stingray for myself when I’m there- it sets my mouth ablaze but it's great. There are many stalls peddling the same fare, so sometimes it comes down to luck on how good the food you ordered is. There will also be hawkers convincing you to buy from them, and they can be quite pushy, so hold your ground.

One iconic thing about Chomp Chomp is the sizes of the drinks available. Think giant mugs of lime juice nearly as large as your head for less than $4, or mini “buckets” of sugarcane juice that seem almost bottomless.

Seeing how popular Chomp Chomp is, it’s best to head over early if you want to get a seat, generally before 6pm. If not, be prepared to jostle with the crowd and attempt to glare lingering diners out of their seats for your turn to indulge.

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Om Nom Nom

Undoubtedly the centrepiece attraction of Serangoon Gardens, Chomp Chomp Food Centre is the most happening hawker centre of choice for anyone staying near northeast Singapore. Tourists and locals alike seeking authentic local hawker food flock to Chomp Chomp, especially at night, when it can be almost impossible to get a seat.

My personal favourites are the BBQ chicken wings, which can reach ridiculous wait times of 45 minutes during peak hours, the XL sugar cane drinks which likely dwarf any drinks that regular hawker centre drink stalls offer, the sting ray and clams, and the fried oyster omelette. It is standard practice for a group of diners to order some of everything and share it all. This means that meals with friends often turn into supersized buffets, with the table filled with every kind of local delicacy imaginable. It is rare to see solo diners as table space is very limited and it’s simply not as fun eating in such an atmosphere by yourself.

Getting in can be difficult - as anyone who’s stayed in Serangoon Gardens will tell you, the traffic situation is rather severe. But once you’ve gotten in, and stood around tables long enough to get a seat, the food is absolutely worth it.

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Great place for local food delights

Chomp Chomp food centre has got to be one of the best hawker centres in Singapore. There are so many popular stalls with local food dishes gathered together under the same roof, making it a one-stop destination for both locals and tourists who want their fix of delicious food.

Chomp Chomp is usually packed during dinner time, so try to go as early as possible or be prepared to wait for tables to be available. My favourite dishes are the sambal stingray, oyster omelette and carrot cake. These famous local dishes are so sinful but yet so filling and tasty. While eating, don't forget to order a huge glass of sugarcane juice from one of the many drink stalls. The size of the glass is so huge that one drink can be shared among a few people.

Even though Chomp Chomp is crowded and noisy, it's also home to some of the most popular and delicious food stalls. All in all, it's a great place, for both locals and foreigners, to chill out and have some great food.

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Like a local Newton

Chomp Chomp is like a local version of Newton Food Centre, especially since its located in Serangoon, a place less known for its tourist hot spots than for its residential areas. The food they serve is essentially the same and I'm not too sure about the prices but I do think they should be about the same as the Newton prices or maybe even cheaper.

My favourite thing to eat at Chomp Chomp is the Chee Cheong Fun which is really different from other places and its got added Yam Cubes and even the sauce is really unique. I haven't found chee cheong fun like this anywhere else. The giant drinks they serve at Chomp Chomp are also great but share them! Way too much for one person.

The only thing I don't really like about Chomp Chomp is how small it is. Unlike Newton, it can be really hard to find a seat here, especially if you come with a large group.

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Average, but worth the wait for a local food lover

Recently visited Chomp Chomp since it's a place that everyone seems to recommend. However, I find that it was pretty average and not as good as what others have said it to be due to long waiting times and high prices.

My friends and I reached at about 730pm and it was already packed with people and no seats. After waiting for a while, we finally got a table for four. I would suggest those visiting to reach at about 630-7pm to prevent squeezing and long waiting times.

We only started eating at around 8pm since we also had to wait for the food. We ordered the Stingray, Satay, Hokkien Mee, rojak and fried egg with oysters. Seems like the stingray is a popular option among those who have visited the place, but we felt that the stingray was really average - I guess we ordered from the wrong stall. The Fried Egg with Oysters costed like $8 which was a rip off because the additional egg costed around $2-$3; hence I suggest the oysters lovers to get the plain oysters instead of the one with the egg. We ordered the Hokkien Mee last because the stall auntie told us that we would have to wait for 40minutes for our plate - we turned our heads and saw a group of around 8 people each ordering a plate of Hokkien Mee WOW. The Hokkien Mee was worth the wait though!

I don't think I would visit ChompChomp again since I'm not an extremely big fan of local food, but for one who loves local food, it's definitely worth the wait.

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This place has got to be the smokiest food centre, ever

While everyone's flocking to Serangoon Gardens to satiate their appetite for good food, I'm scrambling to get out.

20 years of living just a street away, my experience in short would be: Good food, long wait, bad air.

The most popular food would be their Zi Char (Ala Carte dishes with rice) or Hokkien Mee, which takes AGES to arrive every single time I order them. At times, the wait could even lead up to an hour! Prices are average, what you'd usually expect at a food centre but what turned me off the most, was the really bad air. If I can even smell it from my house on the street behind..

Ventilation was bad due to having all the stores in a small cluster and I never fail to leave with my hair smelling like a BBQ pit.

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Great with a group of friends

I like Chomp Chomp for the amount of variety that it provides. Yes, you have your Sambal Stingray and Lala, but you can almost pick any stall in random and not be disappointed.

Carrot cake, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Wings, Rojak, and heck, even the porridge is worth the try, so be prepared to share. My top two dishes to try are the Oyster Omelette and famous hokkien mee. The hokkien mee I like takes 45 minutes to cook, but it is way worth the wait.

Of course, no meal in Chomp Chomp is complete without the sugarcane. (get the biggest size)

Note of caution: you will probably come out of Chomp Chomp smelling like you took a steam bath at a BBQ pit. People complain about the cloud of smoke that permeates the air, but it doesn't really bother me.

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Had my food at a shopping mall's roof

Chomp Chomp Food Centre has Singapore's best local food. A must order at Chomp Chomp is their Sambal Stingray! I get excited over this dish because I am a fan of seafood and spicy food. I have tried the Sambal stingrays from different stalls and was surprised that each of the stalls’ tasted differently good.

I was there with a big group and we ordered a big plate of Hokkien mee, Char kuey tiao, Lala, satays and BBQ chicken wings. I don't know what lala is called in English but you can go to any seafood stalls and ask for a plate of lala. You will not regret it!

I am always disappointed when it comes to the limited seats and tables. You’ll need to wait for about 10-15 minutes to find a seat. Once with my group of friend, we could not get any seats for all 8 of us so we brought our food to a nearby shopping mall's garden roof top and had our dinner there. But when I dine there, the ventilation is really bad. It was really choke-y due to the smoke coming from the stalls.

Overall, I would still recommend you to visit for the food but be there during their non-peak hours (not weekends/evenings)!

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