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Listing created by primate on October 18, 2013    

Under the JUST10 Group, there are four different hairdressing outlet names. They provide affordable hair services like hair cuts, hair washes, hair dyeing and other such treatments. There are 3 different types of salons owned by the group: premium, normal and budget. Strategically located, these 3 types of salons appeal to different crowds around the island. 


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Poor service

I went to hair salon during a weekday morning where there was not a single customer. I asked about the Groupon which I bought it 2 months ago but staff was rude to say that I did not make an appointment with them. I was told that the earliest to book appointment is Friday but the Groupon will be expired on the Thursday.

The thing is the staffs were so free at the time, the one who served me was playing on her phone before came. Why can't they make an exception? Simply because I'm using a Groupon voucher? I would have patronize their other services or add on if they had better services.

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Waterway point
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Horrible experience

I bought a $20 voucher from Just10 group crescendo, and the salesman told me no additional charges were needed thereafter. When i called in for appointment, they told me that i need to top up $10 for every service i wanted, on top of the voucher, because they only have senior stylists (it was stated on the voucher that a top-up of $10 is needed for an upgrade to senior stylist). However, i refuse to, because i am fine with my hair being done by a junior stylist. It was really infuriating because the salesman did not inform me that, there is only one outlet with junior stylist in the whole of Singapore.
So i called the guy who sold me the voucher, and he told me that only the outlet at AMK has junior stylist, but it is really far from my house. Not wanting to waste my voucher, i decided that i would patronize the AMK outlet, but after calling them several times (to book appointment), there was no response.
I then e-mailed the company, wanting to ask for refund, but there was no response.


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Bad service, worst experience

The staff at the far east plaza outlet were really nice. However I went to the outlet at Djitsun mall at AMK and their staff treated me like i was non-existent. Never been treated like that before so I was very unhappy. Would strongly not recommend their outlet at AMK if you are a person who expects decent service. Horrible experience at their outlet in AMK, very satisfied experience at their outlet in far east plaza

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Modern and nice looking salon
Branch Location:
Ang mo kio
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Deals promised conveniently removed

I only bought a $20 set of coupons from a pesky salesperson at Raffles Place from Outshinerz Events Pte Ltd because she absolutely refused to let me go. The treatments from JUST10 Group salons, as I was soon to find out, were not as great as she claimed. I read terrible reviews of people being pushed to top-up, and their treatments getting cut short. The set of coupons I bought included: free cut+wash+blow, free hair/scalp/oil treatment, $50 off services and two 50% off services. I visited the Crescendo outlet to get my hair cut. The lady told me that there would be service charge of $10 for wash and blow even though the coupon promised cut+wash+blow for free, supposedly included in the $20 that I had originally paid for the coupons. She then tried very hard to push other services such as colour and rebonding. Even though I was prepared for hardselling because I had read reviews, the experience was unpleasant and I did not enjoy my time there. Would not recommend anyone to buy their groupons/street coupons, had I read the reviews beforehand, I would not have bought them.

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Branch Location:
Changi City Point
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Bad service, quality results

I bought the 7-step L'Oreal Hair and Scalp treatment which comprises of:
1. Mint Scalp Purifying Mask
2. L'Oreal Collagen Mask
3. Olixir
4. Mythic Oil
5. Mythic Milk
6. Keratin Spray
7. Keratin Cleanser
and visited their branch of Crescendo Hairdressing at Djitsun Mall, Ang Mo Kio.

I wasn't exactly impressed with their service because I was made to wait a long time before someone actually attended to me. The salon only had 4 chairs for patrons and 2 hairdressers, it was so small. The whole time I was waiting, I had to do it standing up which was really awkward and was practically treated as non-existent.

I however am amazed at the quality of hair I walked away with. IT WAS NOT MINE. My hair is quite frizzy due to being chemically damaged from hair dyes but after the 7-step treatment and the additional steam machine + ampoule that I added on, it was silky smooth! I just couldn't stop flinging my hair about, twirling rounds and obsessively run my fingers through it every minute.

I think what really did the trick was the steam machine. The 7 steps didn't even feel like 7 steps, I counted only 3? Anyway, I haven't felt my hair this way in ages so I left a pretty satisfied customer.

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I patronized the outlet at Djitsun Mall after buying a groupon for a hair treatment online. I had booked an appointment at 5 and quickly rushed over from my previous location in fear that I would be late. To my horror, the salon was fully packed at the time of my arrival, 1 or 2 minutes before 5 and the staff at the counter told me to come back in 15 minutes. I came back after 15 minutes and was seated down.

No one attended to me for a long time. There were a total of 4 seats available at the salon and all of them had a customer in it. The other 3 ladies were being attended to while the staff seemed to ignore me for long while. I picked up the magazine in front of me to kill time. Then, my neck was dressed with a plastic bag and towel and I was directed to the sink area. During the wash, the staff asked me if I wanted to pay an additional $25 to use the machine which would allow for the treatment to be absorbed better. I kindly declined. When I was directed back to my chair, she asked me again about paying the additional $25 but again, I declined. Then, a mask was applied to my hair. To note, the Groupon I had purchased listed that it was a 7-step L'oreal Hair and Scalp Treatment which consisted of the following:

Mint Scalp Purifying Mask
L'Oreal Collagen Mask
Mythic Oil
Mythic Milk
Keratin Spray
Keratin Cleanser

After the mask, I was directed back to the sink for a wash. Then, my hair was blown dry and some serum was applied. The hairdressers then told me I could go. I was wondering if my treatment was shortened because I had declined to pay for the use of the machine. The Groupon was worth $260, shouldn't it include everything? I left the place frustrated.

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Djitsun Mall
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