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Listing created by Raion on October 07, 2012    

Snip Avenue is a saloon which has extended its services to include hair services, beauty services, nail services and foot reflexology. They only use quality products, from well known brands such as L'Oreal, Shiseido and etc. The staffs are professionally trained and are sent for trainings regualrly to improve their skills. It has numerus branches around the island offering the various services.

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cheap haircuts and services

Snip Avenue is my go to place whenever I need to give my hair a trim. Going at $3.80 a cut, there’s really not much to complain. The outlet I frequent whenever needed would be the one at Serangoon Central. Some days it can get pretty crowded but the staff there are not as rowdy and rude as other outlets I’ve been to like Bishan and Toa Payoh.

I’ve also tried their hair perming service ($88) and it was terrible. It stripped my hair of every drop of moisture, resulting in curly, dry horse like hair. I was so upset. Even after doing a treatment, it didn’t make any significant difference. I wanted to cry so bad. Stay away from their chemical treatments!

Other than that, I think their hair cut service is alright, as long as it’s an easy hairstyle.

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Bad Quality service at toa payoh and jurong branch

The branch at toa payoh and jurong branch and bugis is the worst. It was terribly packed and when i walk in the receptionist will gives us a glare from head to toe as if we cant afford and keeping customers to wait and wait....the stylists or hair assistants most seem to be malaysians and they are very loud and keep chatting to each other very unprofessional...and when i ask them how long it takes...they will stare at me black face and ignore me...

Just imagine behaving like uneducated..makes me very insecure in that place....also they are very rough and rude ...when they wash my hair water keeps going in my ears....and when they dry my hair they keep pull my ears even i say painful...and comb my hair so hard...

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toa payoh
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Possibly the cheapest haircut you can get

I went to Snip Avenue for haircuts for quite a while now, since it is cheap and it is conveniently located near my house. I would say that the haircuts I have received is pretty good for its price, it is decent enough for me, no ruined haircuts or anything that I cannot accept. Because it is so cheap, there would be quite a few people waiting for haircuts and you have no choice but to wait ( I usually wait for 30 mins at least), and they would attend to those who are getting other services aside from cutting, such as rebonding or dying their hair since those services are more expensive. It is unfair, but this is what you get for what you pay. Aside from the time you are required to wait, I am fine with the haircuts I have received.

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Boycott Snip Avenue!

I had such terrible experiences at Snip Avenue. Honestly, I don't usually complain about service providers as I understand that we are all earning a living and we have our moods, but this one is too much.

This particular store is at Hougang Avenue 4, Blk 682. It would not be difficult to identify this particular hairdresser : she is tall and very big size, with long, coloured hair. Her attitude is incredibly bad, on all three occasions that I frequented the store.

The first time, she very rudely raised her voice for me to sit down, when all I did was stood beside my four-year-old daughter when she was getting her haircut, to inform that very rude hairdresser the length of my daughter's fringe I desired! When I told her politely that my elder daughter is also getting a haircut, she again sarcastically exclaimed that she only had a pair of hands and could only cut for one person!

On the second occasion when my husband frequented the store for a haircut, she not only did such a bad job that he needed another haircut from another salon to salvage the situation, but was also very rude throughout.

On the third occasion, I went to the store to colour my hair. I waited at the seat, and a staff informed that rude hairdresser to do my hair, and she exclaimed loudly in Mandarin, sarcastically, that she was so "lucky" as it was her turn to do my hair (zhe yang xin yun ah,lun dao wo zuo ta da tou fa)!

Now, that was so uncalled-for, as I had contained my anger the previous time and did not complain about her at all! I kept my composure throughout these incidents and told myself to be civilised. But I just feel that I need to drop a review to warn other patrons about it, so that you won't run the risk of encountering such bad experiences that ruin your mood for the day.

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Hougang Avenue 4
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Cheapest Haircut

With only $3 in my wallet and an overgrown hair on my head, I was frustrated as I could not get my hair cut.. until I passed by Snip Avenue and saw the advert pasted there that says "Haircut $2.80". Yes, you saw it right, it is $2.80. They do nothing more than a haircut, by that I mean they do not advertise their shampoos or their conditioners, or neither do they ask if we want this or that. They simply do the haircut we want.

For a $2.80 haircut, it was really professional, something probably we can do at the $10 shops as well. For a first time, I was really expecting a ruined haircut, and even got a beanie prepared for the next few weeks, but it was really way better than I expected. Thumbs up for cheap and good haircut services at Snip Avenue!

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If you're lucky

I've visited Snip Avenue quite a few times. Firstly, because it is conveniently located in the neighborhood, and it is really cheap. My first experience wasn't that bad actually, maybe because I'm not very particular about how my hair is cut and that time I just needed a trim.

Subsequently, I've had some nasty hairdressers. Some who yanked at my hair, and one even said my hair was like grass. I didn't get offended, but was quite amused at her attitude.

In their defense, I did meet nice hairdressers too. They gave me advice and gave me a satisfactory haircut. I'd say it all depends on lady luck, depending on which hairdresser you get. I havnt been to Snip Avenue for a long time, but it will stay as one of my choices when I need to go for a fast and cheap haircut.

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(Updated: January 07, 2013)

Right Place for Bad haircut

I once went to cut my hair here because of its attractive pricing. But please people do not be blinded.

I had my worst hair style here. I told the hair stylist to trim my hair but not too thin. After less than half an hour, my hair was already done. I was tad surprise with the time he took to finish cutting my hair. I looked like an infant with the amount of hair I was left with. He cut it very thinly and I told him politely that it was not the hairstyle I wanted but he just gave me a smirk.

I do not think hairstylists here give effort on cutting maybe because of the price and more importantly they are not friendly with customers.

Hair is our crowning glory so think before you go to this place. The cheap hair cut is not worth it.

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I'd rather not a cheap haircut than to have a BAD haircut.

Scam at its best.

$3.80 for a haircut? Ya, right. My father saw their large billboards and was eager and curious at the thought of such a cheap haircut and proceeded to join their long queue outside the shop. We waited, and waited and waited. It became too long and we soon gave up. Now, the thing is that even though the queue was long, we were not too far from the front. But it seemed like the queue was not moving at all. This was what they do, their so called "queue" is just an advertisement for them to show others and possibly attract more customers. They gave priority to those who are doing cuts or treatments more than the 3.80 price. The ones who opted for the discounted price had to wait until all of the "normal" customers were done with their hair. In a sense, just to get you to go, pronto.

Even another time when we managed to make it in, the cut was a swift one and it seemed like they did not put in any effort into the cut. Even my father, who does not usually have high expectations of haircuts, complained. Now, everytime we walk past it, my dad would scoff at the advert they display largely.

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Worst hair experience

Do not ever visit Snip Avenue, unless you only want to cut your hair - but even then I would advise you to proceed with caution.

The good points first - Snip Avenue is extremely cheap. Its haircuts are priced from $3.80 onwards and you can rebond your hair for $38 onwards. Apart from being cheap, there is nothing else worth complimenting Snip Avenue about.

I went there to rebond my hair once and I have never looked back ever since. For starters, I had to wait for ages to do it because of the never-ending crowd and my hairstylist also seemed pretty grumpy, and like he could not wait to finish the job.

My rebonding lasted for at most a few weeks, before my hair started curling again. Even worse, my hair had been damaged by the hair products that they used and it became very dry and I started having split ends, something I never had before.

Cheap as it may be, Snip Avenue is not worth your money at all.

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Hair-wrecking process

Snip avenue is a dirt cheap avenue to cut, dye or rebond your hair. Some branches also have additional services of manicures and facials. I went to snip avenue to cut my hair and i swear then that it was the last time i would patronize the shop again.

For a $3.80 haircut, it was ridiculously cheap. We probably cant even buy a meal at food courts with this amount. However, the whole process was disastrous! Waiting time was horrible, and when it was finally my turn, my hairdresser did not commit her own attention to me throughout the haircut. She had to run to answer the phone, check on other customers' hair dye. I disliked this divided attention. In addition, the haircut was terrible as she mistakenly snipped off my fringe more than what i specified! I almost wanted to burst into tears.

Snip avenue was also not kept tidy. Hair on the floor was not swept promptly and the haircut equipment like pins and combs did not look that clean to me. I will never ever come here for the haircut, no matter how appealing the price tag is.

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Toa Payoh
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