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A popular hair saloon chain in Singapore


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quality fluctuates greatly.

I visited the Tampines branch upon a friend's recommendation, and was not disappointed in the least. The hairdresser was friendly yet frank in sharing his professional opinions, and gave me a haircut which was exactly what I wanted. Couldn't have asked for more!

However, I never again enjoyed the same experience. The haircuts fluctuated in quality, sometimes being far too short and/or thin for my liking despite me telling him that I didn't want it so. After a couple of visits, I gave up and switched to another hairdresser.

My sister had a very similar experience with the Junction 8 branch, where the hairdresser did not seem really concerned with giving her the hairstyle she requested.

It's a pity that Kimage's hairdressers seem very experienced and capable, yet occasionally would rather cut the customer's hair as they wish, instead of following the customer's requests.

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No experience doesn't mean low quality

I usually don't patronize the higher-end or professional hair studios, so you must be wondering why I am writing a review on Kimage.

Well I did visit the salon but all I had to pay was just a dollar. Yes, that's right, a dollar.
Kimage is not only a professional hair salon but also manages its academy for its students under training. Most people wouldn't want to pay much for any service by an amateur so to attract people to be styled by its students, they offered any service voucher for just a dollar.
So that's how I ended up there.

Amazingly, the service was great. The person who served me was a student himself and being inexperienced (probably a little fearful too) , he was really courteous and gentle . I have had many experienced stylists pulling at my hair, knocking my head with the hair dryer, blowing hot air at just one spot for a minute too long and leaving the foil right over my face. I liked his service as he kept asking to check if I was alright and was very gentle. Though he took quite a long time to complete my hair-colouring treatment, I felt that the student did well.

After the treatment, my hair and his recommendation of colouring looked good. I liked it. The quality of the colouring was great in that it stayed on well for a year over. I had people even complimenting and asking me where my hair was done.

All in all, I felt that Kimage did a great job in serving me. Honestly its students are friendlier and more careful than their seniors. Their output overrides the price paid indeed. Students need experience, so why not give them a chance instead.

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