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Symbolic building of Singapore legal system. The old supreme court building was a favourite for photo shoot by graduates in their graduation gowns. The new building also has its own story which you can learn about when you visit the building.


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I had a rare opportunity to visit the Supreme Court during a Law programme organised by the Singapore Academy of Law. Considering that the Supreme Court is located in the prime location of City Hall, getting there is not a problem. In fact, it is only a short 5-minute walk away from City Hall MRT station. Being the highest court in Singapore, I thought the building to be very befitting of its importance from its glassy and modern design.

I think anyone can enter the Supreme Court building, but access will be quite limited to members of the public. I tried entering the library while I was there, but got rudely chased out by the librarian! The highest floor of the Supreme Court building belongs to Singapore's highest court, the Court of Appeal. Certain cases are open to the public, so anyone may enter to listen to the court proceedings, but proper attire is necessary! In my case, I had to wear formal office attire, like court shoes, white long-sleeved shirt and jacket.

It's not much fun to visit if you don't have authorisation, since you cannot enter any private rooms and the public areas are quite sparse. However, if you happen to be attached to a lawyer or anyone with authorisation, I think visiting the Supreme Court is really an eye-opening experience.

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Educational tour

I had been to the Supreme Court for their tour twice. First time during my National Education tour organised by MINDEF, the second time was their open house.

I brought my children for the tour during the Supreme Court open house. During that day, there was a long queue of people going into the Supreme Court. The court provided tour guides and the guests were grouped together and brought around the Supreme Court to the different areas of the buildings.

I think it is during these tours that you would get to visit the "restricted" areas. The tour guide would explain the use of the different facilities and some history and background of the Singapore legal system.

It is an educational tour for young children and it is also a good chance to pycho them to grow up to become lawyers.

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