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#03-05 Big Splash Block B 902 East Coast Parkway Singapore 449874
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Listing created by rockinruth on February 09, 2013    

Singapore's first themed indoor mini golf course, LilliPutt offers an 18-hole tour of Singapore, where putting stations  are modelled after Singapore landmarks. No prior experience required, but do bring socks for hygiene purposes! Closed on Mondays, except for public holidays, when they're always open. Children below five must be accompanied by at least one adult per pair.

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in desperate need of a revamp

My last visit to LiliPutt Indoor Mini Golf was almost 8 years ago when it was just built. The golf course has 18 holes, all modelled after familiar Singapore landmarks and suitable for even complete amateurs. I visited LiliPutt again last year, and was quite surprised to see that nothing had changed.

There was hardly anyone there when I visited, so I could golf leisurely. The course was quite rundown and not very well-maintained, even though the sounds and visuals were all working fine. Golfing there is quite entertaining, and I really like the uniquely Singaporean aesthetic of the course. It’s quite creative, but it’s that the course is in this state now. The staff there were all very helpful, guiding me along seeing that I had no skills golfing whatsoever. I brought my little sister there, and she quite enjoyed herself too.

LiliPutt is not a very big golf course, but since there’s no time limit you can golf comfortably. It’s a great place for family outings, but it’s more a once-in-a-lifetime experience rather than something I would do regularly.

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Turned me into a pro-golfer in three hours

I think the reason why I found Lilliputt so fun was because I was expecting a tiny hole-in-the-wall (hur hur geddit? hole? hahaha. Stop.) but was very surprised to find out that the place was so well-taken care of and pretty high-tech!

Each of the 18 holes featured a Singapore landmark (Lilliputt, located at Big Splash, conveniently labelled themselves a Singapore landmark too.) and wait for it, HAD INTERACTIVE PARTS.

That was not only the most amazing part, but the most difficult part too. You'd think shooting a little golf ball across a bridge, past a papier-mâché waterfall and past some zoo animals would be easy. It's not. Those that had you putt the ball up a little hill were tough too.

But that was the fun in it you see. My buddy and I had fun competing against who took the longest to get the ball in the hole. For competitive couples and friends, this place is definitely worth checking out. Especially for girlfriends who complain that "every date the same" in Singapore. Blow her mind with this putting course.

My favourites: Putting the ball through the MRT station, get it into a train carriage and the whole train moves to another station releasing the ball and getting you closer to the hole. Putting through a dragon that signifies Haw Par Villa and up an elevator of a Suntec City Tower. Finally putt through sentosa's cable cars and finish at the giant panda station where your golf ball gets jettisoned into a little canister to signify the end of all 18 rounds.

I think the main reason to go there is for the pleasant surprise you'll get. After climbing the spiral staircase to the top, you'll be more than happy to realise that Lilliputt is more than worth the $16++ you're paying for a game.

Tip: Make it last longer by forgoing the last hole and trying to beat all first 17 stations first! Only attempt hole 18 once you're ready to leave.

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No longer a hole-in-one!

As with most other things, going to LilliPutt for a rousing game of mini golf has lost some of its childhood sheen it had in my heart. It used to be a crowd favourite with my cousin and I whenever we got together when we were kids, however after a bout of teenage cynicism and angst, I'm finding it hard to love the same place which I would otherwise have rated to be a hole in one.

The last I had gone to LilliPutt was about two years ago, when my friend and I decided to take an impromptu trip to my childhood haunt, in search of nostalgic memories and childhood fun. However, I am sad to say that the magical atmosphere that I loved so much about the place had taken a nosedive to the greens. From the moment we entered, we were slapped by the smell of dirty/wet socks, and were subsequently haunted by the smell from thereafter. The different holes and courses were exactly the same as I had remembered it, except now weighed down by layers of dust and worn-outness. I was disappointed to find out the place where I had found so much joy in my childhood years, had similarly aged along with me. The little novelties of each hole stayed more or less the same. My favourite hole by far would probably be the one where our golfballs were transported to a different area of the course by a mini cable care mechanism. That being said, I would be open to visiting this little mini golf place in the future if there were some facelifts being done to spruce up the Eeyore-isque dreariness that has settled over the place.

Nevertheless, my friend and I did enjoy our time at Liliputt somewhat, and perhaps it was the fact we went on a weekday where there were no screaming kids or weary parents, that made the experience slightly less vibrant. However, for first-timers or parents of smaller children, I would still recommend a trip down to LiliPutt for a whirl and an hour of golfing fun! Perhaps the new generation can find something in this old dame that I have lost through the years.

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come one come all!

Having heard no one talk about this place before, I was expecting an old dingy place with a few patches of fake grass to entertain us. Why so little recognition is given I will never be able to phantom, but I really do hope it survives.

What greets you is 18 glorious holes of everything Singapore. I loved how unique all the stations were, unlike the standard mini golf courses with your windmills and what not. I wouldn’t want to go into the details and ruin the surprise for you guys, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend this to both locals and tourists.

The only fault that I can really find though, is that the quality of the place has become a little sub-PAR over the years. I have been there a few times over many years, and nothing has changed. The quality of the place seems to have dropped quite simply due to the fact that time has given the whole place a very “old” feel. I really do wish they updated themselves a little, or maybe just repainted a few stations.

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(Updated: February 10, 2013)

a hole card for those who don't know where to go

One fine day, after finding LilliPutt on an app, my friend and I made our way down to Big Splash, only to find the place...

Completely empty. Except for the staff, of course. Okay, it was probably because it was a weekday, but it did make us a little unsure about it. Still, I'd never tried any form of golf before, so it was a totally new experience, and I actually appreciated not having anyone else around so I wouldn't embarrass myself any more than I already had.

Some of the putting stations were so incredible I forgot all my misgivings. Our golf balls took a lift up in the Science Centre, rolled in and out of animal mouths in the Singapore Zoo, even travelled on the iconic MRT. Plus, there were sound effects like flight calls at Changi Airport and the din of the Turf Club racetrack. My favourite, though, has to be the cable cars at Mount Faber and Sentosa!

All in all, it was certainly a good experience, and one I enjoyed. I'd recommend it for families, friends, couples, anyone really. Don't worry about the skill, because nothing happens if you get thirteen strokes on a par-3 hole! And no, of course I didn't... it might've been fifteen.

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