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Mini Toons is a gifts and lifestyle retain chain store.

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Gifts paradise for bored students

Mini toons use to appear everywhere in Singapore but, as the need to purchase dust consuming gifts decline, so have their shops. With soft toys and cutesy key chains hanging all around the store, it's only normal that minitoons is cramped with secondary school students.

I remembered back in my secondary school days, my friends and I used to wander into minitoons in search for an affordable gift or accessory to decorate our pencil case or bags with. Many times we often ended up purchasing unnecessary items which we thought were "cute" then.

Aside from decorating our bags and pencil cases, Minitoon items also provided us a great distraction for boring classes. Back in the days, I recalled myself meddling with these spring boxing gloves pen so much that my teacher got so envious from the attention she was not getting, and confiscated my pen. I did not get it back... So I bought another!

Unlike other students, my clique had never purchase those sweets for I often like to remind them the reason not to: "Who knows how long they have placed those sweets here without even checking their expiry dates? Oh look, I think I just spotted some mold growing at the corners!"

As a person who have gone through the "Let's buy everything at Minitoons" phrase, I can safely say that minitoons is a place to get your gifts for students only.

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Whenever a friend's birthday is coming up, I head to Mini Toons to check out their soft toys. Though they don't have a very wide array of soft toys to offer, there are some gems amongst their messy cluster of soft toys.

There was this yellow lying duck that I absolutely loved but now it's out of stock, aw. Their soft toys are a bit pricey since the quality isn't actually as good as it seems. There's quite a lot of loose threads and I've seen some stains on their toys before. Though, it's still affordable.

Mini Toons sell a range of other knick-knacks too. Their little notebooks are eye-catching and so are their random ornaments. One setback of Min Toons is that they seem to be a bit 'rojak', or messy. I wander around the store and find random, unrelated items stuffed onto shelves which really confuses me.

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Cute but cramped

Mini Toons used to be my go-to store for huggable plush toys and other cutesy paraphernalia and gifts. Something about that bright store lights and rows and rows of candy and toys just made it seem like a impossible dream for the younger me. However, with age, a world-weary cynicism has settled down on my teenage shoulders; while these adorable knickknacks still prove to be an instant magnet for little kiddies and grandmothers alike, Mini Toons has started to become somewhat lost its childhood pedestal in my heart.

One main complaint I have is the cramped store design, where it seems that actual physics would have to be defied to fit in more than five people in the store at the same time. The walking space between the rack of plastic photo frames and the huge keychain display are placed so close together, there was a heart-stopping moment when I accidentally backed into the keychain display holder thing and the contraption wobbled precariously for a few seconds before thankfully wobbling back to its normal position again again. The cramped space also leads to awkward moments where you are trying to decide if it is really worth the $2.95 to get a banana keychain and a frustrated mother is standing right next to you, screaming at her kids whilst trying to shove some money to the equally frazzled cashier.

The huggable plush toys are a huge crowd drawer, where there is an entire wall dedicated to displaying the squishable teddies and stuffed penguins. Prices vary greatly, and can go from $7 to $49, depending on the size of the toy as well as if it is from a certain "brand" (i.e Disney). This trend is also the same for the keychain plushes which range from about $3 to $10 approximately. Another huge draw to the store is its cute plastic novelty gifts, from coin banks shaped like toilet bowls (I had the pleasure of receiving one as an early Christmas gift) to a photo display taking the form of a ferris wheel. However, my only complaint would be that a lot of these knickknacks look rather cheapish and plastic, and I have my reservations about how long they will actually last.

All in all, a fun store if you are searching for casual and cutesy gifts for your friends. Be prepared for a lot of awkward skin contact with other store customers though due to the lack of physical space available in the store.

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Parkway Parade
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soft toys

What comes to my mind first when I think of mini toons would be the soft toys that they sell. They are so many different kind of soft toys, and I would always buy them as a birthday present for my friends when I was still studying in secondary school. However, since we have all become more matured now, I seldom buy presents from mini toons.

What I like about mini toons would be their unique stationery and also small pouches. I only go to mini toons nowadays to buy the small pouches, candy and maybe notebooks. I think mini toons is a little boring as there are not many changes in the things they sell.

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back to the secondary school days.

I used to go to minitoons a lot in my secondary school days but as I grew up, I began to like cutesey stuff less.
If you are a cutesey person, minitoons is for you. They have different kinds of soft toys (guys you can get your gifts for your girlfriends here! Christmas is just round the corner!) and cute stationery. I used to always buy their patterned tapes which I can't remember what I even used them for.

You just have to see for yourself what minitoons offer. They have membership too! 20% off or something for members when theyare in the sale season. Be careful you might just end up leaving the shop with something you didnt want in the first place!

If I ever go to minitoons now, it would be for the gummy sweets. Wide selection of sweets available and they charge by weight. 100g is the minimum but that's quite a lot of sweets!

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Thank You Mini Toons!

My first experience in Mini Toons was a memorable one as I bought many stuff from them. Just like their slogan says,"Trends you can afford", the items that they sell are both cheap and keen to the eye.

I wanted to get a large plush toy for my friend's birthday. The staff there was very prompt and helpful and asked me if I needed assistance. I explained to them about what I had in mind and they helped me look for something suitable. In the end I bought many other stuff besides soft toys and had a blast! Thanks you Mini Toons for giving me a good time shopping!

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Candy Mix!


That is what comes into my head when anyone mentions Mini Toons. Mini Toons brings back the nostalgic feeling of my secondary school days. I still remember when my classmates and I would hit the malls after school for lunch and a quick movie and probably to finish up our homework as well. We would always frequent Mini Toons for its selection of sweets.

The sweet system is whereby they provide you with a bag and a ladle and you can pick sweets from a huge candy mix. The mix consists of candies such as marshmallows, banana flavoured candy, gummies (both sugared and non-sugared), as well as liquorice! They then charge by the weight of your total stash. I think it is quite affordable, especially if you go for variety. It is definitely cheaper than buying one whole bag of the same candy many times.

Of course, other than the sweets, the stop does stock other stuff such as creative gifts and everyday items like phone accessories as well as little pouches and bags. They also do have a wide range of stuffed toys which differs with the trends around Singapore. They do have a couple of signature stuffed toys which is specific for Mini Toons only.

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(Updated: June 15, 2012)

Creativity at your fingertips

A very vibrant and candid place, Minitoons is one place you could visit to get that creative gift.
I was looking for a coin-box as an alternative to the tradition piggy banks and I found 3 kinds of coin boxes- one was a replica of a cup noodle, with the coin slot at the base. Another one was a standard home telephone where you need to ‘take off’ the receiver to put in your cash. Another one was a bunny shaped tin which was awfully pink (perhaps it only appeals to girls) , in which u need to twist the head to get your money in. As I visited during the great Singapore Sale period, the cup noodle coin box cost only $2, with the other two costing around $8 each. Quite a fair deal for that once-in-a-while purchase.

Service wise, the retail assistants were proactive in promoting the products. After the first assistant led me to the stuff I was looking for and told me about the price, a second assistant came up to me in 5 minutes trying her best to convince me of how value for money the products were. While I felt awkward since I did not buy in the end, they were still polite and said their “thank-yous”. Sincere or not, at least they showed the courtesy, and that’s what counts in the end.

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Just for the gummies

If ever I pass by Mini Toons, I would simply glance through…. And walk pass. All I buy in mini toons is their candies. I have a sweet-tooth, their sweets solves all my temptation for gummies. They have a wide range of gummies and marshmallows. Also, it is cheaper compared to other shops selling candies like them.

The things they sell don’t look appealing to me. Non-novelty, just the same old stuff over and over again. Example like; Soft toys, cups, keychain, etc. Mundane. The quality of the things is also not as good, not worth the price as well. I would say, it will never be an option for me to buy gifts there.

The shop is overly decorated I could say. Too many colours, and stuff are cramped all over. For me, I could barely walk pass if there’s a person pausing and looking through something. I’m at an average size, anyway. Along the center alley, is also full of things and sometimes my bag will cling on to it, which irritates me a lot.

The service crew does not serve with a smile. They don’t really assist you when you need help too.
Well, perhaps it will be a perfect place for people who favours in cutesy stuff, definitely not me.

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Just a ton of toys

Despite going into the shop countless times, till today I still have no idea what the shop actually sells. It is just like a shop that sells everything that comes into the category cute and random. The objects that they sell can range from stationary to stuff toys, to posters, little keychains and even gummies.

The random nature of the shop is probably what makes it so attractive because the whole shop is just packaged as cute and seriously who can actually resist the temptation of buying cute things. Going into the shop, there is always one thing that I would end up buying and that is the gummies. It has a wide selection of gummies that are priced reasonably, hence it is always a tradition to walk out of the place with a huge bag of gummies in place. I sometimes take a stroll around to see what they have and usually it is just cartoon things, perhaps where they got the name of the place "Mini Toons" because it is like the little palace of cartoons.

It is a nice place though because it never fails to find me a gift for the random friend who is so in love with cute beings.

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