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A line that progresses but never strays from the designer’s trademark tie-dye, bias-cut and drapes techniques. Daniel Yam’s inspirations are culled from flowers, nature and sunsets, light and darkness, marrying the latest in fabrications with age-old hand tie-dye effects. The collection is a burst of rainbow colours on night landscape of blacks, sheer and fluid morphing into hard and linear lines.

“I like the idea that things can become other things. I like to make people use their imagination. I don’t want them to stand back and wonder at my work. I want them to enter into it, to climb on it, and to discover things in it themselves. I want to educate, and to provoke.”

“I like to see us plugging directly into the life force of the universe itself. It’s all from inside us and everything depends on us. We shape our present from the causes we’ve made in the past and we will shape our future from the causes we’re making now, by taking a small step in the direction of a peaceful and harmonious planet.”

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(Updated: March 06, 2013)

Simple and Elegant Designs at Affordable Prices

In my younger days, I had always admired Daniel Yam evening gowns from a distance. Daniel Yam's evening gowns spelled simple but expensive, so I never entered their stores until one fateful day.

I was having tea with two male friends, both fashion snobs, at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, at Ngee Ann City. We were discussing the in-thing about clothes at that time, and what made them look nice, when fashion snob A nodded in front of him and said, "That one!"

Fashion snob B looked to his left, and I looked to my right, and we saw a mannequin wearing the most beautiful evening gown ever! It was a gorgeous, classy, attention-grabbing shade of red that was between fire-engine red and burgundy. It was just a simple, plain evening gown with no laces or beads to enhance the design, but the material shone with much loveliness.

The three of us then debated how much this beautiful gown could cost. We guessed it cost a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars.

"Let's go in to check!" said fashion snob B, and I was escorted by A and B into this expensive-looking store called 'Daniel Yam' not to try or buy anything, but just to verify the price of the uber desirable evening gown. (Today, the Daniel Yam store is no longer at Ngee Ann City)

To our utter shock, that stupendous evening gown cost only $150!!! Of course, with that kind of price-tag, I had to try it on! A and B lounged around the shop, totally oblivious of the fact that they looked very out-of-place in a store selling evening gowns for ladies. The predictable end of the story is, I bought the gown! I simply could not let this beautiful and affordable gown out of my hands.

Over time, I bought a few evening gowns from Daniel Yam, because his designs were so classic that I can wear them at any age. His designs usually had a bias-cut (meaning the fabric looks like it's woven diagonally) to make it drape well on a body and look fluid.

Some ladies claim that Daniel Yam evening gowns look very common, but I think his gowns look more lovely and expensive than many of the gaudy gowns I see at wedding boutiques. If you can afford only one gown, I strongly suggest Daniel Yam. Of course, the prices of his gowns would have increased over the years, so they most definitely will not cost $150 anymore!

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