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Juicy Couture is an Los Angeles based contemporary casual wear label. 


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Glitzy, Girly, but Getting Boring

You’ll either love or hate the brand and it’s fuzzy terry cloth glory, but I’m not afraid to proclaim that I’m a true blue (or pink) Juicy girl. About 75% of Juicy Couture’s items are in various shades of pink, pink, pink! With their trademark velour adorned with sequins and rhinestones, their iconic tracksuits and handbags unabashedly scream, “I’M A GLAM PRINCESS, NOTICE ME!”

Although impractical and a little embarrassing to walk around town decked out H to T in Juicy, their items can add a glamorous touch to your getup when worn separately. I like pairing their jackets with floral jeans and booties for a laid-back Hollywood vibe. A friend did comment that I looked like a “rich Sweet Sixteen brat”, so yay me, ‘cause that’s exactly what I was going for.

Unfortunately, the brand has recently been sold off by its original owners, so designs have been getting increasingly basic. Which is a pity, because their unapologetic glitziness was what made them stand out in the first place. Can we please have more of the old image back?

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Overpriced and impractical in Singapore

I'm personally not the biggest fan of Juicy because I think it looks rather juvenile and the prices and unjustifiably high.

The Juicy Couture sweats are considered the be in the possession of any generic "rich girl" in the states. Perhaps it might give you some sort of a status if you wear Juicy sweats to walk your dog or something, but in Singapore you'd quickly become a laughing stock.

It's also pretty impractical to wear something like that in this heat to begin with.

Recommend to a friend? Not unless I hate her...

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Too much glamour

My first impression when I had a first glance around Juicy Couture at Takashimaya was: "Is this a label made for pampered little girls and their wealthy mums?" It was pink, all pink, the interior of it, with sparkling fake diamonds plastered everywhere. I love blings, man I do, but this is way over.

The store was filled with clothes for adolescents with the occasional classy goods for the adults. I'd immediately gravitate towards the simple yet elegant-looking products to seek some comfort, away from all the glitz.

I admit their label carries good-quality apparels as well as accessories but I think they are over-priced. The accessories also consist of chunky golden chains which reminds me of those young and nonchalant Hollywood babes prancing around in their LV and Burberry.

I guess it isn't really suitable for Singaporeans.

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Seeing Pink

The first word that comes to my mind when Juicy Couture is mentioned is PINK! The signature colour of Juicy is probably one of the reasons that young girls harbor the dream of owning something from the brand. Juicy Couture also retails the cutest selection of underwear. The lollipop-shaped ones make for good gifts for your gal pals.

I do have a soft spot for their accessories — J is also the first alphabet of my name so I can relate especially well to the imprinted J-s on their bracelets and charms. Prices may not be cheap but definitely drop by during their sale periods.

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