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Listing created by primate on February 17, 2013    

Song & Song is a store that sells clothing and accessories that have been rejected from the factory. The defects on the items are minor, but the prices are lowered by great margins. Some of the more popular brands carried by Song & Song include, Old Navy and Adidas. 


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compromising quality for price

I love sales as much as the next person, but my experience at Song & Song hasn’t been pleasant. With rows chocked full with cut-label clothing, including brands like H&M, Old Navy and Topshop, you would think Song & Song every shopper’s paradise. I visited their outlet in Tampines, and was greeted with an unassuming storefront, filled with racks bursting with clothes. After a good hour rummaging through their wares, I left the store a little disappointed.

For the prices that they’re offering, I didn’t expect supremely high quality. If you’re very lucky, you’ll occasionally find a few gems in Song & Song, but mostly the standard is pretty low. Another problem is the layout of the store, which is cluttered and messy, and because it attracts such a crowd I felt very claustrophobic. The makeshift dressing room is alright, and the staff there was friendly. I did pick out some cute clothes to wear as pajamas, which set me back about $10 a set. I suspect I just didn’t have the stamina to browse through the entire store, or went on a day when all the better clothes were already sold out. I would return to Song & Song but mainly to buy things to wear at home rather than for a legit shopping spree. If you have the patience to make it through all the clothes there, you’re sure to find bargains you can’t find anywhere else.

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Patience! You might find great deals!

At first glance, you would be forgiven for wanting to give this store a miss. Song & Song’s no frills store layout is hardly attractive, with the many racks of clothes leaving hardly any space to walk. But wait, don’t judge a book by its cover, because there are hidden gems waiting to be found!

Take the time to browse through the many racks of clothes, and you may just find some really awesome deals there. A fair bit of the clothes at Song & Song come from major retailers such as H&M, Forever 21 and Bershka. Their labels have been cut off, but seasoned shoppers will be able to spot these treasures, at more than 50% off the usual price. So patience, fellow shoppers!

Song & Song is also a pretty good place to get basic pieces, as the clothes are of decent quality. Nothing fantastic, mind you, but for $5, they’re really worth it! Personally, I like to hit up Song & Song to look for simple tops to do DIY projects on, because even if I mess up, it’s not a huge loss!

For me, Song & Song is the “around-the-corner-thrift-shop” for affordable, basic clothes. The biggest satisfaction comes from scoring pieces from major retailers, so keep an eye out for that!

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Bargain bin?

When I was younger, my friends and I used to be so caught up in thrifting that we would go to Song&Song in search of cheap thrills (and for the fun of it, actually. Don’t judge!)! While the clothes are nowhere near runway chic, you can find basics (albeit poor quality) at super affordable prices. A word of caution: do not expect quality of any kind.

The unique advantage of the store is definitely its low price points, which attracts the foreign employees crowd. This would be a good place to purchase pyjamas and clothes to wear at home.

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Good luck = Good finds

Shopping at Song & Song sometimes is like a gamble; you walk into the shop not knowing if you'd find something branded or not. Also, the racks of clothes at the Song & Song stores are not really well spaced out, and digging through them might be a hassle, especially if the shop is crowded.

I've been to the Toa Payoh outlet a few times, and the Lucky Plaza outlet once. The Toa Payoh one seems more spacious compared to the Lucky Plaza one, but the Lucky Plaza was more crowded. Patience is key when it is coming to find clothes at Song & Song. I found a pair of shorts from Old Navy from the Toa Payoh outlet before. It was a good buy, but the waiting time outside the single changing room was really long, and I had almost lost my patience.

This is my go-to shop for cheaper apparel alternatives, and I come here from time to time, on a lookout for great bargains.

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