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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 28, 2012    

Citrusox is a retailer that specializes in socks, leggings as well as stockings. This brand aims to provide for the needs of its customers with comfortable socks that are in trend.

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Warm and Fuzzy

With the website Qoo10 available now on the worldwide web, i find it amazing that Citrusox still stands in Singapore's market. The socks though of a good quality, can also be found at Qoo10 at a cheaper price. Even the designs and colours pale in comparison to the ones available on the ever increasing popular site.

As much as I think there's room for improvements on Citrusox's end, I must admit that there are those loyal customers who will stand by the brand which had been keeping their feet warm on those cold rainy days and trendy on other days.

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Colourful socks

You can never walk past this shop without noticing the multi coloured socks that are arranged to the colours of the rainbow on the hooks they are on. This is usually the place I go to to buy my colourful socks. Being a person that loves to colour block, I have an obsession with buying coloured socks that match my outfit of the day - I have almost all the colours they keep in stock, from blue to green to maroon.

This shop also has patterned socks but the coloured socks will always remain as my all time favourite. Perhaps its a little silly of me but the colours of the rainbow always drives me nuts and makes me want to buy all the colours.

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Worth the price

When I first came across Citrusox, I was intrigued by how a business could be run by solely selling socks (and other related things like leggings and leg-warmers). But as it turns out, they are of REALLY GOOD QUALITY.

I have a friend who has got really sensitive skin, and she is always on the hunt for socks that would not cause her skin to break out in rashes.She told me that Citrusox is by far the best quality ones she has tried, and definitely recommended for those with sensitive skin.

They are not the cheapest socks around, but definitely worth paying a bit more money for.

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good quality but expensive.

It's practically a sock haven here, with socks available in what seems like every imaginable cut and colour. The salesperson I met at the Bugis branch was very helpful, making recommendations based on my preferences.

I've bought quite a few pairs from there, and the quality is really good! They've lasted me more than a year without significant signs of wear. However, I've stopped buying from citrusox ever since discovering far cheaper places to buy socks. The price difference is simply too large for me to ignore. While three pairs of socks cost $11 in citrusox, in some other places during sales or in pasar malams, three pairs of similar designs can cost just $5 which is less than half the price!

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rox my sox

From the shop name, I think that 90% of you can already guess that they sell socks, the other 10% thinking that they sell citrus drinks. I guess the owner is just someone who really loves the color orange, likes to eat the fruit and also has a huge passion for socks. Just look at the sheer amount of socks there!!!! Colors of the rainbow, colors of dessert, high socks, higher than high socks, low socks, barely-there socks... you want it, they have it. C'mon, they pride themselves in being a sock shop! You can hardly find shops in Singapore that sells ONLY socks. Normally socks are being sold in shops that sells shoes. I say that this store brings sock shopping to a whole new level.

Color blocking seems to be the trend nowadays. Socks are a great way to start if you are wary of colors! It adds color to your outfit without being too garish. I personally love printed socks. If you are looking to get yourself some really funky, affordable and good quality socks, head down to Citrusox now!!!

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knocks my socks off

Back at school I used to boast about my cute socks and slide my shoes off to show them off to my friends all the time. Batman socks, mushroom socks, two socks joining to form a panda with little ears, elephants with pop-up trunks - you name it, I've got it!

I love socks. Ankle socks, calf-high, knee-high, thigh-high, tights.. and Citrusox offers them all! Because I don't like spending too much money on clothes, I usually buy the cheapest socks here. Even then, I always manage to find really cute and colourful designs in all lengths.

My favourite socks place in Singapore, hands down.

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Plaza Singapore, Bugis Junction
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cute socks!

I always remembered Citrusox as a open-concept happy store with cute socks. I never really took notice of the name but it was brightly lit with vibrant colors, the visual merchandising was fantastic.

My clique had a tradition of exchanging gifts during the Christmas season and after 4 years we were starting to run out of ideas. We burst out laughing when we unwrapped a present containing Citrusox socks. It was funny because socks is an uncommon present, and somewhat associated to a shoe undergarment. Guess she really had nothing else to buy.

The socks was brightly coloured too, much like the concept of the store. Quality wise it was average. Giggling to myself the next time I passed by Citrusox I decided to pop by personally. The staff was extremely friendly and bubbly, which really blends very well with the whole concept. Even though I didn't buy anything in the end she was really cool about it. They sold a wide variety of socks from the classic coloured socks, to school socks, to baby socks, and winter socks. Turns out they also have different price ranges according to the different quality grades. I went back to buy thick wooly socks for winter and finger socks (just 'cause it looks cute) and both have served me well.

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consistent theme, visual merchandising
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Tampines Mall
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Amazing variety of socks

Citrusox is probably Singapore's best store for finding socks of various sizes and designs. The store retails a large and extensive variety of different socks, ranging from typical ankle socks, to even coloured socks, as well as thigh high socks and knee highs.

Personally, I don't really frequent Citrusox regularly as the prices can be a little intimidating. A pair of normal socks can retail for as much as $10, which definitely isn't worth it. That said, they do carry out frequent sales, and prices can be slashed, but the socks that are on sale are usually the cutesy ones that appeal more for preteens and children.

However, I do have to give Citrusox credit for the sheer variety that they offer. I was once looking for thigh high socks, and Citrusox carried them - in various different shades, no less. The price was a little hefty though, at about $15 for a pair, and I eventually found my calling during a Topshop sale.

That said, the staff there is pretty attentive, and they were pretty polite even though I browsed the store for a very long time before leaving empty handed. Citrusox ought to reduce its prices - perhaps then there'd be a greater crowd drawn.

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Quality and variety!

What I love about Citrusox is the quality and variety! You can probably tell by just touching the socks there, but it is definitely of a more comfortable and lasting quality compared to other places! Not only that, the large variety of colours and designs just makes me want to buy more and more! Besides that, they even sell socks and leggings of different lengths just to accommodate the different needs of their customers.

While the prices may be slightly higher for socks, it does have sales (3 for $10) and even a corner for some outlets where their socks can be sold at only $2! Definitely worth the quality.

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