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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 26, 2012    

Ocean Pacific, also known as OP, is a clothing brand for both men and women that produces apparel based on surf and beach culture. This clothing brand was first established in 1972, and has been producing authentic clothing inspired by the surfing lifestyle ever since its inception. 

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Clothing shop for the pre-tween souls

For the past few years I have stopped even bothering to crane my neck whenever I pass by the OP shop to see if anything caught my eye - because usually I would be blinded by a flash of zany multi-coloured prints and t-shirts.

From what I remember, OP's clothing range is quite diverse in terms of having a huge variety of different quirky designs and colours. However looking back, most of these designs would probably look somewhat childish and cheap-looking if worn by anyone older than twelve. The funky designs are definitely more suited for pre-teens and children but even then I find that the clothing styles seem to have a lack of 'staying-power' when it comes to wearing their shirts multiple times. The last ever OP clothing piece I had bought was this pink shirt with a camera design on it and I have only worn it out in public twice. It has subsequently been relegated to "sleepwear" by my mother who looks on forlornly at the shirt, probably in distaste at my poor pre-teen clothing decisions.

Overall, while OP does have a vast clothing variety, it is targeted more towards the pre-teenagers with its somewhat childish and kiddy colour schemes and designs. That being said, it is relatively cheap if you want to compare it to other clothing brands so I suppose it is a small price to pay if your kid wants to buy a shirt with ghastly surfer lingo emblazoned on the front.

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Ocean Pacific should rekindle it's sea of flames rather than extinguishment!

Singapore used to be raining Ocean Pacific.

Look to the left. Look to the right. Everywhere. Men and women of all ages are clad in Ocean Pacific apparels or carrying the bags from there.

I remembered making Ocean Pacific cash registers ring in delight whilst I purchase their items at an abnormally frequent basis. T-shirts with designs of skateboarders and towering waves formed the perfect concoction that spurred me to splurge cash for it! The quality is perfect for Singapore's sweltering hot weather. It neither itches nor cause you flinches. Ocean Pacific wrapped itself around perfection several years ago drawing in waves of customers regularly per day!

Unfortunately, Uni-Qlo came knocking on Singapore's door. I tried on a t-shirt from there and instantly know why Uni-Qlo is immensely popular amongst homosapiens!

If Ocean Pacific had an ideal material for Singapore's weather, I need to dig my dictionary in search of another word defining higher levels of ideal to describe Uni-Qlo.

Hence, Ocean Pacific has a competitor!

I migrated to Uni-Qlo thanks to their even wider variety of graphic printed t-shirts and textures. However, I paid my ex; Ocean Pacific, a visit and began trying their distinct tops.

Alas, I was already accustomed to Uni-Qlo's cooling material. Ocean Pacific now felt like a winter season product. I was blanketed in sweat the moment I used. When did Ocean Pacific morph into a Pacific of Microwaves??

Thus, Ocean Pacific should totally barge into the fashion ring at full force and start conquering opponents be it Uni-Qlo or others. They should send a fresh current of rejuvenating designs complete with new textures or materials that may send opponents sailing back into a coin hole.

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Parkway Parade
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Used to be so cool

I don't know what went wrong for OP along the way, but it used to be the brand that i'd diligently save up a long time to shop at. With clothes that often spot the trendiest of designs, OP was the brand to be seen wearing during much of my youth. However in recent times, I cannot fathom how OP became such an unfashionable, uncool and undesirable brand.

few years, I have seen store after store make way for newer and more trendy fashion boutiques. I still hope to one day buy clothes from them as I find their products to be of rather high quality. But if it is unable to find new ways to rehash the design of their clothing, I don't envision myself returning. If OP is to stay afloat in the competitive industry, it needs to return to the drawing board fast and respond with a bang.

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OP is still around?!

There was a time when OP used to be in and their stores would be filled to the brim. Alas, it is no longer. I tend to see their stores having frequent sales, and I am honestly quite surprised that they still exist, with so few customers and outdated clothing. Now, I feel that their designs are not captivating or interesting at all, compared to other up and coming stores which have allured teenagers and adults. Sure, the very young kids can still purchase from here, but what with stores such as FOX for kids, even the parents of Ocean Pacific's possible target consumers are drawn away. Ocean Pacific needs to update its image before it can once again rise to the top.. unfortunately it has not so it is sinking back down.

Not recommended at all.

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(Updated: January 28, 2013)

Out of fashion for me

I used to buy OP when I was a child, but I think this shop has become outdated in the ever-changing fashion world. I mean, this is an excellent shop for very young kids, but it wuld have fallen out of favour for those 11/12 and above. The material used gives the clothing a simple texture which has fallen out of favour with many youths who now prefer textured shirts like those from cotten on, Furthermore, the shirts have this oversized feel to them. For me personally, I now tend to buy shirts that are slightly more tight-fitting or contoured, which I think is the general fashion trend nowadays,

OP is a place that;s more for small children but once you're out of that age range, it's not realy a fashionable place, although the price is not that expensive so it has value!

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Changes are on the way!

OP is like a childhood brand to me. It was a popular brand among me and my peers when we were like primary 5 or 6. As we slowly grow older, OP’s designs start to look a little out-of-fashion to me. However, recently I have seen a facelift on OP.

Personally I feel that they have moved away from the past “childish” designs to some of the latest trends. However, I feel that they shouldn’t print their logo on their garments (if they still do). Many of their designs now are rather pretty, but if you take a closer look, you will find its OP logo printed on the garments which totally spoil the whole design. I’m not really against the logo but logos should only be printed on luxury brands or sportswear and not on fashion pieces that goes out of fashion easily. For instance, we don’t see Topshop, Zara and other leading fashion apparels incorporating their logo into the designs.

Currently, their shop front also seemed brighter and more fashionable than before. I’m sure more changes are on the way and with a little more effort it might still be able to reach out to the shoppers just like before.

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needs to stay update with times!

Ocean Pacific (OP) was the luxury brand in my generation 8 years back. Everyone who wore an OP bag to school was cool. It was enviable when the birthday girl received an $18 OP pencil case and whoever gave it was perceived as generous. Probably my first contact with brand or status associations as a child. During the sales period, I would go on a shopping spree with OP labels on my shirt, shorts, jacket, slippers, water bottle, wallet basically every type of product they sold i owned one of it. What a materialistic girl I was back then.

Right now as I pass by OP stores, it doesn't seem to be as crowded as it used to be, in fact it's practically empty. The store hasn't changed a bit, the materials are the same and graphic designs are somewhat repetitive, that might possibly be the reason. I've seen OP clothes sold at a bazaar sale of sister brands like Outfitter Girls. Oh-oh, not a good sign. Kids these days carry bigger brands like Nike or Adidas, I almost don't remember any school student in an OP bag. OP needs to work harder to get back into trend..

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Tampines Mall
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Dying away.

Another one of the "if you don't own it, you're uncool" item in the market last time. That was what was happening when i was still in primary school, where the so called "prettier, more popular" girls would hold. To us, one pencil case from OP was considered quite pricey, so for the middle income lasses who can't bear to spend money on such an unnecessary item, we got other cheaper brands.

The shops now are forever holding sales, but still nobody or hardly any steps in. It's pretty obvious the youngsters of Singapore are already over the OP trend and have headed on to other brands. I cannot deny that their clothings are of pretty good quality, the material used are rather thick and durable unlike some other brands. But the items are crazy expensive, i definitely wouldn't buy it without a sale. Even now, for it's not really considered branded.

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Clothing brand for preteens

I used to wear clothes from Ocean Pacific (OP) all the time when I was a preteen, and although I've outgrown OP, the clothing brand remains a brand for the preteens, as I always see them loitering around OP outlets with their parents.

I suppose OP is a clothing stage in which most preteens, if not all, go through. There's something about the zany bright prints on the tshirts at OP that oddly appeal to people of that age, and I certainly remember a time when my closet consisted largely of such clothes. In fact, even the shirt sizes at OP cater for preteens, because the last time I attempted to try on a shirt there, I could hardly fit my arms through the shirt, even with a size M, and my usual shirt size is an S.

The prices of clothing at OP are mid-range - nothing too expensive, such that parents wouldn't incur huge losses once their preteen children grow up to realize how awfully childish and immature those tshirts were. The quality is nothing to boast about either - I've had a few shirts pill after a mere few washes, so I suppose OP is merely a clothing brand to tide preteens through a year or two of their lives, before they move on to better clothes.

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