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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 19, 2012    

An accessories shop selling rings of every kind and enough neck-wear to get attention from anywhere. They are on perpetual sales - usually 8 for $10.

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10AM to 10PM
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< $20


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Quantity Over Quality

While Lumi may seem attractive at first due to the ridiculously low prices, upon closer inspection, you may actually find it difficult to pick 8 items simply to get it at $10. For instance, you may end up getting 5 items that you don't really want just to make up the number, while you could have gone to a sale at Diva and get the same 3 items that you really like for about the same price.

Quality does not come cheap! Nevertheless, it is nice to browse through given the great number of options available. Just note that these may not be items for a long term investment!

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I love sales as much as I love bunnies

So is it a surprise that I would review Lumi.

Lumi is forever on sales. Usually 8 for $10 or something equally cheap. I don't think they even aim to earn anything, they just like to chill and offer great sales. But anyway despite the great deals, I've never really stopped here for more than 60 seconds. Maybe the sale is so ridiculous that you wonder what's with the items, but I usually just walk past nowadays.

I used to come here especially to stock up on my ring earrings. I'll always end up losing my earrings the night before I head to Bugis so it's a good time to restock. I have 5 piercings on my ear so it fits the 3 for $5 sales well. The earrings never do last long though.

Well that's Lumi for you.

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