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90 Hougang Avenue 10 Hougang Mall #02-03 Singapore 538766
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Listing created by bxbong on November 15, 2012    
Future Men is a shop that offers the latest trends in men's apparel, ranging from casual shirts and pants to smart casual and formal wear, all at affordable prices.

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1100 - 2200
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  • < $20
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Sale items may or may not determine overall quality of clothing.

Being a frequent visitor of Hougang Mall, I always seem to take notice of what's in store at Future Men from outside when I am climbing up or going down the escalator. The clothes there are always very hit-and-miss; some catch my eye while others simply don't.

Something that often catches my eye at Future Men is the many displays of ongoing sales, such as "2 for $50" or "2 for $30", and they are neatly shown at their respected racks, which is a good thing because it is easy to search for clothes based on your budget, should you have one.

I have only bought one shirt at Future Men which was a black formal top for an occasion, although I cannot remember the price anymore... It's comfortable and fitting, but the only complaint I have is that it seems to collect dust easily, which can be very annoying!

Should Future Men have more sales with good clothes, I would definitely step in to take a look!

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Tween apparel

I live in Hougang, and every time I go to Hougang Mall, this particular store on the second floor sticks out to me - Future Men. I decided to sate my curiosity, and check out their apparel, and at least buy one piece of clothing. This was about a year back, and I haven't bought anything from them since.

It's nothing against them. The sales staff are wonderful, being able to strike that perfect balance between being helpful and giving you your own privacy. I bought a half PVC-half leather jacket there, and although the quality is acceptable, the price is definitely not. It cost me close to $200, and I could have easily gotten something better from the net. In addition, designs there don't exactly appeal to me, as it took me close to half an hour before finally selecting that item.

Overpriced and little value, but shops out there should learn a lesson or two from the salespeople inside.

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