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Launched in Asia in 2010, dENiZEN was created by the people who invented jeans.

The dENiZEN name means “inhabitant” – belonging to a community of family and friends. Denim is in the name, the heart of the brand.

The dENiZEN brand is currently available in China, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore and the United States.

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Good quality jeans

I often visit Denizen with the original intention of buying a denim shirt or jeans, only to leave disappointed after some window shopping. Denizen is a premier manufacturer of demin wearables, and I can vouch that its apparels are soft, good quality and comfortable to wear. However, their products can take a lot out of your wallet indeed.

My recent visit to Denizen was pleasant enough. So it started with a helpful shop assistant querying me about what I would like, and she subsequently took me through a selection of denim shirts, all of which I was suitably impressed. I found this dark blue shirt I really liked, but as she told me the price, my stomach churned. '$60?! Got discount or not?' upon which she helpfully told me ' No worries sir, you buy 2 $100.' This made me feel worse as though its a cheaper deal, $100 only serves to put extra strain on my wallet and I have no need for a 2nd shirt. Hence, I left the shop a disappointed man.

Moral of the story? Denizen is more of a classy store, the products are fantastic yes, but shop there only if you have the means to do so.

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Perfect Fit

I find it hard to find a good fit in denim jeans thanks to my weird physique where I'm either a petite banana or petite hourglass. Not being blessed with a flawless physique was bad enough, but not being able to find a perfect fit in any pair of jeans, made it worst. I've always bought myself skinny jeans but depending on the cut, will still fit awkwardly on me.

I headed into dENIZEN after the price tags in Levis turned me away. Having heard that dENIZEN is the sister brand to the latter, I decided to give the store a browse. Priced at a fraction of Levis', it was a good start. I did manage to find a good pair from them which also help boost my gluteus maximus. A definite thumbs up from me! With such good quality offered my dENIZEN, it will now be my go-to place to stock up on long lasting denim jeans.

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Paying for the brand

cheaper range for denim clthing = still expensive.

Denizen, as its name suggests, provides denim at a cheaper price as compared to its mother brand Levi's. The image that Denizen tries to portray with its advertisements strike me as a young, vibrant, and youthful brand that injects happiness and energy into any activity for a wearer of their product.

Despite that, while it may seem appealing from the advertisements, the price is still relatively expensive to other pairs of jeans. The quality of the jeans are not as good as its mother brand - in fact, an impulse purchase made me realise that the price I had paid for a pair of jeans was due to its marketing and branding, not quality or material. I could have easily gotten a non-branded pair of jeans from Forever 21 for a much more reasonable price.

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A Levis by any other name

You have to look past the brand name. I know that everyone covets a pair of proper Levis in their wardrobe. But come to think of it, the prices of Levis nowadays are ridiculous. The same pair of 505s that cost me $65 in my teens, is about $110 now. Why? I have no idea.

I find Denizens to be just as good at a fraction of the price. True, you will not have that coveted red tabs on your back pocket, but who really cares? Nobody looks at what you are wearing below.

Well, ok. Guys look at what girls wear below...but trust me, we do not look out for the red tab.

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For the denim

Everyone loves Levi's. This could be attributed to Levi's being relatively branded (especially to the heartlanders) seeing that it is a foreign brand and costing twice or thrice or maybe more than a pair of jeans you get from other places. However, at the heart of why Levi's is loved is because of its quality, a pair of Levi's can last you for years.

Denizen offers similar quality to Levi's, after all they are under the same company. However, Denizen offers their jeans at a fraction of the price that Levi's offers theirs. So for those going for quality and not the "pride" of having a pair of Levi's hugging your waist, Denizen is the place to go.

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Nothing special

It’s everywhere. Denizen, a brand by Levi’s, can be found in most malls around Singapore. Although both brands sell mainly jeans, Denizen sets itself apart from Levi’s by offering more affordable denim for the common man.

For me, Denizen is just… blah. There’s really nothing great about the denim, and for about $50, I’m sure you can get nicer and more comfortable jeans at Uniqlo. Denizen also has a variety of T-shirts and casual tops for both men and women, but again, it’s nothing remarkable. The designs are very simple and the quality leaves much to be desired. In all, Denizen is definitely not somewhere I would shop at, because there are simply much better choices out there, which beat Denizen in terms of design and comfort.

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Got a t-shirt from Big Walk

I had joined the Big Walk for many years and a few years back, there was a Big Walk that gave out Denizen t-shirt. The t-shirts I got from previous Big Walk were mainly made of very cheapo materials and seldom lasted more than a year.

This t-shirt that I got from the Big Walk was made of better material and after so many wash, it still retained its shape and I had yet to detect any wear and tear. Like many people used to say "You pay for what you get", that year Big Walk was the most expensive that I remembered but the t-shirt itself made it worth paying for the extra. The next time I needed to shop for a new t-shirt, this will definitely be a brand that I would consider. Not so much for the design but more for the lasting materials.

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If you're the casual-casual kinda person.

Denizen sells REALLY casual clothing, and by that, I mean teeshirts and denim jeans, with belts and some bags, and that's about it. I haven't bought any tees from them, but I bought a denim jeans and a belt , and I haven't been back since.

Their denims are pretty tough and long lasting, as well as their belt which I absolutely adore for their vintage and classic designs. But other than that, it's pretty unappealing for the females around my age group. Rarely will I have friends who'd say, 'hey! let's get denim at denizen!' - unless for their belts, I think I probably won't be stepping in again any time soon.

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Good quality denim.

I have a thing for anything denim and would patronize shopping malls to find denim pieces. dENIZEN never fails me! I recently bought a denim shirt and dress and around $70 during a sale. Quality-wise, it is really good. My money is well-spent!

I think the working staffs are highly professional too. When the item I wanted is out of stock at the Jurong Point outlet, the staff called the other outlets upon my request. No complains whatsoever, they remained as polite and friendly as ever. These traits are really something that make me enjoy my shopping experience.

dENIZEN can have me patronize their stores willingly the next time!

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I've tried to give dENiZEN a few chances, but they fail me every single time. Their jeans look cheap, their apparrels overpriced, and their staff is so unfriendly!

I'm not a Levi's fan, and dENiZEN basically is a worser brand, one step below Levi's (who is already bottom-rung) for me. Their prices are also something which I definitely would NOT pay for, even though it's cheaper than most reputable jeans/apparell brand.

I did try on a dENiZEN jeans once, skinny-cut. Fits horribly, and the staff there didn't even try to give alternatives. She's all, "looks fine" when I know it wasn't.

Basically, I wouldn't care if they closed down.. that's my general sentiment towards them.

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