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Listing created by Raion on October 12, 2012    

A retail outlet selling accessories and stationaeries with awry of designs and sizes. From notebooks to bags to purse, it caters to youth.


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Cute Korean stationery!

This store has some of the most adorable stationery around. Take the time to browse through the store, and you’ll find lots of cute Korean notebooks, pouches, keychains and phone accessories.

The prices at Sparkling Stars are reasonable, but when they hold sales, they get ridiculous. $1 for an iPhone cover? $5 for a vintage coin purse? $12 for a bag? Where do you find deals like that? Plus, the quality is really great (my pencil case has been around for 3 years and it’s still in pristine condition) so it’s definitely value for money. Sparkling stars also has cute socks which are really comfy, and look great with mary janes, so cheers to that!

Do check out Sparkling Stars for the latest Korean stationery that’s guaranteed to put an end to your Monday blues at the start of each week!

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Adorable notebooks

Sparkling Stars is a relatively new stationery brand store in Singapore that generally retails notebooks and stationery imported from Korea. The items sold there generally follow a cutesy or feminine theme, so I would say that this store is more catered for the female shopping crowd.

I adore Sparkling Stars for the wide variety of adorable notebooks that they sell. Although a little on the pricier end, the notebooks at Sparkling Stars are still definitely within an affordable range for a student like myself, and I always find myself getting carried away with the notebooks whenever I shop at the store, as they are simply too adorable to resist.

Watch out for the sales at Sparkling Stars though. Prices can get slashed to up to 50% off, so I would say that it'd be an opportune time to stock up on adorable notebooks and stickers.

However, I do feel that the iPhone covers at Sparkling Stars are seriously overpriced. A simple rubber phone cover can cost up to more than $12, when I've seen the exact same designs retailing for less than $7 online.

I wouldn't recommend getting phone accessories at Sparkling Stars, but the notebooks and stickers are definitely worth the second glance!

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White Sands Mall
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Oh the joy of cute stationery!

Korean stationery is really becoming popular now. All my friends carry at least some form of Korean stationery be it a journal, notebook or notepad. Sparkling Stars carries loads of Korean stationery at reasonable prices.

At one point I was really interest in The Little Prince stationery and was looking through store after store to try and find some. Most of the time, they didn't have any, and when they did it was horribly overpriced. ($59 for a paper back journal, anyone?) But when I walked into Sparkling Stars I was surprised to see that they many The Little Prince items and all of them were reasonable priced. I finally got a journal for $22.90, less than half the price of the other one. Score!

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All that glitters!

The perfect place that an aficionado of adorable stationary may dream of. The brightly lit place, as though depicting 'stars', shines to grab attention. Whenever I happen to pass by, I would be lured into my 'dreamland' without fail, to admire the countless moderately priced items in the store.
Unconsciously, I would browse the whole range of notebooks, from diaries to yearly planners, before turning to other Korea-style items. Not forgetting the vibrantly cultured wallets, small purses, cardholders and more!

Beneath the beauty of what they offer, lies unfortunately less-than-ideal quality of materials. Within three months, my brand-new purse had been reduced to tatters.Certainly for Sparkling Star's goods, all that glitters isn't gold

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CC! - Cheap and Cute!

My first visit to the shop gave me a typical feeling of a shop selling expensive notebooks with colourful and cute pictures on it. Well, I was wrong.

Though most things are rather expensive, they have a section of notebooks and planner at $1 and $2 respectively. The books are really pretty with pictures of girl and bears. The usual and typical price of these kind of books are probably at least $2 and above. Furthermore, the planner looks like it will cost at least $5. Prices aside, I think it is poor advertising as no price tag was on the books at all. For someone who does not even bother asking about the price will have no idea of the sales they are going on. Well, it good thing I have friends who know about it.

The only staff at the shop speaks very simple english (she is from china, I am not critising). We had some problems clarifying some of the prices as we had miscommunication a couple of times (even when we spoke in mandarin). I was wondering what will happen to non-chinese speaking customers... To be fair, she is very patient in telling us the prices of the items we ask one-by-one without getting annoyed. I was wondering why the shop decide not to put up the price tag to make the staff's life easier.

For a classy shop to sell cheap items is rare and I think it is a good bargain. So shoppers out there, do grab a few planners (if you would like to use their designs) or notebooks. You can use it or just keep it till you need it (well, I got my planner for next year), You never know when the next promotion will be!

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