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#01-10 Northpoint 930 Yishun Avenue 2 Singapore 769098
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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 11, 2012    

A shop that specialises in selling clothes and accessories for women, with friendly salegirls serving customers.


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(Updated: December 12, 2013)

Colour coordinated

Bega offers clothes that are themed more mature and suits working adults better than teenagers. It is nice that they offer affordable and decent accessories to go with their clothes since most of the apparels have rather simple designs.

Apparels are colour coordinated in the shop for easy shopping, if you are looking for green, you can head to the green section and this just save time and allows for efficient shopping. My mom likes this shop, but I felt that the styles that this shop has is quite limited, and not following up to trends. It is overpriced for the acceptable but not exactly good quality, but would be a good buy on days where they holds a big sale. The sales girls are very helpful with finding sizes and advising and recommending apparels that are more suitable for you which is very nice of them (It was a very busy time for Bega at that time so the service is very much appreciated)

It is not a shop that I'm interested in going in, except for looking around for accessories or if they are having a sale.

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scarily persistent salesgirls

Personally, I don't shop at this ladies apparel store but I've been to the outlet at Northpoint and Ang M Kio Hub several times with my mum. The shop sells pretty decent looking apparels and accessories but I would say they're probably more appealing to working adults rather than teenagers.

However, I feel their selection of apparels are overly purple in colour(I wonder why?). Maybe they should consider renewing their trend of clothes by adding more colours to make it a little less boring. Another downside is that the goods are rather overpriced considering the quality of their goods which isn't really excellent.

And yes, not to forget the "friendly salesgirls", which in my opinion is too scarily friendly. Everytime my mum wishes to try on a piece of apparel the salesgirls will force two or three more pieces to her in hope that they can achieve more sales target. The salesgirls at both outlets behave similarly, making me wonder if this is one of the selling point of their brand?

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(Updated: November 01, 2012)

Cheerful and Friendly Salesgirls

Bega is a shop that sells women clothing and accessories. My mother loves their clothes; she feels that they’re classy and modern, not over the edge and suitable for women like her who are in their forties and fifties.

Whenever I accompany my mother to shop for clothings there, we will always be greeted by their friendly and cheerful salesperson. My mother just need to tell them what style she wants and they will recommend clothes that are suitable for her. Sometimes my mother only wanted to buy just one or two tops, but it’s so hard for her to reject them when they entice her to buy more, so she always ended up going home with at least four or five tops.

If you want to buy clothes from Bega, be sure to have a firm mind, if not you might end up like my mother, buying more than you need.

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