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Embracing cultures and artifacts from all over the world, the National Geographic Store brings the whole world together in one store. A global marketplace and an extraordinary retail environment combines in one, the National Geographic Store creates a whole new world for shoppers to explore. 

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(Updated: February 07, 2013)

nat geo shop a no-go for shopping

I subscribe to and love reading the National Geographic magazine, so this is one of my favourites at Vivocity. I usually take it as a walk through a museum exhibit rather than an actual store, though, because my wallet really can't cope with the prices.

Even so, I love walking through the store because you see lots of interesting things there. I'd spend ages at the photo section if I could, but I usually get dragged away pretty quickly by my friends.

Be careful in there, though - some things are fragile, and if broken... well, you might have to break the bank too then!

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I wandered around and was delighted to stumble upon this shop. Since I love their show so much and finally get the chance to experience their merchandise shopping, I stepped inside. The shop looked very much like what the show is all about. But I found it too bland with subtle colors, maybe a bit boring.

Venturing further inside, I was disappointed to learn that everything was super expensive. Some items are quite nice but looking at the price tag, I decided to give it a miss. Honestly, this is just a fancy shop bearing a fancy name, nothing much. You can get the same item, more or less, much cheaper at other shop.

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(Updated: January 25, 2013)

Great to visit, but not to buy from

I am an avid fan of National Geographic. I grew up borrowing their videos from the library to feed my love of science and travel. Even today, every time I check into a hotel while travelling, the first thing I will do is switch on the cable tv to National Geographic, more often than not watching it till I drift off to sleep at nights.

Their opening of this store at Vivocity is a bit of a mystery to me. There are many interesting things for sale in the store from magazines, to travel clothes, to various National Geographic memorabilia. They even have a "cold room" for those missing the colder climates.

However, the things here are ridiculously over-priced. I do not know if they are trying to raise funds for more projects, promote their brand, or just capitalizing on the National Geographic name. In any case, I have never bought anything from this store and do not foresee doing so unless the prices are lowered.

Its a great place for window shopping though.

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would not buy anything here.

I've read National Geographic since young, and thus when this store opened I was curious to discover what it sold. Other than stocking its magazines, various travel related products to clothes are sold. There are also some toys which cater to young kids, but beware- prices are dear D:

I tried the desserts at the cafe located inside though, and have to say their Orange Cheesecake is delicious. Zesty with orange peel, it is rich and savoury. However, their staff are unfamiliar with products and plain water there is not offered for free unless one purchases a drink on their list. Lighting here is also dim, which I dislike for a cafe. However, the bright side is that their furniture is apparently for sale, unless I'm wrong, and consists of antique wooden chairs and tables, adding an interesting aspect to the small cafe. There are also few people at the cafe, so it's a good place to relax and converse.

Other than that, there's nothing much I felt this place could offer me.

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I did not know they are actually selling things

I liked to watch National Geographic channel and when this shop opened in VivoCity, I thought how come a channel was so rich to open a shop just to promote the channel.

It was only after I really went into the shop that I realised they were selling things. I had brought my children into the shop thinking that it was just promoting the channel and I actually want to encourage my children to like the channel.

I left quite quickly when I realised this shop was actually selling the things on display and most of the things on display were interesting to children and it was very difficult to control children not to touch things that they were interested in. It was safer for me to leave the shop than have my children accidentally break something on display and I had to pay for that. Most of the things were not cheap.

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Of all things nature

When I was younger, my mum bought me tons of encyclopedias in the hope that I'd turn out to be a scientist who would stun the scientific world or something. I grew up to study sociology, but that hasn't dampened my love for nature. Stepping into the National Geographic store is always a new experience because they constantly renew their products. That is not to say that I buy the photographs on display (I wish!), but I just like looking at them and flipping through the guidebooks on countries around the world.

The only time I ever bought something was a mug with a photo of giraffes during a sunset which was on sale. It was really pretty and I gave it to my roomie who loves giraffes. But I don't foresee myself buying anything anytime soon until there is a sale or summat.

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Great to look at, but not to buy

National Geographic Store stocks wonderfully quirky things that makes you feel like you're in a museum where you can actually touch any of the artefacts that you like. There are interesting picture books with expected high photography standards and specialised safari backpacks and clothing.

I have never actually gotten down to buying anything, mainly because the items are too expensive, and bank on the novelty factor rather than something that I would actually use. Still, that has never stopped me from dropping by every once in a while to browse through the new artefacts and spend some time in the cafe near the front of the store which sells pretty good hot chocolate. It's thick and aromatic, and the cafe is dark and cosy enough for a good chat.

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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Really fresh and really cool

I loved the experience of just walking into the store and cruising around. The ambience gives a very mysterious and adventurous feeling. There was a mural of photos of adventurers that really caught my eye and honestly stunned me for quite a while. It was not just primarily a simple retail store - it was an experience all on its own.

They sold things that normal retail stores would normally only bring in seasonally like winter coats and gears and they even had a 'Cold Room' to experience cold weather within a small, climate-controlled room. It really attracted me because it was so unique, but I didn't end up buying anything each time I went because they were too pricey.

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I have been enthralled with National Geographic since my parents subscribed to the channel. Be it documentaries about ancient Rome or the latest discoveries about a dinosaur, I found close to every show interesting. So imagine my glee when I first realised there was one at Vivocity.

Not exactly a museum, the National Geographic store also serves as a flea market of sorts. The latest exhibitions and showcases are brought here, with apparel and merchandise set up besides it to guile shoppers to buy them. I personally find them extremely overpriced (and not very useful, as I could just view these information on the Internet) and never bought any. However, it is a place of wonders, and I have spent a number of hours in the shop just looking at the exhibitions.

Cool place full of attractions, but do control your buying impulses - you'll regret it later.

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Awesome place for lovers of National Geographic!

I love watching the National Geographic channel and reading the magazine as well, thus I had a lot of expectations when I first walk in the store a few years back.

The fact that since then, I've been in there about 3-4 times a year says much about how much I love the store! It's everything in the magazines and on TV brought to life!

I strongly recommend this store for lovers of National Geographic and for collectors of memorabilia from various parts of the world. the items sold in there are on the pricey side, but hey, it's all original stuff!

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