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Listing created by Iswariya on September 15, 2012    

The Editor's Market is a fashion-forward destination boasting the latest in apparel like bags, footwear, accessories and of course, clothes! 

Popular among shoppers for it's unique step-pricing system, which basically means that the more a shopper buys, the lower their prices go. For this reason, shoppers at The Editor's Market are encouraged to pool their items together in order to obtain better prices. This creates and forges an atmosphere of strangers interacting with each other. Even their online shopping portal features the  Shared Basket option, which have proven to be a fan favourite in allowing customers to pool their purchases. 


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(Updated: July 30, 2015)

Alluring Marketing Concept

A couple of years ago, the Editors Market felt like a little secret my friends and I shared. The place where we would spend Saturday afternoons away talking and lugging endless piles of clothes on our forearms till they ached. Clothes that we would never actually wear, but just tried for kicks. It was such a weekly routine we actually made a WhatsApp chat for the few members of us in this 'sorority'.
The clothes were fairly affordable compared to our usual haunts of Zara and Topshop, and wearable. Nothing out of the ordinary and in simple, safe colours of navy blue and grey with the occasional endearing paisley print. However, as it grew more popular amongst my age demographic, the appeal soon wavered off and we realised that we were just spending for the sake of purchasing 6 pieces (6 is the minimum number of items you have to buy to purchase them at the lowest possible price). On another note, the concept of the pricing system does offer great opportunities for networking when you're waiting for other customers to add to your '6 pieces'!
See, the thing with the Editors Market is that it makes you spend. You spend a lot for clothes you could easily get off Taobao and the quality isn't quite there, particularly to shop for basics you know you will wear to death. However, there will be pieces that you do find that are complete gems.
Nevertheless, it still is a fantastic place to shop with a large group of friends on a girls day out or to pick up affordable copies of more upper tier high street clothing. But no longer staples in my wardrobe.

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Going with a large group of friends
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Orchard Central
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When I go Cineleisure, I would definitely visit Editor's Market to shop. They sell trendy clothes at affordable prices, so why not? But note, it is only affordable if you combine purchases. Personally, I feel the 1-piece prices are way overpriced. I wouldn't buy them if I don't get them at the cheaper rates. Even so, some pieces are still overpriced even at the cheaper rates.

However, I don't consider it as the "it" place as the quality of the clothing fluctuates. Also, you can get similar designs from online blogshops, with better quality materials. The designs are mostly TopShop inspired, and they sell very similar designs even after an extended time period.

I used to spend lots of time there waiting for strangers to combine our purchases and I end up spending way too much time at the store. Honestly, I now find that it's a terrible waste of time and these time wasted would be much better spent sifting through clothing online or shopping at other stores.

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You're better off somewhere else

I've purchased from The Editor's Market once, and I think I can honestly say I would never buy from there again.

I bought two chiffon blouses, and because I combined the purchase with my friend's, I got them at lower prices compared to their standalone price, maybe about $20 per piece.

I was pretty satisfied with my purchase, until I visited Bangkok a few weeks later, and found one of the same exact blouse I had purchased, at a (surprise) way cheaper price. Furthermore, after a few times wearing the blouses, I realised the quality is not great - threads started coming out and one button even fell off.

I may go there just to check out the pieces, in terms of design and what's trendy now, but I will not actually buy anything. You're better off buying from other places.

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Buy together with friends, or strangers

Editor's market has a unique pricing system where 3 pieces cost less than 1 piece and 6 pieces cost the cheapest. As such, don't be surprised if groups of people come up to you asking if you want to "share". I personally think it's quite a win-win concept. Today, my $29 dress was bought at $20 because i combined my purchases with 4 other girls, and we managed to get the 6-piece price.

One piece alone, however, can be kind of pricey. I feel that the dresses and rompers are more value for money than their tops and shorts, going at around $29 per piece, even for a crop top. They also have a pricier, branded range where dresses can cost as much as $109.

Quality wise, my friends seem to find their clothing alright. I like how they automatically give customers a new piece upon purchase, and how they have many different colours and patterns for a single piece of clothing.

All in all, I would advise new shoppers to go in groups to split the cost, or to approach friendly looking strangers who are also looking to get a good deal, so as to make your buys worth your money.

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Fashion with a High Price

TEM offers you unorthodox clothing. Importing well-liked american brands like UNIF, Jeffrey Campbell and Wildfox. Designs are thus inherently attractive and appealing.

However, besides the visual content you get, the pricing is really steep. Even with their step-pricing system. Since the basic one-piece price is just so absurdly high you really only get a decent price if you buy 6 pieces and above, where you can then get the lowest available price.

Quality of the few pieces I've ordered were varied. The denim pieces were all pretty good, in terms of thickness and colour and all things you associate with checking for good denim apparels. The few dresses however were rather tatty. It felt rough on the skin and wasn't all that comfortable, although the cutting appeared as seen on screen. I'm pretty sure the models made them out to be nicer, and smaller too, since they're all pretty tall and skinny. Which I'm unfortunately not blessed with.

Purchasing their imported products would be pretty worth-it though, especially if you enjoy and are able to afford high-end fashion products that are really hipster (positive connotations implied only). It saves on shipping and waiting time. :)

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Visual delight and international brands availability
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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Cool concept

The concept of wholesale shopping always seems enticing. Editor’s Market allows customers to mix and match clothing of any kind and at the same time, offer great savings! To put it simply, the more you buy, the less you pay. Now’s a good time to gather all your girlfriends and go on a mega shopping spree.

Alternatively, you can gather enough courage to approach strangers for the sake of saving some hard-earned money. More often than not, girls are more than willing to help. Clothes here are clearly imported from Bangkok, thus quality is obviously not to be compared with reputable retail boutiques. The last I checked, they seem to be retailing Cheap Monday stuff as well, so it’s well worth a visit.

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Latest trends but low quality

I like the name the editors market. It gives a vibe of trendy fashionforward clothing and accessories that various designers will sell in. The Editors Market, located at Cineleisure does indeed sell clothes and accessories that are of the latest trends, and at affordable prices, ranging from 20-40 plus for tops and bottons.

The latest prints are all there, from studs, to peplum, to monochrome, and lace. They are an ideal place for ladies who are girly, to ladies who are more punky and ladies who who are more masculine. Do note the quality of the clothes are not of top notch, it looks like some of them were sourced from BKK as on closer look, some of the clothes were similar to what i see at BKK and Far East Plaza.

So make your selections wisely!

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

Bulk buying for economies of scale?

Love the concept of mass buying for lower prices! I have bought several pieces at rather low prices because I managed to assembly sufficient quantities to qualify for the cheapest price. Sometimes I do so by cajoling my friends to purchase a few more pieces, other times I work the guts up to ask others if they wish to combine to enjoy greater savings!

The online website is very interesting as well as it works based on the same concept. Sadly to say, I have not been able to purchase many pieces from this store as I am not able to identify with their particular style. However, I do have friends that are able to find many pieces that they love from this store.

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Not my thing.

I've heard great reviews about Editors Market from my friends and I went there recently with the hopes of finding some really cool clothes. I wasn't entirely impressed because I noticed that everything there was pretty standard and mainstream. The clothing pieces were mostly made of chiffon, to which I have a personal dislike, and denim.

Although I liked the idea of getting a better deal with buying more pieces of clothing, this left one huge problem: people who didn't even know each other were trying to combine their purchases together in order to get a better deal. I can understand this, because I'm a bargain hunter too! (If you can save $20, why not?) But this resulted in a very messy situation when it came to paying for the purchases. After 20 minutes of queuing for my things I got fed up and I left. Not worth the wait I can get similar things elsewhere.

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Cute place, overpriced clothes

Being described as a wholesale retail store by my friends, I would have expected lower prices from The Editor’s Market. In my mind, I concocted a shopping wonderland where everything was retailing at wholesale prices. However, in reality, it was a normal retailer where the prices are lowered as you buy in bulk.

The apparel sold at The Editor’s Market are mostly embellished or studded, and they do not really cater to the more girly girls who prefer their pastels and florals. I am not one for studs and chains myself, so I didn’t really manage to find anything there.

The interior of the store was decorated really tastefully though, and the clothing was clearly organized by style, so you could see the different categories at a glance. The store was bright and clean, but not such that it looked sterile. Overall it was a pleasant environment to shop in.

Overall, the clothes at The Editor’s Market look like those that can be found at Bugis Street or at any blogshop for half the price.

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