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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 04, 2012    
Founded in 2005, PUNKSTAR has since fuses art and fashion for the young and trendy. With its own in-house design team, PUNKSTAR presents to its customers interesting and creative designs that are only available in PUNKSTAR stores. Since then, PUNKSTAR has grown into a well-established fashion brand with 6 stores islandwide to-date.

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Amazing printed shirts

I used to frequent the Punkstar outlet at Tampines 1 pretty often, before it got closed down for good. There's something about the various racks of adorable printed shirts on display that draws me to the store, but I almost always emerge empty handed.

I once received a tshirt from Punkstar as a gift, and it was one of my favourite tshirts. The quality of the clothes at Punkstar is definitely substantial, as the shirts are made of thick cotton that does not pill easily. The shirts are also usually printed with adorable pictures, but there are also manlier ones so guys can probably find their calling there as well.

Although the clothing at Punkstar can be amazing to look at, I have never bought anything from the store. The shirts are decently priced, but I simply cannot find it within myself to actually pay $20 for a printed tee. Good clothes, but perhaps just not good enough to wow me to the extent of buying them.

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I can't decide

I really like Punkstar, I do.

So I do not understand why I've never bought anything from them. The concept of it is cool, all the grunge teddies and houses in perfectly black and white sequences. I like their offshoulder tops and their t shirts. But nothing there is ever worthy of my wallet spreading itself, you know?

I just like the idea of looking through their designs, trying on their designs, unintentionally annoying the customers with my lack of buying designs, and bothering a boyfriend who never really approves of their designs.

I still don't understand why.

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Clementi Mall
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(Updated: November 19, 2012)

Cool designs, excellent service!

This is probably the only local brand I like. The designs printed on Punk Star's range of bags, wallets and tees were hand drawn by an artist. I never liked cartoon tees as they look dorky on me. I mean, a 19 year old mistaken for a 14 year old is silly. But PUNKSTAR seems to make them work. All I want to say is animals in glasses have never look so cool and cute at the same time.

Check out their shirt hoodie! They have many designs ranging from cute, trendy to simple. And they cost less than $30. The minus? The material's too thick for me. I find myself perspiring and it get can get rather uncomfortable. Not to mention the smell... Do note that it's not waterproof which means that the hoodie's for "display" only. However, I find them handy during a slight drizzle. Best to wear them during windy day. Oh, and it's free size.

My other favourite's got to be the canvas bags. I got them at $15 during a sale. They usually cost about $22+. The designs are rather quirky. One of them is a Chinese zodiac design with a twist!

The staff comes over promptly to assist ONLY when I need help. I'm pretty sure no one likes over-enthusiastic staff. The cashier was attentive. She completes the purchase efficiently and quickly.

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Shirt Hoodie and Canvas Bags
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