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Chomel is Singapore's leading Retailer of fashion accessories. The name Chomel comes from the Malay language which means cute or pretty.

With over 20 years in fashion industry, the brand is well known within Asia. Chomel's collection of accessories comes in a variety of designs and colors, ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, timepieces and handbags. It is easy to mix and match to create the perfect total look to suit any mood or occasion, be it casual or formal.

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Jewellery for the younger generation

"All the glitters is not gold", and that phrase is true for Chomel because its shop is always seems to be glittering silver from the outside. The sparkle of the silver jewellery always seem to radiate outside of the shop udner the lights of the shop.

People say that "diamonds are a girl's best friend", but I think that the sparkling quality of the diamonds is the quality that mesmerise the women. The shine from the extensive range of jewellery never fails to catch my attention. However, while this may seem to be a shop that carries a brand of jewellery that is meant for the younger generation with a slightly cheaper price, I personally find the price of the jewellery still expensive dependin on the item purchased.

Having bought a charm bracelet before, I felt that it was a foolish buy on impulse because of the sparkling quality and the cute charms. It was only upon consideration that I realised that I had overspent on my budget for a charm bracelet.

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It's just a disguise afterall

Chomel is often deemed as a good quality jewellery brand. With their use of man-made pearls and Swarovski Elements, one can never go wrong buying them. They look classy, sophisticated and chic, all thrown into one jewellery store. Walking past an outlet, all you see are necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches that shine under the light. Reminds me of Rihanna's song that goes, "Shine bright like a diamond". As much as they do shine bright like a diamond under the light, it is definitely a disguise.

I have owned (either purchased or given as gifts) several of their necklaces and bracelets. The bracelet that I received as a Christmas gift, snapped the very first time I wore it. I can be a little rough when doing things, but in this particular instance, I was just walking towards the train station; swinging my arms like any normal human being. I brought the broken bracelet back to a Chomel store, together with the box it came in. I was given a brand new one as replacement. Same went for one of their necklaces. The chain broke after a few months of wearing it on occasion and again I was given a replacement.

Although I have a brand new one in hand, I am afraid the chains might not last long. Currently sitting in their respective boxes, collecting dust, I have chosen to wear them out a lot lesser incase of future mishaps. I can conclude that eventough Chomel jewellery looks good from afar, it might not be of good quality afterall.

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Sophisticated And Fashionable Ladies Accessories

Considered to be among the foremost retailers of Ladies fasion accessories in Singapore, Chomel has an impressive 20 year run in the fashion industry, offering decent quality accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets / bangles, hair clips, bags and watches, all at relatively affordable prices. Chomel, whose brand name is supposed to mean pretty / cute in Malay, has boutiques strategically located around Singapore, and carries a wide range of products for all occasions.

The appeal of Chomel products lies in their designs, all of which look modern, fashionable, sophisticated and 'expensive', while actually being readily affordable, with most individual pieces costing below SGD $150, averaging around SGD $40 - $90. This means the Chomel brand is very accessible to ladies of all income groups. Another strong point of Chomel is their wide variety of designs, and they also offer the same design of a product in many different and varying colours. This gives Chomel a dizzying array of options, and browsing through their catalogue is both appealing, and difficult to decide on a purchase!

Chomel specialises in costume jewellery, namely, earrings, necklaces, bracelets / bangles, and brooches. Materials used for these are often coloured / plain crystals, pearls, rose gold, zirconia, rhodium and diamante. Durability of Chomel products is average, with lifespan of around 6 - 12 months, and longer with proper care. Chomel extensive range also means it's easy to pair / match accessories for occasions, and they do offer complete seasonal looks. Target group of customers is probably lady executives, early 20s to late 50s, or those looking to avoid 'cheap', gaudy, over the top accessories.

Designs for Chomel accessories rotate fairly often. While Chomel carries a line of hair clips, timepieces and bags, they are lesser known for these, and the designs are limited. Quality of these tend to suffer more as well. Service at Chomel tends to be pretty good, staff are helpful and friendly, and they do assist with maintenence / repair where possible.

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Elegance and Class

The beautiful jewelry in Chomel would attract any lady or teenager in. I personally love the way they have categorized all the crystal accessories according to their colours. They also have the pearl collection and vintage-gold. Their jewelry ranges from everyday wear to party wear. It is sparkling appearance really catches the eye! Even their clutches are amazing. It is classy look is perfect for evening dinners or parties and it lasts really long.

The plus point would be that they help to repair your accessory. I have brought my necklace to get the latch fixed and they were very friendly and helpful. Even if one of the crystals from the jewelry drops off you are welcome to approach the staff for replacement, even after many years. So no worries!

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Marina Square
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Costume jewellery

Chomel is the perfect place for *bling bling* costume jewellery that has a touch of class. There are many accessory shops in Singapore and many of them are more affordable than Chomel, so why choose Chomel?

The quality. Chomel uses pearls and swarovski crystals in their pieces which make them shine a little brighter. On the other hand, other stores retail costume jewellery that shouts "cheap"! The designs at Chomel also takes into account subtleties that places it a class above the rest. So if you are like me, unable to afford diamond studded earrings, Chomel makes a good alternative.

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sparkly jewellery for a more mature crowd

Only recently have I stepped into Chomel, as there is usually no product which attracts me. However, I did manage to purchase a hair tie in the end from this place. Most of their products seem to be catered to the older, working generation, and it is very rarely I would set my eyes on something that catches my fancy. Regardless, I feel that it is a better place than Chameleon or Aries where I find the products stocked in the above mentioned stores too kiddish. For teenagers, however, their jewellery stocked appears much too mature and it may be better to bring them to Diva or Helen.

Other than that, Chomel does have some beautiful accessories which definitely sparkle well and will catch the light nicely, making one the centre of attention. However, it is seasonal or depending on one's taste that you'll be able to find something here. Staff are also not too clingy and will let you browse at will.

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Sub-standard quality

I used to patronise Chomel when I was younger, but have since stopped. Honestly, Chomel's accessories are really made of low quality, in my opinion and I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Granted, they do have accessories and jewellery with unique and attractive designs, but all these will cease to matter once the quality of the material begins to reveal itself. All the clips that I purchased from Chomel in the past fell apart quite easily, and I always had to waste my money by buying new ones. There are definitely other places that sell better quality accessories, and perhaps at even better prices, since Chomel isn't all that cheap either.

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wide range of accessories

Amidst all the shimmery bling lie precious gems, which are mostly more suitable for adults, but they do have some casual accessories as well.
Price wise, a little more expensive than diva but better in terms of quality.

However, service isn’t that fantastic at the branch I frequent, NEX.
Once, I went in to look for a clutch. The staffs did not seem to bother greeting or even smile. After looking at the clutches, no one attended to me. They stood around looking aimlessly while they leave you to approach them. That didn’t leave a good impression.

Other branches certainly fair better in terms of service.
Also, don't miss their Christmas Specials!

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Classy jewellery

As classy as Chomel is, it has never appealed much to me, and needless to say, I have never ever bought anything from this store.

Chomel retails a wide variety of jewellery ranging from quaint silver necklaces to loud printed bangles. The price range is probably comparable to that of Diva, if not a little more expensive.

The accessories at Chomel are pretty, but it has never struck me with that strange longing to purchase it, as I personally find the accessories there a little too bling and loud for my usual tastes. The accessories at Chomel would suit the slightly mature crowd more, as the jewellery there are usually studded with crystals, and if worn on a teenager, it would just seem pretentious.

The accessories are of a very good quality, so if you are looking for a statement piece, perhaps Chomel is the shop to go to, as the accessories can probably last for a long time.

The staff is pretty helpful as well. I once accompanied my cousin, who was looking for a gift, to Chomel, and the staff pretty much searched the entire store for a certain pendant that my cousin wanted. Amazing service.

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Tampines Mall
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Affordable jewellery - perfect as gifts for mums!

I’ve always identify Chomel as a “bling bling” place. They sell affordable yet classy looking accessories, perfect for mums! During Mother’s Day this year, I bought a few items from Chomel for my mum. It was the first time I ever spent so long in Chomel, as I was having a really hard time choosing for her. All of the accessories look unique to me! I honestly wanted to buy all! I love the colours of their accessories - in shades of blue, turquoise, greenish-jade, purple-ish, transparent, black etc. They are all shiny and crystal clear looking.

The price ranges from $20 - $30 for a pair of earrings up to $100 over – suitable for everyone’s budget. For those who are slightly tighter on budget, you can purchase their earrings which are wallet-friendly yet not cheap looking. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone who wishes to buy a gift for their mums or aunts! Their accessories are also good for everyday wear. Ever since I bought for my mum the earrings and necklaces, she has been rotating them and received many compliments.

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