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The Reckless Shop currently carries our in-house labels, Reckless Ericka and Odds by Reckless Ericka, as well as a curated selection of quirky accessories by fashion show producer extraordinaire, Daniel Boey.

Reckless Ericka consists of a team of 2 – Afton Chen and Louis Koh.

The label encompasses the whole spirit of the co-founders as risk-taking, fun loving and adventurous. Unconventional and off-beat as it sounds, it is in line with the brand’s personality.

The main concept of Reckless Ericka is ‘Euro-centric’. We focus on balancing classic tailoring with edgy use of silhouette and colours, and constructing avant-garde silhouettes with classic details. This infuses edginess and quirkiness into our brand, giving it our very own refreshing identity.

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(Updated: February 21, 2013)

Another one of Singapore's talents

Another one of Singapore’s talents, The Reckless Shop is a great alternative if you ever tire of high street retailers. While prices are more or less around the same prices as those of Topshop and Zara (some cost less), one can be guaranteed uniqueness and exclusivity when dressed in their clothing.

The style of their designs may not be for everyone, but do not be too quick to reject it for you never know what you might find. I pop in here once in awhile to check on their new arrivals, but nothing has made me excitable about the label thus far.

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I had high hopes before entering the shop, but it was a bit disappointing when I went in and browsed through their clothes. They're not to my taste and some pieces makes me go, "would anyone wear this..?"

The price range is affordable enough, but there are some pricey pieces. If you're a fan, or doesn't mind spending a little money, The Reckless Shop would be perfect, but for someone like me who doesn't like their clothes all that much and still a student, I'd have to give it a miss.

Plus I find the customer service a bit.. cold. I don't feel very welcome, and when I tried smiling, it didn't really work. Sigh, what a shame.

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A breath of fresh air

The reckless shop showcases unique and stylish pieces which embrace individuality. It stocks its own in-house labels e.g. Reckless Ericka and Odds by Reckless Ericka and other Asian labels. The clothes from the Reckless Ericka series are a breath of fresh air - avant-garde, stunningly bold in daring geometric cuts but down-to-earth and unpretentious. You could find pieces that are assertive of your personality, enabling you to outshine the mass-produce consumers.

Other labels aside from theirs, are brainchild of tees and tanks of prints with artistic mastery and jewellery of rare gemstones. Personally, I'm a fan of their printed tees and tanks but I never got to owning one (someday I will... Someday.)

Even if you're not intending to buy any of the clothes, browsing through them will give you a fresh take on fashion, compelling you to consider fashion in a brand new light. Service is also very pleasant (and not at all ReCkLesS) at the Reckless Shop. The retail assistants are very sweet and friendly, oft gently reminding you of their latest promotions. You can also pick up a copy of juice and catalog magazines to seal off your visit there. NEAT.

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