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The Galleria, Resorts World Sentosa 8 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098269
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Victoria’s Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products, dominating the global market with modern, fashion-inspired collections, prestigious fragrances, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. Victoria’s Secret is world-famous for its televised fashion show, putting lingerie and fashion center stage in the entertainment arena.

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10am - 10:30pm (Sun-Thur) 10am - 12am (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH holiday)

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(Updated: March 06, 2016)

Pleasant experience

i went to victoria secret at ion orchard with my boyfriend as he wanted to buy for me a monthsary gift. There were a lot of people there as it was on a weekend. The staffs smiled at me when i enter the store. She was busy with another customer and i went to look for the items that i wanted. After a fee minutes, the staffs came to me and asked if i needed any help. I told them that i was just looking around. The price of the perfumes are quite expensive considering the brand. We definitely had a pleasant experience there and would love to buy more products.

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Ion orchard
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No longer unique

Which girl doesn't love Victoria's Secret? Sexy lingerie, cosmetics and alluring fragrances. I wouldn't deny my love for them one bit but I find their scents a little.. overused.

In the past, their products are only attainable via foreign websites but ever since their brick and mortar stores hit our shores, it got almost every girl thinking VS whenever it comes to buying presents.

They have a variety of scents that are exceptionally appealing but somehow, it's always familiar, as if I've smelt it somewhere. It's so common that I can easily sift out the ladies wearing a VS perfume now. What's best about their products is that though it's highly raved about, the prices are not jacked up at all. It still remains affordable and of good quality.

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a whiff of their love spell

When thinking about a Victoria's Secret store, one will automatically think of short runway shows, supermodels, and expensive lingerie. I am right about one thing though, the lingerie they carry are expensive; which will burn a definitive hole in my wallet if I am to buy one. Besides the expensive intimates, I find their bags, wallets and even makeup to be a little over-priced.

In my opinion, the only thing that brought me back to the store each time is their perfume and body mist collection. Surprisingly cost-friendly, I normally get a few different scents at a time which can last me for months. The scent does not overbearingly cause a migraine, but is subtle enough for contentment. For other items, I think it's best to head to their online store which has a wider range of products and cost lesser than store-bought ones.

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This shop screams sexiness to just about anyone.

Globally known for their gorgeous models and sexy lingerie, I find it pretty ironic how their scents are what captivates me the most. Victoria's Secret carries a variety of products such as lingerie, cosmetics & fragrances. Personally, it is definitely their fragrances that appeal to me the most. Not only are they really affordable, I find the scent really long lasting too. I can never leave the house without spritzing a little of the fragrance on and feel all glamorous. I own way too many of them already but I just cannot get enough and feel the compulsive need to just acquiring more to add to my collection.

However, I find the store in Singapore to be lacking in many areas. The stores carry a limited amount of goods and a lot of the items seen online are not available in store so it was pretty disappointing. If you enter the store and nothing catches your eye, do not fret. I would suggest checking out the online store instead because there are so many more options available there.

All in all, I think you should definitely check the store out just for the experience and fun of it. The shop is so alluring and pretty and I can never pass up on a chance to visit one.

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(Updated: November 11, 2013)

Celebration of prettiness.

I would probably require a 12-step programme to help me kick my Victoria’s Secret addiction.
Victoria’s Secret is a symbol of prettiness, the epitome of femininity.

I count down to each year’s highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret fashion show with bated breath, waiting to see what beautiful costumes the creative minds behind the show will send down the runway. The Victoria’s Secret angels are completely stunning and they look like goddesses, with flawless complexions and perfect figures.

It was a television broadcast of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that first got me interested in the brand. Like millions of women all around the world, I was entranced by the sheer magnificence and magic of it and yearned to look like the gorgeous Angels. I would spend hours on end trawling the website for pretty lacy lingerie and fun loungewear.

I was elated when the lingerie chain finally set up store in Singapore, however, I was disappointed to find that the selection was limited and they did not stock the exquisite lingerie sets and comfortable PINK loungewear representative of the Victoria’s Secret brand.

Victoria’s Secret lingerie is still best purchased online, as the Singapore outlets do not offer as much variety.

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Come here for their scents

Victoria Secret has no sensible lingerie.

That's what I've learnt from all the runways and collections they belt out year after year. Come to Victoria Secret's for lingerie only when you're ready to parade around with just that. For everything else, la senza will satiate you perfectly.

Victoria Secret is however famed for their scents and clutches. We have no such luck to be able to be gifted with their bags and clutches so let's stay in the scents.

I especially love their body mists. They are light and will not overpower nor overbear, it is just the right amount of concentrated scent. The espeically packed perfume bottles are definitely not as impressive though, so try out their body mists first and chances are, you'd rather stick to them than the perfume.

Please bring in bags and clutches.

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The Galleria
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Love their body mist!

I’ve always wanted to physically visit an authentic Victoria Secret store. The closest I’ve ever “shopped” at Victoria Secret was at their online shop. I was so stoked when I received the news that Singapore was going to have our very own Victoria Secret store at Resort World Sentosa! I’ve always have this impression that the shop is girly, loud, pinkish, sexy and yet classy at the same time. And the truth is, IT REALLY IS!

When I first visited the outlet, I purchased their body mist from secret charms to PINK collection. The prices are not much higher than those you see online plus shipping. Victoria Secret has a very good range of perfumes and body mist! They smell amazing! From fruity, to sexy to soothing. There is definitely a perfume for everyone. I know that many online shops and stores in Singapore are selling VC’s body mist and perfumes. However, we never know whether it’s authentic. Moreover, nothing feels better than being able to shop at an authentic VC shop! When I first stepped into the shop, I was overloaded with pink-ness and the shop smells so good. The shop is not very easy to locate as it is placed in one of the hotels in RWS. You may want to get help from the personnel there!

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Angels and Runways

What do you think about first when Victoria's Secret is mentioned? definitely the models, without any hesitation. The global lingerie brand with what can be considered the most successful advertising campaign yet, is most known for its annual fashion runway shows. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show itself popularized many supermodels today, including the very beautiful Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Tyra Banks and many many more. The American retailer specialising in women's wear, lingerie and beauty products has made its name worldwide across borders of the Caribbean, United Kingdom and even Asia all thanks to its media coverage of the show that keeps audiences world wide pinned to television screens.

So the question is, who wouldn't want to walk or wear the same lingerie as those models did? The opening of the small outlet in Singapore was definitely a disappointing blow to many VS fans awaiting the luxurious products designed by the brand. However, in my opinion having some is better than having none. Hence although the shop is relatively small in size it still has its basic products that are enough to satisfy the VS cravings. Wider variety of products are easily available online, but having a shop would be beneficial as I can actually try the sizing and fitting of the products before ordering it.

The price of the products is surprisingly not being overcharged as to the usual price of VS lingerie and the staff are relatively helpful and friendly. There is definitely no harm in dropping by just to take a quick look or two, before scouting for more products online in the comforts of home.

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Prefer the Online Store

Remember how the ladies went crazy when VS first hit Singapore? Well, I really do not know what the hype is about because I have to agree with the other reviewers, the products are so limited. I accompanied my girlfriend to the outlet at Marina Bay Sands which was a tiny little shop.

My girlfriend got excited and started trying the samples for body moisturizer and body mist and the whole time, I was observing the service of the sales assistant and it was bad or lukewarm at most. She just looked at my girlfriend with a sort of condescending look while the other assistant was happily helping out another tourist with her buys.

Bags of different sizes were sold with the label VS stamped all over it. Undies of different patterns were stacked on top of each other according to the same cut and design. That was kinda messy I felt. My girlfriend had more pleasurable buys from online sprees where she could choose from countless designs of bikinis and even dresses (and even cheaper!)

*Probably for tourists only.

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Limited variety

I enjoy watching the Victoria Secrets fashion show and I like everything about the brand. The glamour, the girliness, the sophistication while being cute and flirty at the same time. I was overjoyed to hear that a VS store would be opened in Singapore. When it finally did, I felt so underwhelmed by the sheer lack of variety. I bet any random store in the US would easily have more variety than what we have in one single store here in Singapore. Thanks to the Internet, I have got to know many VS products that I would love to own but never got round to owning them due to crazy international shipping costs. I did not see anything that I like in this mini store.

The reviewer below me is right, the sizes of their items are very limited and there wasnt anything in my size. I felt so disappointed because I expected much more and even planned a great VS haul. I couldn't even find the fragrance that I wanted and the cute pyjamas set that I have seen online. All in all, I would rather have no VS store here than to have one that has an extremely limited array of goods. You know the phrase "so near yet so far"?. That's exactly how I feel about this store. However, if you desperately need to own a piece of that glamorized brand, then do head there to take a look!

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