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#03-90 Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Listing created by Melody on May 10, 2012    
Func Deko sells a variety of many random items that are all vintage themed. This store has items in minimal quantities so they seem to be more exclusive to the buyer.

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One of the gems at Far East Plaza

Func Deko is the store I love the most at Far East Plaza, and the store I must always visit if I am ever at the store. It sells a myriad of items, such as wallets with The Beatles printed on them, and random postcards of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. They also sell badges of various indie bands such as the xx, Kasabian and Two Door Cinema Club (although these usually sell out quite fast).

Just by looking at the store decor, you can tell it is an interesting store with interesting finds. You can also guess that the things they sell will be rather expensive, and they are. A small purse can cost above $20, so that tells you just how much the things in store will cost.

Even if you don't buy anything, Func Deko is definitely a must-visit; it's such a quirky little store.

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A vibe of its own

Funkdeco is really a breath of fresh air to shopper of Far East Plaza. It has a really retro, vintage, rockabilly vibe to the place. They sell the most absurd, interesting knick knacks that are either for display purposes, or actually has a function. Either way, it is always pleasant for me to cruise around the store and check things out.

The service there is alright - I always find that the people mending the store has character and represents the store well, something that very little stores bother to find in their employees these days. I enjoy looking through their stationery and clothes, but never actually found anything that was to die for. Maybe if you were more into the 80s and 90s, you'd be able to find things you never would elsewhere! Definitely a place to check out.

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Quirky finds

Whenever I visit Far East Plaza, I always make sure I visit Func Deko. Func Deko is one of my favourite shops in Far East Plaza. It offers unique apparel and accessories, as well as kitschy miscellaneous goods like notebooks.

The prices of such quirky items are surprisingly affordable, and definitely within budget, even for a student like myself. Be prepared to rummage through racks to find something you fancy though, as the clothes can be arranged rather messily, and the store can appear disorganized at times.

The thing I adore about Func Deko is that its apparel and accessories are so unique in design that it's hard to spot anyone on the street wearing the same piece as you. Their designs are playful and loud, sometimes bordering childish, but tastefully so.

However, I do feel that certain pieces of apparel in the store can be a little hit or miss in terms of quality. The quality of clothing varies such that the fabric of some pieces may be a little rough or too flimsy.

Func Deko is definitely a go-to store for me whenever I hit the town. Shoppers who seek quirkiness and slight eccentricity should definitely visit Func Deko!

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Unique store with tons of knick-knacks

The concept of Func Deko is refreshing and almost one of a kind. Besides retailing clothes, Func Deko also sells tons of knick-knacks like earrings, badges, soft toys, bedroom slippers, and other novelty items. One must doubtlessly take a trip to Func Deko, which is an experience in itself. The journey from locating a particular piece of gem and to purchasing it can take more effort than normal, but it is ever so worth it.

The clothes that are retailed here are mostly quirky and vintage inspired. Prices start at $20 (if I remember correctly). A tip: you’d be likely to find most of the clothings in Bangkok at perhaps 30% of the prices here. I ever saw a pair of floral slippers selling for SGD$4 at Bangkok, whereas it was for sale here at SGD$19.90. The mark-ups are probably how businesses afford the expensive rent in town, I suppose.

Service is rather personable and staff is more than willing to help. Certain novelty items like giant animal paw slippers and super adorable soft toys are slightly on the pricier side, but for their uniqueness I guess it is best to take them home as you’d be unlikely to find them for sale elsewhere.

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Quirky Cool

Func Deko's been one of the shops that have accompanied me through my adolescence. I was 14 when I first entered the shop and I still make it a point to drop it a visit (I'm 21 this year). It's been a good 7 years. To date, Func Deko still manages to maintain its quirky cool tongue-in-cheek image, dedicating, still, its space to selling the most unique apparels, bags, accessories, toys and unexpected miscellaneous products.

Func Deko is a trove of treasures. It may seem a little haphazard in its arrangement of products but it is quite an adventure in navigating through them. The clothing and bags have a strong identity to themselves - queer and playful - certainly pieces you want to own to make a fashion statement or exude your distinctive personality.

Service is great also. The manager or assistants are always warm and friendly, ready to elaborate on their products to sell their unique points.

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