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Listing created by Melody on May 10, 2012    
Set out in 1983 to achieve the simple goal of " A bag for everyone ", Manhattan Portage has come a long way since then with branches in countries that span from the United States, Asia and the Pacific. The signature red labelled label, has varieties of bags ranging from its most famous messenger bags to backpacks and even duffels.


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Study and Simple Accessories

I've always loved how the simple look is weaved together with the sturdy feel of the bags and laptop cases. While I've always loved how simple and elegant the designs - just suitable for colour blocking for my outfit of the day. Although its a bad habit of mine, I like to stick to having accessories with a single base colour in order to match my outfit.

Although the price may seem to be a little high than one would expect for a plain coloured laptop case, the quality and material of the laptop cases are quite sturdy. The padding for the laptop cases are thick and seem to be able to withstand any drops or falls - if your laptop should be unlucky enough to encounter such an event.

I'd say it's a steal - but more so if you go to the stores in the US where Manhatten Portage is so much more of a steal.

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Ever lasting

I remember the days when Manhattan Portage was in high demand and popular among the youths. And I can also remember me being one of them. I bought my first messenger bag from Manhattan Portage in 2008 when it was cheaper to get them instead of Crumpler. It is definitely a bag I can lug around everyday without worrying whether chucking everything in the bag will snap the handle.

The bag is not only durable but also spacious, being able to fit a few books, my essentials, water bottle, lunch box and even a jacket. I know, AMAZING! Especially when it doesn't get destroyed unlike the previous bag I had which I bought from Far East Plaza.

The quality is at its best having lasted me up until today, though it only sees the sunshine every once in a while when I go to the gym. The only downside of the bag is that it needs better waterproofing. The range of bags offered my Manhattan Portage has now doubled and I'm spoiled for choices in terms of designs and colours. Will definitely be heading to one of their outlets soon to purchase a laptop bag!

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Manhattan Portage is probably what I would describe as the not so popular, less well-known relative of Crumpler. Their products are about the same, although since I'm a Crumpler fan, I am more inclined to favour Crumpler. I always viewed Manhattan Portage as a copy of Crumpler but of late, my impressions have changed quite considerably. I chanced upon one of their outlets at Wheelock Place first and decided to just walk in to take a look at what they had on sale.

Their products focus more on trends and fads and after trying one of their bags on, they feel good and durable. They also offer other items like laptop and iPad cases, all with rather simple and minimalistic designs and featuring a sewed-on patch printed with their logo. The sales staff were also polite and not overly intrusive which I liked. They were willing to answer my queries and even offer some tips which I greatly appreciated.

I don't know if I'll buy from them anytime soon because my Crumpler is still going strong even after 5 years! But in any case, I will definitely give them a try if the opportunity arises. More unique as compared to Crumpler, yet offering same type of products and comparable quality. Worth a shot.

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Simple designs, big tales

I love Manhattan Portage.

I have a pencil case and a messenger bag from here as a birthday present and I adore them more than life. They are classic and manly and they make me feel simple for a change.

Perhaps why I love it the most is because of the red-and-black combination. It gives it a very grand vibe and looks striking. Plus I get to see the Manhattan skyline everytime I look at them. What a wonderfully small sight.

Their products are durable and they are in essence, tough and normal bags and cases with just a brand stitched on it, giving it 10x a value that it could have never achieved if it had remained naked. So have absolute no doubt in its going to last you a long time.

I really love that tiny skyline.

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ION Orchard
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Red Label

When Manhattan Portage first started out in Singapore, I remembered it only being available at certain places in shops that carried other brands of bags too. The first messenger bag that I owned from here was one that I have been dying to find, and searched high and low online and beyond. That was many years ago. Until today the bag is still functioning perfectly fine and looks almost brand new, not that I haven't been fully utilizing it but for the mere fact that it is really very durable.

The bag has a unique shape, although similar to other messengers, I prefer how it looks small but actually can fit a lot of things. In addition, the shape of the bag is shaped with a larger base and a thinner top so it does not make it seem like I am carrying a bag too big for my frame given my petite physique. The bag is made out of canvas so it is easy to maintain and can even go in the wash sometimes and the label, just adds a taste of fashion to finish the product.

In my opinion, definitely one of my best finds yet. Furthermore the brand already has its own shop that has opened with other choices of bags, looking very sleek and elegant with a sprinkle of casual.

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a bag to bring you from work to play

I like this brand for its stylish, simple and practical designs while not compromising on quality. I personally do not own bags from this brand because I prefer handbags and tote bags. But I like seeing it on other people :) It amps up any outfit! I have to say that the building skyline on the logo looks classy as well. As compared to Crumpler, another popular messenger bag brand, it's so much more worthy of the price tag. It also gives out the 'cute' boyish look.

It comes in an array of colors and designs are usually plain with just the Manhattan Portage logo on the bottom. Very simple and nice. You can choose from bright colors and neutral colors. Of course, if you would like to have something different, they have patent leather designs as well! If you are looking for a school bag, they have it as well. All in all, I really like this brand and I would highly recommend it to you if you are looking for an everyday bag that is stylish enough to bring you from work to play.

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