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Listing created by Cheesecakefactory on September 12, 2012 is a small store at Far East Shopping Centre that offers a wide variety of video games at extremely affordable prices! also sells handheld consoles and normal gaming consoles (e.g. PS3) at affordable prices too!

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The console gaming supermarket

QiSahn is not only one of the cheapest game shops around, it is also one of the most convenient. Every also have a whole range of games, brand new, pre-order or pre-owned for every console out there. Everything you need to support your console gaming is here: repairs, trade-ins, and accessories.

And the best part is you can surf all of this on their online store and, if you are in singapore, get free same-day delivery. You have to do a bank transfer though, which I was lazy to do, so I popped by their store at Far East Shopping Centre (Not Plaza!).

QiSahn also has console and games bundles as well, especially when popular new games come out, like Pokemon X and Y had a Nintendo 3DS console bundle. I did compare prices between a few places, and QiSahn was indisputably the cheapest.

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Not what I expected

Many of my friends that were into gaming told me about this shop. So my expectation was that this shop must be of similar scale to Challenger since everyone into computer products would have heard of Challenger just like everyone into gaming would have heard of Qisahn.

When I finally went to the shopping centre they were located, I was not able to find their shop during my first try. I thought I had gone to the wrong shopping centre because there was a Far East Square and a Far East Shopping Centre. I confirmed I was at the correct shopping centre and this time around, I also paid attention to the unit number. The first time round, I was just looking at the shop and did not pay attention to the unit number and shop name. I was looking for a shop of similar scale to Challenger.

Imagine my surprise when I finally found the shop. It was even smaller than a lot of the shops in Sim Lim Square. It looked more like a warehouse than a retail shop. There was not much product on display and there was a counter like a service counter for service centres. I finally realised they did most business online and the shop functioned more like a collection centre.

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The place I'll go to satisfy my gaming needs

Qishan is the place I got my PS3 console, and subsequently, for the games. The main reason for travelling all the way down to Orchard to make my purchases is their competitive pricing. At the same time, the general feedback on the shop's honesty is convincing enough to assure me.

While the shop front may look run-down (not even mentioning the old run-down building Qishan is located in), you can always find people bustling around in the small narrow shop. It makes it difficult for someone to take their own sweet time and enjoy browsing through the game selections (mainly console games) with all the pushing and shoving around as people tries to get into the shop or exit after the purchases.

My advice would be to shop for what you want online at their website, where they also provide live enquiry services first before heading down to the shop to inform one of the various counter staffs on your desired titles. They do also provide delivery services as well but since I didn't utilize this service before, I'm not sure if they charge extra or if their delivery services are timely.

On a side note, Qishan, like many other game retailers, charge an extra 2-3% (I can't remember the exact charges) if you were to pay via credit cards or NETs. Hence, if you're planning to make any purchases from Qishan, it helps to make a trip to the ATM to withdraw cash first.

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Games that are on sale - 2 titles for $50
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PS3 games!

For gamers, price is everything. So when a store pops up selling consoles and games at an affordable and below-market rate price, it is bound to obtain success and fame amongst the local crowd. That store is Qisahn.

I myself bought my PS3 about two years ago at an incredibly low price - almost 30% then any other game shop. I personally have no idea what is their profit margin and how they manage to survive, but at rates that low, I was naturally drawn towards them. The quality of game titles are high as well - they keep up-to-date and offer returns if the reason is acceptable, i.e: scratched disk, corrupted hard drive.

Definitely a gamer's paradise.

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Games at affordable price but not for its location

I found Qisahn after much Google for cheap games available in Singapore. The moment I entered their website, I was shocked that the games that is available here is way cheaper than the games that I bought in the shopping mall or in some electronic gadgets shops. I could get a game for $39.90-$59.90 and it cost me $59.90 to $79.90 outside. Afraid of being scam (since it is an online shop), I decided to patronize the store and Far East Shopping Centre to get it myself. Not familiar with this place, I ended up at Far East Plaza and asked people for locations to get there. Far East Shopping Centre is quite an unpopular place in town.

The minute I reached, I could see lots of gamers in the store looking at all the different games. Initially, I’m afraid to enter the stores just because there are no girl gamers inside. After much courage, I went in and bought my games (saved $20 bucks: D). Till now, I’ve change my purchase to online with delivery because I dislike going into the shop and the Shopping Centre. The delivery charges are not really that expensive though, kind of worth it for sharing of games.

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Number 1 choice for gamers

I first knew about Qisahn from a game forum, from my boyfriend who is quite an avid gamer. I then learnt of their physical shop which is located at Orchard Road. It is located in Far East Shopping Centre, not the popular place, Far East Plaza. Not many people know about Far East Shopping Centre though, and I noticed that most shoppers visit the mall for Qisahn.

When I first arrived on the level of where the shop was located, I immediately knew where it was as there was a lot of buzzing coming from the area outside the shop, as well as within the shop. The boyfriend and I waited till the buzz died down and most of them left as a large group. We then entered the shop and was greeted by the friendly staff and tonnes of games. I learnt that the shop was not only famous for second hand games, but also for their low rate of accessories and even the game consoles itself.

After browsing, we went outside the shop to view the second hand games from the showcase window. We decided on a couple of marvel games and went in to make the purchase. The staff readily assisted and told us to come back to them if we had any problems. It was a pleasant experience at the store and we will definitely make Qisahn our first choice when purchasing a Play Station Game or a new console.

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Great customer service, great prices.

Although located in a less popular place (yes, I know, it's Orchard Road!), is a name known by many Singaporean gamers. They not only offer cheap games, they also offer very good customer service. I bought my PS3 console there, and I have to say that it was pretty cheap (it was new at that time). The quality of their stuff are also great, with the PS3 still working today from 2009 (no malfunctions whatsoever).

The bad side, however, is the location. It's located at Far East Shopping Centre, a long forgotten place in Orchard Road. Filled with maid agencies and other shops, walking into Far East Shopping Centre makes you feel old. The design of the mall, I suppose, comes from the 80's. However, if you know your way around town, it is not that difficult to find after all!

I will certainly go back again, as my previous shopping experiences were great ones!

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