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2 Alexandra Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

A place where people can find solace after a stressful day at work or at school, where they can rest and enjoy a range of food from different cultures. Don't forget to order one dish from each cultural group.

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If you have read the reviews for TSL's listing 'Curry Fish Head'. you should know about its fame amongst the local population and that it is a must try dish in Singapore. Heng Heng is an example of a good place should you want to get your hands on this dish, prepared professional style.

Its logo is the chinese word 'Xing' which can be literally translated as 'happiness'. It conveys the proprietors' wishes that customers find happiness and joy whilst spending their time in the restaurant. Indeed, it is a place I'd definitely recommend in part because of its authentic, rich and creamy curry as well as the diverse array of dishes from other cultures available here.

The one dish you must try would of course be the restaurant's signature Teochew curry fish head. With its creamy, spicy curry, huge fish-head full of succulent meat as well as a delectable array of accompanying vegetables which includes the lady finger and the brinjal, it is definitely something worth being tried out and goes well especially with the rice. One good way of eating curry fish head would be to mix your rice with the curry gravy, directly enhancing the quality of your meal (for me at least). Another dish noteworthy of mention would be the Hokkien ngoh hiang, which comprises of meat roll with their special chilli and dark soya sauce dip. It is definitely a good dish to try out whilst you're there.

Overall, an excellent curry-fish head experience at this restaurant!

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Nice Curry

Have been to the Marina Square branch a few times for lunch.
The restaurant is small enough to be cosy. As the number of customers are not that many, you usually get pretty good service as they seem to be adequately staffed during lunchtime. Their lady boss hangs around there once in a while and she is a lovely lady to chat with, certainly she is appreciative of your business.
As for the food, the menu is not extensive, but if you are in the mood for curry, then it is a good place to get your curry craving out of the way. Their curry chicken is good, and the gravy is thick with a generous dose of spices. My other favourite is the braised pork which is well-marinated and it does have that old-school grandma-braised type of taste. Their portions tend to be a bit small, so if you are a big eater, it may not be enough. I would also recommend their pumpkin rice, which adds more flavour to your meal, in case you fine white rice a bit boring.
They call it comfort food, so I guess if you grew up with fried cabbage, ngoh hiang and curry fish head around your kitchen - it can be comforting. :)
Oh, their cabbage tend to be under fried, which makes it hard to chew, so you can request them to fry them longer for a softer texture.

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Anything with curry and braised pork
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Marina Square
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