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Listing created by ywehc on May 09, 2012    

‘It’s only a cafe, don’t take it so seriously'. With a Pinch of Salt serves Western fusion dishes at affordable prices.

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Mon - Thu: 11:00-23:00 Fri-Sat: 11:00-02:00 Sun:11:00-23:00
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480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #B1-01 Gourmet Paradise Restaurant, Toa Payoh Hub, Singapore

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Large portions at affordable prices.

What attracted me to this restaurant was not the food nor the ambience, but the…name. Thankfully, not only was the name attractive, the price was good and the food was great!

I ordered their Fish & Chips ($8.90) and was pleasantly surprised by the significant portion served. The fish was fresh, and the “grandpa’s crumb” that coated it provided a good balance to every bite. My friend ordered the Mr Cordon-Bleu ($10.90), and as her knife descended, the melted cheese came oozing out. It looked amazing, and apparently it was juicy too! Do note that it can get jelak after awhile, so share the dish with someone else if possible.

With cute cartoon characters and a pastel colour scheme, it is easy for your mood to be lifted just by stepping into the cafe. For a hearty meal at wallet-friendly prices, this café is the place to go.

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Reasonable Western Food

"Beep" the number on the electronic signboard changed to my number as I got up to go to the counter to collect my food. "Here you go," the counter staff repeated my order as she hands me my plate of piping hot spaghetti.

Despite it being situated in the heart of a food court, this place has a cosy little space beyond the counter which slightly blocks out the noise from the "Other side". It is as if I'm being in a whole little world - just within the little enclosed area itself.

The best bargains would be the weekly specials that they offer for a reasonable and value-for-money price. That's always me choice of pick since it is reasonable and it always looks delectable!

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Toa Payoh
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Small, but cute!

With a Pinch of Salt is a very brightly decorated eating place, with its pastel blue and white striped interiors and signboard, it established itself as a casual and comfortable eatery. The walls are decorated with stickers of words and cartoon versions of the owner, adding to the bubbliness of the place. They are also available for private events and functions, and in my case I had gone there for a birthday party and it was partially reserved the event, with the rest of the eatery available to the walk-in customers.

Since the food was catered for us, buffet style, I can only comment on their buffet menu. The spread available to us was small, but it was forgivable. The only memorable dish was the Mushroom Aglio Olio, and the rest were dishes typical of catered buffet along the lines of deep fried chicken wings and broccoli in a starchy sauce. But I am quite sure these dishes were made by the eatery as they brought the food refills from their kitchen, so judging from this experience, I am not likely to return just for the food because the food was quite forgettable.

Finding the place is not as hard, given that the signboard is prominent with its blue and white stripes. Finding parking lots will be challenging, given that it is located in the Tanjong Katong area. Going via public transport will be more advisable, and I found it quite easily by using the nearby Caltex petrol station as a guide.

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sweet reminisce

Nice and simple cafe with a very homely feel, the moment you stepped inside, the cheery paintings/cartoons will instantly lighten your moods and it would not be long before you settled within this little cafe comfortably. Food served are of pretty decent portions and reasonably affordable prices that are definite a catch for students.

Nice ambience and delicious food, perfect combi to spend a meal here, either alone or with your pals, both are equally enjoyable. Looking at the cartoons as you savour every bit of your food, you could not help but reminisce of the times when you were little and smile to yourself silently. This is what a homely cafe offers- an avenue for one to spend some time recollecting the sweet memories. Pretty worthwhile to spend an afternoon here idling and enjoying a simple meal!

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(Updated: December 31, 2012)

Pretty dining place!

My friend and I were exploring the Katong area one day. The light blue signboard of the cafe really stands out among all the other dull-looking shops along Katong Road. That was what attracted us to With a Pinch of Salt.

The cafe has really delightful decorations, with the walls painted with pretty colours and cute pictures on the walls. Since we visited the cafe on a weekday afternoon, it was almost empty and thus very peaceful. We were so busily admiring the decorations that before we knew it, our food was served to us!

The student meals are charged at affordable prices of

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(Updated: December 31, 2012)

Great food at a great price

With a Pinch of Salt is located along the main road and is easy to spot if you drive or take a cab. However, it may be a little inconvenient if you do not drive as you will have to take a bus from the MRT station. The cafe is pretty cosy with blue and white wallpaper. The food that they serve are normal Western food like fish and chips, chicken chop, pasta, just to name a few.

As I went on a weekday evening for dinner, there wasn't much people and our food took less than 10 minutes to be served. The fish and chips that I ordered was a huge portion. The breaded fish was fried till golden perfection and served with a serving of chips and greens. The fish was fresh. In fact, I wasn't expecting the fish to taste this good! The chips were seasoned evenly with salt and spices and was delicious.

The price is extremely affordable. In fact, I think I paid about $10 for my dish. If only its location can be more convenient, else, I see myself patronizing this cafe pretty often.

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Looking for a place to have dinner nearby my friend's house in Katong, we were attracted by the deco from across the street. Once we step in to the cafe i was pleasantly surprised at how nicely decorated it is. Cute cartoon pictures hanging on the walls, colorful plastic cups placed on the table it was so bright and cheerful.

I was so fascinated with the place that i didn't pay much attention to the food. All i could remember is that the bacon aglio olio i had came in a reasonable portion and it was satisfying.

It's a good place to hang out with the girlfriends but too girly for the boys.

Inexpensive and nice ambience, i'll probably return!

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great choc lava cake

With A Pinch of Salt is yet another restaurant / cafe along the many great offerings along the food paradise known as Katong Road. What attracted me to it for dinner one night was the quirky cafe decor hung with cartoon portraits and its cartoon wall murals.

The food they served was standard Western fare, with some special ones with quirky names. We got the Chicken roulade which was chicken thigh stuffed with mushrooms, which was pretty good if not entirely authentic, and the Old Mac’s Favourite, a mix of steak and meats with wedges and a sunny side up. That was quickly shared and gone among my group. Price-wise, it averaged below $20, so it wasn’t a very expensive place, though the portions might have been bigger. What made the trip all the more worth-while, though, was the excellent chocolate lava cake. It was perfectly done, a sinfully rich chocolate which was semi-sweet, oozing from a crumbly but moist chocolate crust. We immediately wished we had more but the kitchen had run out. The place is probably well-known for it. A pity, but I could always stop by again at the next pigging out session at Katong.

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Boring food

With a Pinch of Salt is a small, colourful café in a quiet spot at Tanjong Katong. You’d tend to miss it if you’re not looking carefully enough so be careful, or else you’d have to make a big round under the hot sun like I did.

The staffs were very warm and hospitable! They attended to us like they would a friend. The food was average but it wasn’t expensive. They did not charge for GST!

We got a cheese pizza and aglio olio. The aglio olio was very plain. There was only spaghetti! It was cooked alright with ample taste but it was just that.

The cheese pizza was better, probably because of the cheese. Anything with cheese is tastier! The crust was thin and it was a little too hard though. I felt like I had to chew extra hard just to break it down.
The food is average but their prices are reasonable. You could pop in for a quick bite or just have a drink and seek temporary refuge from the scorching sun.

The place is colourful but it wasn’t very bright. It wasn’t lit enough. After a while when I got used to the place it even felt a bit gloomy and made me feel trapped in.

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Not for Fussy Eaters

With a Pinch of Salt is ideal for those non-fussy eaters looking for cheap and tasty Western food. They serve a variety of Western dishes, from pasta to dessert. Theres also a weekday set lunch promotion and student meals available. One thing you definitely have to try is their chocolate lava cake, ‘Choco Lava’! A sinful dessert at such a cheap price ($4.90), it is definitely worth it! The restaurant also have cute furnishings with bright blue, pink colours that would certainly appeal to children and those young at heart.

However, the portions were too small for my liking. But hey, I’m not complaining because of the reasonable prices. Did I mention that they don’t charge GST and service charge as well? Sad to say, the service is less than satisfactory. It took me over 20 minutes to get my dessert and not all of their desserts are always available. In my visits there, they’ve always run out of certain desserts that I initially wanted to order.

The eatery’s location in Tanjong Katong is rather inconvenient. Luckily, they have opened an express outlet over at Toa Payoh Central’s Gourmet Paradise Foodcourt. One thing different from its main outlet is that there are ‘meal of the week’ offers for different days. There are less dessert options here but thankfully they offer the chocolate lava cake (subject to availability) as well.

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