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Sqft is a furniture store with a focus on fashion. 


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Nice to look at, but quite expensive
Overall Rating 

We chanced upon SqFt in Tampines and decided to go in to take a look. They sell lots of cool household items, designed to be more innovative and more creative than your average items. Of course, they also sell normal items like mugs, chopping boards, bedsheets etc

Well their products are nice to look at and marvel over, I personally would not pay those prices for "luxury" household products, pardon the oxymoron. A simple product such as a dustbin, for example, can be double the cost of a normal dustbin, though they serve the same purpose.

That being said, I think SqFt makes a good place to shop for Christmas presents or other gifts for adults or first-time homeowners. It would be a useful yet elegant gift for them.

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Amazing furnishings
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I love love love furniture stores and a furniture store that combines fashion and functionality is definitely THE furniture store for me.

The furniture at Sqft is what I would envision in my future dream house. Sqft may not be a big store but it definitely carries the essentials like cups and bowls and salad mixers and... the essentials at Sqft are all pretty and cute and not boring as retailed in most furniture stores, the word I would use to describe them would probably be "new age". The pricing at Sqft are rather reasonable, despite the designer look and feel to everything, the prices are maintained at being slightly above.

I am definitely hoping that Sqft opens more outlets in Singapore or at least occupy a larger floor space.

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