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We believe that fitness and healthy living have a direct and positive impact on the mind, body and spirit and seek to bring genuine and lasting lifestyle changes to each and every member. It is our mission to create a safe and supportive environment whereby members can explore and experience a variety of fitness classes taught by qualified and dedicated teachers. Towards this end, we have handpicked a talented group of teachers and invested in Singapore's first fully ventilated hot studio and fully equipped personal training studios to assist members in making their first step towards enhanced health and radiant well-being.

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Not Recommended, unless you are competitive type

I joined the one month trial at the bugis branch at One Wellness Fitness Gym. Generally, not a good experience, let me share more:

Environment was okay with hot shower and towels provided. Water pressure is small though, probably to save water.
2 Yoga studios
Located at central location in Bugis

Teachers do yoga as if they were at a yoga competition, often pushing students beyond their limit to have deeper stretches. However, i have also seen them pushing students who were of older age (40yrs old+) to do difficult poses beyond their limit. Personally, i do not think this is a good idea because the teacher should be enquiring to find out if students have any pre-existing conditions or recent injury before putting everyone through the same exertion.
Due to the trial scheme, we can only book sessions 2 days beforehand which i found it very troublesome as they claim to not have the advanced schedule, which was quite silly, since most of the timings was the same except for change of teachers.
I've checked the package pricing, but do not find it very cheap either.
Standard of teachers, i do not really fancy as they are too "competitive", in my understanding yoga should be for holistic wellness and not showing off your slim body or for competition to see who does better. I do not get the feeling here though.
If you are looking for deep learning of yoga then i don't think this is a good place for you. Anyway, they do each postures at a fast pace. Before you even settle in the warrior pose, they have already moved on to the next one. Even the so-called beginner class, feels more like an intermediate class, considering that i have been doing yoga for the past 4 years. Not fair for a real beginner who knows nothing about yoga and may give them the wrong impression abt yoga.

Generally, I will not recommend this place nor even return again.

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(Updated: June 13, 2014)

Will not return

Purchased sessions at One Wellness from a Groupon Deal as it was located in the CBD and near my workplace.

Tried out three different classes, the belly dancing class, bollywood cardio and their yoga session. While it was fun to try out the belly dancing and bollywood cardio classes, the instructor tend to go fast and it was hard for me to catch up. The yoga session was abit too intense for me, but that could be because I wasn't fit enough for the class.

Cleanliness wise, as we do not need to wear shoes for the sessions, the floor was sticky and does not seem to be well sanitised after every lesson. Since the place is not just for yoga, mats are stacked at a corner after the class, which I feel isn't too hygienic, since we perspire quite a lot during the lesson.

Toilets were cramp and there seems to be a culture of walking around without clothes in there. Definitely don't feel comfortable.

Have to bring our own locks for lockers, which is a hassle for me since other studios provide locks / number locks.

Overall, I finished my sessions and decided not to sign up for more.

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Variety of classes
Raffles Place
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Excellent for people serious about Yoga

So I tried classes at One Wellness Fitness Club with my Groupon voucher and ended up loving it so much that I purchased a 1 year membership! This is an awesome deal for me because I work at Raffles Place. A stone's throw from the station.

That being said, so far One Wellness is my favourite Yoga studio because of the quality of the teachers. The teachers really care and give attention to each student in the classes. Not only that, the teachers take the time to explain if you ask them. The front desk staff, well at least the ones I've directly dealt with, have been wonderful.

Great things about this studio are complimentary tea bags/paper cups and yoga library.

The Basic Hatha class is equivalent to an intermediate class at some other studios I have tried. For me, that's excellent value because it means these people are sincere about teaching. I love the Hot Pilates and Hot Stretch...that's all I can comment on so far because those are the only classes I have taken here. The teachers provide hands on adjustments are gentle yet firm so that you do not injure yourself in harder poses.

All in all, I like the people so far and being the shopaholic that I can sometimes be, love the idea of a little yoga boutique to browse in while I'm waiting for class to begin. By the way, the drinks are one of the most reasonable in the area! If you are serious about learning yoga, this is the place to go!

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30 robinson road #13-01
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(Updated: September 02, 2012)

Not worth the money IMO

Visited One Wellness Fitness Club as I bought a 6 sessions groupon and so far have used only 2 sessions. I pick up the offer as they do have many classes a day and there is a variety to choose from which is great for those who love to try dance classes and yoga. They have a wide range of yoga classes and even have a pre-natal yoga. I went for Belly Dance and Dance Cardio. The belly dance was fun but surprisingly tiring as the instructor teaches us the various movements and can go really fast. The Dance Cardio was a huge disappointment though as it seems to be just another Indian bollywood inspired dance class. Maybe it’s the same instructor and that’s all the dance steps he knows? He seemed to be enjoying in his own dance and if you can follow, good, if not just shake and move. He just showed us the steps for half of the song and expects us to know how to execute the Bollywood moves once the song starts playing. Hence half the time I was just standing there trying to follow the steps. What a waste of time and money. Decide never to take their dance class again! Moving on Yoga classes next and hopes it doesn’t disappoint.

Next, hygiene factor. The dance classes don’t require us to wear shoes and we can feel how oily the floor is! Disinfect sprays are not oily so I do not know what causes the floor to be so oily and slippery. The toilet being tiny and lack ventilation also do smell a little. I especially hate after the class, we have more than 10 ladies squeezing in that tiny toilet with them all speaking very loudly. Also not very comfortable having semi-naked ladies touching me asking me to move aside to allow them to pass. Don’t expect much, although they do have hairdryers (one blew out on me only after 1 min of use) and 1 shampoo/body wash for use. Oh and you have to bring your own lock, a good one too.

The schedule for the classes also takes very long to be release online making it hard to plan our time to fit in classes. And you can only book 2 days before which are a hassle.

Well despite the above mentioned, it is in a good location which is great for the working class people seeking affordable fitness classes. And since it is right at the top of the building at the 13th floor, the view is great especially at night and they had sofa benches facing the window so that you can enjoy a chat with friends. I would say, ask for trial sessions to see if you like it before committing to the full packages.

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Accessible location for the working class

First time I stepped into One Wellness, I admit that I do not like the place as much as other yoga centres I’ve visited. Firstly, the lockers at One wellness requires a lock – that’s one more thing I’ve to remember to bring whenever I go for yoga. Secondly, the changing/bathing room is way too squeezy. Lastly, One wellness only allows the booking of class 2 days in advance unlike other yoga centres which allows up to 1 week.

However, as time goes by, I start to like this yoga centre. And the reason is only because of the instructors. Most of the instructors there are from India which I believe where yoga is originated from. During our session, the instructor makes a point to walk around the studio, correcting students’ postures, pushing us making sure that we stretch deeper into our pose. Most yoga centres that I’ve tried, the instructors only stand at the front of the studio, demonstrating the poses.

One wellness offers normal yoga, hot yoga, belly dance class as well as pilates. It gives us some variety to choose from. If you compare the prices at One wellness yoga against many other studios in Singapore, you will realize rhat they are far more cheaper. One more advantage is that it is situated right in the middle of CBD – perfect for the working class!

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