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No.1 Guillemard Crescent
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Listing created by jaychew on November 05, 2012    

A boxing gym run by Syed Abdul Kadir, a Singaporean Medalist in the Commonwealth Games for Boxing. Formerly at located at Farrer Park, the gym has now moved to Guillemard Crescent where it shares the facilities with the Singapore Judo Federation.

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Overshadowed by more sophisticated gyms.

This gym actually has to share the facilities with the Singapore Judo Federation. It seems more like their using the parking lot and it doesn't feel like an actual gym. The timings are inflexible (no morning or afternoon classes) and the coach and equipment don't arrive till 8.30pm. The coach also doesn't seem to come on time often and the place is too overcrowded for the limited space there is. Compared to other gyms out there with the proper and better facilities, environment, equipment and longer opening hours with multiple coaches, this gym falls way too short for its price ($40 a month). Those who wish to pick up boxing will be better off at other more sophisticated gyms albeit at a higher price.

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