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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 17, 2012    

Batam Fast Ferry Pte Ltd was established in year 1985 and now operates between 6 Ferry Terminals: HarbourFront Centre Regional Ferry Terminal and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to / fro Ferry Terminal Batam Centre, Ferry Terminal Sekupang, Ferry Terminal Telok Senimba and Ferry Terminal NongsaPura in Pulau Batam.

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Average Ferry Service

Well, Batam Fast Ferry reminds me the times that I took ferries during my NS army times to Tekong. It accommodates averagely among the locals from Singapore and inhabitants from Batam.

The advantage that I like about Batam Fast is that I can make online booking on their website and further discounts offered. The tickets are reasonably priced and affordable. The other ferry services may or may not have any websites for you to check the prices and may need to call up their hotline number to inquire more.

There's one time that the staff at the reception counter at the Batam Fast branch, Harbourfront center couldn't speak proper English and I was having a hard time understanding about 'Open' tickets until I called the operator hotline to understand further. Upon the day that I am going to board the Batam Fast ferry, I went back to the reception counter and ask another different staff to answer my inquiry to give a final confirmation of the tickets I purchase. She was polite and even explain clearly of the procedures. I guess there's one black sheep in every company you will meet that won't be able to communicate well to meet your needs but nonetheless, it's just to clarify my doubts.

Compared with other ferry services, Batam Fast offers more port location for you to drop off and is flexible if you wish to change timing or date for your boarding tickets. No extra charge incurred.

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Sitting at the back of the ferry to snap photos.
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Harbourfront Centre
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Not special but up to standard ferry

Batam fast is one of budget ferries to Indonesia. Although it does not have any unique features, but overall it maintains up to standard rides.

I think the price of the food is reasonable, cheaper than airplanes and certainly not a necessity given the short period of travelling time. It does get crowded during peak periods like weekends and public holidays, but most of the time there are often more than enough seats. It gets bumpy and I certainly dislike sitting at the front where I can feel the loud motor vibrating, making me really sea sick. Other than that, the ride was certainly smooth sailing. The organization of procedures and which check in/boarding gates to go to is sometimes really confusing, especially for first-timers.

Basically, I think all these features apply to the other similar pricing ferries I took before as well. Thus, to create a competitive edge, they must certainly offer more than the others. Otherwise, I think people would like buy tickets from whichever ferry that has the perfect time slots.

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I was not impressed with the crowd at Batam Fast Ferry Service Counter. It was so crowded you could literally bump shoulders with others. However, thankfully, the staffs at the counter were rather friendly and efficient. The ticket pricing were also quite reasonable.

For that price, the ride was pretty comfy. I had the air-con blasting directly at me, and so happen I enjoy the colder temperature. However, since there happened to be screaming kids around, I didn’t really manage to take a nap, what’s with all the noise.

Tried watching television instead of sleeping but failed. The television set was screening movies, but since the kids were screaming so loud, I could barely make out the sounds from the movie. I think it’ll help if they’ll screen movies with English subtitles. But well, anyway that’s just my personal opinion.

Whether getting off or on the ferry, people tend to shove others in a bid to get out first or get in first. Not such a gracious act, so I would think it would be better for you to wait for most people to get out of the ferry. Which I actually did.

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A simple and reliable ride to Batam

Batam Fast Ferry has been around in the industry for a long time and the renowned name has built up a reputation for itself.

The review is based on my last trip to Batam with a group of 3 friends after purchasing Groupon vouchers.

Starting off at the service counter at Harbourfront Center, it was a rather mess. People were crowding in front of the service counter, trying to exchange for their tickets with no clear queues in place. We literally don't even know where to start queuing! The place was rowdy, a definite case given the crowd. Luckily, when it finally reached us, the service staff has an acceptable attitude and patience, preventing us from flaring up from all the unhappiness stored during the wait in the stuffy and noisy environment. No smile from him but at least he gets the job done fast.

The ferry ride itself is just "you get what you paid for". While the fares for the Batam Fast Ferry are one of the most affordable, you can't expect a luxury cruise. In fact, the ride was uneventful, except the occasional rocking against the waves or the daydream about owning a house at Sentosa Cove as the ferry sails past the high end housing of Singapore. It might be due to me sleeping most of the time on board for the ride seemed to be rather fast and we reached Batam safely in no time.

We had to queue (again) for the Customs at Batam but that's for another time.

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Smooth sailing

Batam Fast is reasonably priced, with excellent service from the ship crew. The crew members are ever ready to assist passengers onto the ferry, especially at the choppy Singapore waters, so I normally sit near the back of the ferry where it is most stable.

The ride is pleasant and quiet, with most passengers taking a nap or playing with their electronic devices. At the same time, television screens showing cartoons are good entertainment for the short ferry trip. The small shop in the ferry sells overpriced food, but at least the flaky pastries are hot and tasty.

People tend to start shoving when getting off the ferry though, so it's best to let most of them alight first before getting up.

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