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#01-95 Bedok Mall 311 New upper changi Road Singapore 467360
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Fussy Cat
Listing created by Fussy Cat on September 27, 2015    

Paik's Bibim is a Korean fast food concept selling healthy bibimbap and bibim noodles. Their approach to healthier meals involves taking the popular Korean dish bibimbap and significantly cutting down meat portions while upping the amount of fresh vegetables.                                                                        

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11am to 8pm
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< $10
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Bedok Mall


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Head Here for Cheap and Delicious Bibimbap!

Craving Korean food, but on a budget? Paik’s Bibim is a great place to head to if you’re looking for a fuss-free, affordable bibimbap fix. Their VivoCity outlet is located on the 2nd Floor, and serves up different renditions of bibimbap, along with warm Korean noodles and other side dishes.

Their concept is similar to that of a fast food restaurant, and service is very efficient. Their rice bowls are topped with shredded egg, mushrooms and a garden-variety of fresh veggies, making for a nourishing, colorful meal. The Marinated Tofu Bibimbap is yummy and full of umami flavor, and I would definitely recommend this to all tofu fans. If you have a penchant for spice, go ahead and spam your bowl with their special gochujang sauce that is provided at every table.

With their bibimbaps and noodle bowls all being priced around $8-$9, Paik’s Bibim will satisfy all your Korean food cravings without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Paik’s simple and yummy Bibim

Most good korean food is found in restaurants, but we may not always have time to sit down for a proper meal. Paik’s Bibim let’s you have a decent bibimbab on the go by simplifying the menu. Think of an E.A.T outlet, but for korean food.

The thing that makes Paik’s stand out is the presentation. Even when I was ordering a take-away, the ingredients are beautifully arranged, and with a delightful mix of colors. The take-away boxes were very well designed too, I didn’t mind eating right out of the box when I got home.

Taste wise Paik’s will beat your run of the mill food court or hawker, but don’t expect restaurant standard. You will also be paying a slight premium for the convenience.

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(Updated: September 28, 2015)

Delicious Bibimbap

Paik's bibimbap is different from what's sold at foodcourts in Singapore. It does not have fried egg placed on top of the rice but instead there's lots of fibre in this dish. Bibimbap is served in large black bowls complete with some soup and a bit of kimchi. Customers use the metal spoon and chopsticks to stir the ingredients before eating. Although portion may be small, it is filling.

The menu is simple with some varieties of bibimbap such as teriyaki chicken, seafood and marinated tofu. Some noodles and side dishes such as steam egg and spicy rice cakes are also available. Customers can order Korean soft drinks which come in cute small cans or bottle water for their meal.

Decor is simple and minimal. The dark interior is brightened by simple lighting and furnished with wooden tables, benches & chairs. Service is also quite prompt. This is a good place for some quick, delicious and healthy meal.

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Bibimbap, spicy rice cakes
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Bedok Mall
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