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Brinda's is a 24h fast food chain that has one outlet in Singapore and a chain of franchises in India, Malaysia, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Located in the heartland of Bukit Merah Central, the fast food chain serves Northern and Southern Indian Food and a popular local dish "Curry Fish Head" is on its menu list too. They provide Islandwide delivery and Catering services. - Halal - Vegetarian - Non-Vegetarian

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24 hours
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Bukit Merah Central
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(Updated: December 28, 2012)

very fast and efficient food delivery service

Whenever i need a quick fix of good Indian food in the comforts of my home, Brinda's always comes to mind. The efficient and fast food delivery service and not forgetting the good food was what appealed me to them. But the best part about Brinda's restaurant is that they provide 24/7 delivery service to homes and office and this means you can have good Indian food even at the wee hours of the morning or late at night whenever you are hungry.

I often order from Brinda's and whenever the food arrives right to my doorstep, i was always greeted by a friendly delivery boy bringing me warm delicious cooked food as if it was right out of the pan. The aroma of the food welcomes you even before you open the food packaging.

Brinda's offer authentic Indian food from the different rice dishes to all kinds of Indian bread. They even offer desserts and delicious drinks to go with your meal. Their briyani rice and Tandoori naan are their main specialty as well as their masala tea. It is a must try for all Indian food lovers. You can check out their website to get their full menu.

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I went to Brinda's on a whim, having heard about them from a friend who'd tried out their 24-hour delivery service. The outlet is conveniently located along Bukit Merah Central, easily accessible by many buses. The place is huge and was less than halfway occupied when I went there on a weekday for lunch. Their menu has largely the same variety as most other Indian eateries along Serangoon Road. The counter staff all looked bored and uninviting, though.

I tried their Mutton Briyani. It cost me $8 and they let me choose between boneless mutton and mutton chops. I went for the boneless mutton. When my order came, I was delighted with the briyani rice! There was a literal mountain of briyani rice which was not clumpy and stood singly, while emanating a rich fragrance of it's own. The mutton and it's accompanying curry was somewhat normal. There was nothing special about it, and there are mutton dishes like that a dime a dozen all over Singapore. What I loved about the entire experience was the huge portions of food, which were indeed value for money, as well as the cozy ambiance of the outlet as a whole.

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Decent Food

Having walked past Brinda's so many times, I always wonder how could they managed to maintain such a large restaurant space when it is almost always empty. The decor looks simply like how your house dining area will look like just with many more tables and chairs. It works like a fast food joint where you order and pay for your food at the counter and go find a seat.

The first time I visited Brinda's was because one of my colleague wanted to give us a lunch treat and we thought Brinda's was a good place to go as there are plenty of seats. Once we went in we stood in front of the counter for quite awhile to decide what to eat. The options were not many, but as with most Indian food it is not exactly wallet-friendly. A chicken briyani set cost about $7-$8 but the portion is very huge. So I suggest sharing one set with another female friend. They also have promotion for curry fish head every Tuesday. I have not personally tried it yet but I defintely will one day as it is a tempting deal.

Since it is halal certified, is opened for 24 hours and offers delivery, it is a good option to consider.

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