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230 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437018
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Listing created by shalene on April 05, 2012    

Situated along the riverfront at 50 Boat Quay. Their policy is providing all customers with the same excellent standards of service and using only the very best quality fish for top-quality ‘fish & chips’! They also have a selection of quality beers and wines for the deserving pallet.

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List of Outlets:
Tanjong Katong Road
230 Tanjong Katong Road,
Singapore 437018
Tel: 6345 9855

Balmoral Plaza
271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708
Tel: 6737 9313

Boat Quay
50 Boat Quay
Singapore 049839
Tel: 6536 7316

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small portion, normal tasting

I was tricked by this place. The moment I saw the word 'authentic', I was sold... See how words can be so powerful? The 'British' word makes it even more appealing. I was visually a British cook carefully preparing my fish and chips, with fish so fresh it tasted like the ocean. I ordered a regular fish and chips and was anxiously waiting for my order! Prior to its arrival, I was thinking how different would it be from Swensens? Or from hawker centres...?

Yeah it IS different. In a bad way. The portion was so small. You know how a plate containing fish and chips is always filled? The fish would extend and look so proud and mighty against the chips next to it. But here... it just looks so pathetic. O well, maybe it's the "British" way? The taste was okay. averagely acceptable. Batter was a little too thick though. I wouldn't come here a second time. Just go to your trusty local shop for fish and chips. The "British" and all is just a hoax and advertising trick. It should be ashamed for calling itself "AUTHENTIC BRITISH" because it is nothing but bad fish and chips.

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Too oily for my liking

I paid a visit to Smiths Fish And Chips after hearing countless positive reviews from friends and relatives. It didn't help that the partner was raving about this place each time I met him, so I caved in and decided to pay this place a visit.

We visited the Tanjong Katong outlet, and it was frustrating because it was difficult to find a parking lot; also, the road was very congested and it took us a long time before we finally found a lot and made our way to Smiths.

It was a good first impression - the staff were very polite and friendly, and they made an effort to make small conversation with us. The place was small but it seemed cosy enough. We chose to sit outside, and we ordered just the normal fish and chips. The portion was huge. They were very generous with their portion, but sadly the taste didn't meet up to my expectations. The batter was way too oily for my liking, and after barely eating half of my portion, I felt sick of the food and had no appetite to finish my food.

It was a disappointing experience because I expected more from such a highly raved place like Smiths.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

Don't believe it the signs outside

The sign outside claims that this place serves authentic British fish and chips. What they serve here has very little in common with the chippies in the UK. If you can get served in a reasonable time and with some level of politeness, good for you. After two visits I have yet to be happy on that score.

As for the food: battered calorie filled frozen fish anyone? Like a few soggies on the side? Chips, I mean. YOu get them anyway. I hate it when a place does not deserve a kind word, but I have yet to find anything good to say about this place.

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Worst service ever

The service at Smiths Fish and Chips in Katong is so terrible that one of my friends has vowed never to visit the place ever again. We were COMPLETELY IGNORED at the counter when we wanted to order our food and when we were finally served, our enquiries about the student meal were met with rude replies as one told us to quickly order our meals or leave the restaurant.

We ordered the student meal of Fish Bites and Chips, which costs $5.50 each. The batter of the fish is crispy and crunchy enough and the coating is not too thick, but the fish tasted rather unpalatable. The chips were also soggy and unappetizing.

Until the service and food of this restaurant improves, there is no way I would ever step into this place.

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Good just for an experience

Smiths Fish & Chips offers a taste of the British style of fish and chips. They have taken many things about their business into consideration in order to make the whole experience British-like. For example its food are served in paper instead of the usual ceramic dishes and the ambience and decor of the restaurant give off a very English feel. That is probably what I like most about the place.

Perhaps I am not too used to the British style of fish & chips; I find the fish at Smiths a tad too greasy for my liking. Overlooking that, I have to admit the fish meat is fresh, tender and tastes good. I am also not overly fond of the chips. They're big and chunky and taste a little dry to me.

One good thing about Smiths though, is that you get to choose the kind of fish meat you prefer. That includes cod, haddock and dory. I went for the dory the first time I was there but sadly, although the batter was crispy, it was too oily and I didn't feel totally comfortable eating it.

It is a good experience though, to just visit the restaurant just to get a feel and taste of how British fish and chips are like. Everyone has different tastes in food, so you might just find that you enjoy it.

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Authentic - but sinful!

The best part about Smiths’ is that it offers real British fish and chips. I always appreciate it when chefs prepare dishes the way they are back home, rather than tweaking it for local tastebuds. I read in a newspaper article that the owner of Smiths’ is very proud of the authenticity of his menu. He offers a few different kinds of fish and a variety of accompanying sauces. I dislike that I have to pay extra for the sauces though.

The fish itself is very oily but of the right crispiness. On the other hand, the soggy and thickly cut chips will take some getting used to for Singaporeans. Most of us are probably better acquainted with the crispy, thin fries from MacDonald’s and KFC.

A note of warning: health freaks, beware! The menu at Smiths’ is full of artery-clogging items, including their fried Mars bar. I’m not sure why people actually eat this – it was so heaty I had to stop after two small bites.

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Fish and Chips
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Tanjong Katong
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