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#04-01, Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067
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Listing created by Strome on October 10, 2012    

There is an Irish proverb that says "There are two things in the world that can't be joked about. The first is marriage. The second is potatoes."

Ireland's Potato is the first of its kind in Singapore. Get ready to be spoilt by the choices of dips that come with their fries.

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Daily 11am - 10pm
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Snack time!

I guess potatoes are another form of carbs people enjoy besides rice and noodles. As Singapore gets more westernized in our clothing and language, so with our food. Ireland's potato is a shop that mainly sells fries with different toppings.

Before I stepped into the shop, I was thinking that this was just like Best Fries Forever, but I was wrong. The sauces in which is poured generously over a piping hot pile of freshly cooked french fries were of interesting flavours, definitely different from BFF.

I was a little low on cash that day, and chose the cheapest option - the honey mustard fries. The sauces was a little too sweet for me, but I guess that's the way it's suppose to be. The fries were cooked to fluffy perfection and although the too-sweet sauce, I managed to finish all the fries. The shop interior isn't very big, but thanfully, it wasn't crowded and I had a nice snack there.

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A little part of me died inside.

I’ve always loved potato.

Mashed potato, baked potato, potato salad, fries… I love them all. So, when I saw Ireland’s Potato at Bugis+, I was eager to try it out. Alas, that fateful day, a little part of me died inside.

Deceived by the pictures at the storefront, I ordered the cheesy baked potato skin and the garlic powder fries. The price kind of put me off at first, but I told myself that hey, the quality would make up for it. Happily, I sat down at one of their plush chairs and waited eagerly for my order. Then the food came.

It was like reality slapping me in the face. The potato skin looked so pathetic. There was a meagre amount of cheese, with a few measly pieces of bacon sprinkled on top. It was a far cry from what I’d seen in the pictures. I could easily make this myself! The garlic powder fries were equally disappointing; I could hardly taste the garlic, and as for the fries themselves… all I can say is, McDonald’s are much better.

Overpriced, disappointing and tasteless. I’m just surprised Ireland’s Potato hasn’t closed down yet. Two words: never again.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Fries are good!

What I liked most about Ireland Fries was that they provided free samples generously. At the counter, there is a box of fries and sauces available for sampling. Being the 'plain' person I am, I ordered only the fries itself, without any sauce.

The fries tasted like potato, a genuine potato. It is contradicting how the taste of some fries can differ so much from a potato.

I wouldn't recommend you to get the cheese fries. My friend got the chilli cheese fries, and to her horror the cheese tasted so bad she had no choice but to dispose her entire box of fries. $6 down the bin. A good place for you if you like fries plain.

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melted rubber on plastic, anyone?

Ireland's Potato is a mystery. No, I'm not referring to secret recipes for their fries. In fact, if they had any secret recipes at all, I'd do the world a favor and burn those sheets.

The curious puzzle is how Ireland's Potato managed to stay afloat for so long in Bugis+, when their food can't seem to float my boat - or any of my companions' vessels, for that matter. The bestie and I tried this place out, after we were misled into thinking they served the same fries we found in Kim Gary Restaurant. After the first bite, we knew we were so wrong, that Adele could have made a song out of our spectacular mistake.

Had the displeasure of punishing my palate with the Cheesy Chili Fries or something - I can't taste any hint of beef/bacon nor cheese. The shockingly orange and red concoction, blanketing the thick Plasticine-like fries, had the consistency and taste of melted rubber. Needless to say, we left the fries untouched while we finished hastily our drinks. When I left, that cup of fries looked like a stationery box, complete with yellow pencils and congealed orange erasers.

Perhaps I'd only come back to chill on their plush purple chairs, while gawking at the others who seem to be savoring these monstrous creations.

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Lovely fries!

Ireland's Potato sells some of the most sinful fries around town. Fries fried to golden crisped perfection, then coated with dips, it's no wonder that there are frequent queues at Ireland's Potato during peak periods.

The fries are prepared quickly, so there is no need for too long a wait. The staff are really warm and friendly as well, as I often see them preparing samples for passers-by to try. The branch at Bugis+, which I visited, is a comfortably small outlet, in which there are several cushioned velvet seats, and you can simply sit down and have a chat with your friends while you enjoy the fries.

Personally, my favourite at Ireland's Potato would be the fries dipped in Honey Mustard sauce. The sauce is always warm and slightly sweet, and goes perfectly with the fries.

Ireland's Potato is definitely a go-to place if you're craving a light snack. Although the sheer number of calories packed within the fries can be alarming at times, I somehow always find myself sinfully craving the fries, and eventually indulging in that little bit of guilty delight.

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