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B1-78 252 North Bridge Road Singapore
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 12, 2012    

Potato Depot is the place to go to for all who love baked potatoes. With 10 different kinds of baked potatoes ranging from their signature Sour Cream & Chives to their delicious Roast Chicken & Cheese, their spuds are large, soft and packed to the brim with their fillings. The bakes potatoes are always served piping hot and never fail to quash the hunger pangs.

Located at Raffles City Marketplace, Potato Depot is a choice location for diners looking for a simple meal without any fried foods and unhealthy artificial preservatives. Their meals come with serving of fresh salad and their soup of the day. 

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Potato Depot has like, the Best Baked Potato after Aston's (which, to be frank is only sometimes perfect). I've been there twice and haven't been let down either time. I love smoked salmon so it was an absolute joy when I found that they had a smoked salmon baked potato which came with a huge dollop of sour cream.

One word: heavenly

I don't know how one is supposed to go about eating it but my way is just to mix everything up since they basically pile all the ingredients on top and if you don't eat it with the potato, the potato's bound to be quite tasteless.

I usually complete my meal with a soup and drink, and the both times I've been there they served different kinds of soup (can't remember what exactly, I think one of them was cheese soup I know it sounds funky but it was really thick and creamy and yummy). The only complaint I have is that the store is rather small and can't take big groups of people; I would really like to bring a whole bunch of friends along but that is just going to cause a riot.

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Huge but tasteless potatoes

If you are not a huge fan of potatoes, perhaps you should give Potato Depot a miss, as the only thing they sell are potatoes. Each menu item consists of a baked potato, with a range of about 12 fillings to choose from, like salmon, roast beef, or even chicken curry. For an average of about $10, you can have your potato as a ‘meal’, which includes a drink, soup, and salad. Personally I felt that the potato on its own was very much tasteless, and you have to eat it together with the filling. However, the filling provided was too little, and the potato too large, that I had to leave almost half the potato untouched. Not a place that I would return to anytime soon.

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Potatoes lover!

If you are a fan of baked potatoes and dont mind spending around 10 dollars for a set, you might want to try Potato Depot. I tried the Chilli Con Carne because the name looks interesting. However, I didn't really appreciate the beans.

It comes in a set which includes a drink, a daily soup, a salad and the bake potato. The soup was nice and creamy. I am guessing it is made of mushroom and potato. The salad wasn't too bad too. I like my food to come in sets because I get to eat more variety. Potato Depot provides that and they are in palatable quantities too. Potatoes make you full easily so don't underestimate the seemingly small quantity.

Their service crew is polite and friendly and they are very willingly to introduce their menu. We were just walking by actually but because the service crew was so welcoming we decided to eat there. My friend and I were at Raffles City's outlet. Though the place is pretty small and sort of open in a way, I like the chill out feeling.

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