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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on November 01, 2013    

Osmose is a ladies clothing chain with 8 stores across heartland malls in Singapore and one in Wisma Atria. They recently opened an online store to compliment their retail stores.

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A new favourite store to add to my list

Close to graduating and currently being offered interviews for graduate jobs, I had to stock up on office wear. Honestly, Osmose was probably one of my last choices of office apparels. Maybe because their stores don't look too appealing from the outside. After a day of walking around and trying to find clothes that are within my budget but to no avail, I popped into Osmose as a last resort. You know how I said it wasn't too appealing, I take back my words.

Their office wear were actually not too bad and were extremely comfortable. Their designs, although limited, were modern and fresh. Price wise, I would say it's average. Some of the clothings are sold at a cheaper price than ones from H&M or Metro, while some are at par with the other brands. Looks like I will have a new favourite store added to my list for office wear!

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(Updated: November 22, 2013)

Plainly disappointed

I went to the outlet located at west mall. And am not very pleased with their services as they tend to belittle their young customers. Osmose's aim are the office ladies, but that does not mean that they do not need to entertain people who are otherwise. I myself am a student and have went there personally to see myself getting ignored when i needed help.

They only entertain those whom they think have a great chance of buying their clothing. Their clothing are indeed kind of expensive to be purchased by a student. But that does not mean that they can judge their customers by their appearances. I approach them for help to try on a dress and they did not even bother to help me. They instead asked me to help myself when they were not even busy at all. What are they doing then? Just sitting around the counter chit chatting. However, when a lady who dressed classy came, they had up to 3 people serving her.

I bought a dress and there was even something wrong with the zipper. I have to say that i am truly disappointed at their character and services. And will personally stop visiting Osmose again.

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(Updated: November 13, 2013)


I came in here to buy a pair of pants to wear to an interview, but was so taken with the business apparel that I bought more than I intended. The clothing here is comfortable, even for people who are plus-sized, like myself. The staff are very friendly and approachable, and they are not snappy or intrusive like those in other boutiques I have visited.

The clothing is also value for money, so don't be afraid to spend here, the clothes are very durable! The only qualm I have is that most of the clothes (In the outlet I visited at least) were aimed at executive women and hence this isn't the place to go if you're looking for casual everyday wear.

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(Updated: November 07, 2013)

My aunt is their #1 fan

Which means she drags me to check out her clothes at every Osmose she stops by.

So grudgingly or not, I've seen most of their collections. And while it is aimed at the office ladies, some of the pieces look like they'll be fantastic on me.

Jurong Point has one of the more extensive collections, so I wound up there again with my aunt on one fine weekend. The staff were much too busy to serve us which left us to delightfully enjoy shopping without hindrance.

I ended up buying a simple ruffles office top that made me look five years older but five times sexier so everybody wins.

My aunt wounded up buying nothing instead, with a claim that she's bored of their stuff and we moved on pretty quickly.

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New seasons regularly
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Jurong Point
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