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Founded in 2010, The Tinsel Rack is managed by two passionate and talented sisters Joyce and Jolene, who stand by their simple philosophy of making customers happy through shopping. Having manufactured more than 100 unique and trendy designs, the brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings on Livejournal and blossomed into a highly popular online retailer. 


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chic, quality apparels

The Tinsel Rack is another local online apparel store that promises quality from a “happy clothes maker”. The Tinsel Rack is no stranger to the local apparel scene, they’ve recently became even more famous. I personally enjoy shopping here because of the range in sizes they have to fit petite girls like myself. Random online blogshops only have free size clothings which are way too big for me, so it is always a plus when blogshops have XS sizes.

The quality The Tinsel Rack promises has always been pretty consistent, I own a few pieces of clothings myself and always find myself going back to them for more. Although they’re pricier than usual, I believe you pay for what you get.

I highly recommend this store for good quality apparel.

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happiest clothes shopping experience you'll have

If you’ve ever tried shopping on The Tinsel Rack, then you’d know how quickly their products run out of stock, especially during sales. TTR brands themselves as the ‘happy clothes maker’, and I can’t help but agree.

TTR is known for basics that are extremely versatile, so no matter what your personal style is there’s something for everyone. New designs are every week, including those exclusively manufactured by their in-house label which you can’t find on any other blogshop. They have the best service, and I always get my items within 3 days at maximum. In addition to their own products, TTR also carries brands like NakedGlory and Foundry & Co. , enhancing the range of products available on site and the overall shopping experience. My favourite part of TTR is that they’re always bringing bold and bright hues like yellow or hot pink, adding a splash of colour to my outfit. Their clothing is a little pricier than other blogshops, but quality is guaranteed and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

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"Happiness in an envelope"

The Tinsel Rack is one of the blogshops I really like. I think they really live up to their slogan of being happy clothes makers, with a colourful, cheery website and well, plenty of happy clothes!

The style of their clothes tends to be of the more girly (as opposed to edgy or rocker chic for example) sort. The items are of pretty good quality and I always appreciate blogshops that give clear descriptions of items (e.g. the material used and whether an item is elasticized at the waist or not). I also like the fact that they've started manufacturing more items of their own although I think their backorders sometimes take way too long to arrive.

Service is also generally good. I've shopped with them quite a few times and have never had a bad experience. However, I think the prices of their items have been going up so I've stopped following their new releases consistently. Nevertheless, if I could afford it, I'd be glad to buy more happy clothes!

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Shopping has never been more joyful!

You can't help but feel happy when you wear clothes from The Tinsel Rack (TTR), which is no doubt why the sisters behind the brand name it the Happy Clothes Maker.

The colourful and playful designs immediately brightens up your day. I love that their apparel are have designs inspired from high street UK brands such as Topshop, which usually carry a heavy price tag and may not suit the more petite Asian frame. I was delighted to find a dungaree at TTR with similar prints to the Topshop piece but with shorter straps and best of all, at a much lower price! Another reason why I love to browse through their lookbook is because of the TTR models, Ding Xuan and Melissa. Ding Xuan looks good in anything she wears and Melissa has the most dazzling smile. Most importantly, both of them are about 1.6m tall, which is the height of an average Singaporean girl. I believe that is what makes TTR relatable to local girls.

While TTR apparel are trendy, some may not find TTR clothes suitable for work wear as the cutting may not be fitting enough or that the fabric may look too sheer. I would definitely love to see better quality and more durable fabrics being used!

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Cheerful apparel
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High-quality clothes with cute designs

I used to be an ardent fan of TTR. Why did I use the word "used"? Because it is so popular that I gave up "camping" for the clothes beside my laptop 5 minutes to the launch time. Launch time was at 9, I commented at 9:02 and I did not get the piece I wanted :'( That explains how many people want the clothes!! It is easy to understand why. The quality of the clothes are really good. It is not the slipshod material you get at mass market blogshops. TTR has their own label and clothes fit me well (I am a UK4). The material is not thin and sheer (which seems to be the material that a lot of blogshops are using) and the cutting is always flattering and nice. Tthe main reason why I would recommend TTR is because they are one of the few online shops who brings in bright happy colors like yellow, hot pink and such.

The service is good and the email replies I get are always friendly! However, the prices are getting steeper and steeper. It can easily hit $30 for a piece which is close to prices of Love Bonito. I guess that's what you pay for quality. I gave up "camping" for the clothes because they are always gone so so sooooo fast. Faster than Usain Bolt's running. You can definitely try your luck though because their clothes are worth the buy :-)

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Feminine and pretty

The Tinsel Rack is one of the most popular blogshops out there. I love their website layout and design. It’s cute, girly and neat, which makes for easy navigation of the site.

The clothes are very feminine and pretty, with lots of pastels and lace. I love that style, so I frequently check The Tinsel Rack for updates. It’s a joy to browse through the pictures, because they’re so well-taken and the models look so gorgeous and sunshine-y. These reasons have brought The Tinsel Rack to the top in my list of favourite blogshops.

However, that being said, I try to limit my purchases on the website as the clothes are quite expensive, with a pair of shorts costing around $27. That’s crazy, especially when you realise that the same pair could be on sale in Bangkok for only $8! Also, I hate having to camp for the new collections. Every time I want to order something new, I’ll have to be at the page 10 minutes before launch time and refreshing my page repeatedly, trying to snap up a piece of that coveted apparel. It’s such a waste of time, and I really hope The Tinsel Rack will come up with a solution to the problem soon!

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Stylish and affordable

I'm quite a fan of The Tinsel Rack because they have really chic and trendy apparels all the time. The clothes sold on this website are also really affordable, and the owner is really helpful and provide good customer service.

Ordering from The Tinsel Rack is quick and easy, with no hassle. The items that I've ordered before came with a reasonable waiting time, and packaged really professionally. Considering that this is just a blogshop, they have excellent service. This is definitely one of my favourite blogshops around.

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