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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

Known as one of the resident DJs of the radio station 98.7 FM, Vernon co-hosts Muttons on the Move (Weekdays, 4-8pm) and 987 The Edge (Sundays, 10-11pm).

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Half of the Muttons

I always remember laughing at his jokes when he cracks them when he's on air. Being one of the two muttons on the show, the segment that I especially love would be the part when the muttons parodies upcoming or showing movies in their own words and humour.

Somehow, the muttons are hilarious in the way that they reference local humour and culture. Although Vernon is only the co-host, without him, the muttons wouldn't be complete - there would be no one to retort and make sarcastic and witty comments with Justin.

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