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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on June 05, 2013    

Ho Ching is the wife of Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong. She has a Cantonese background and was born in 1953. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings. She has held this position since 2002.


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Just Human

She is indeed old-fashioned.

Known as one of the iron ladys in Singapore with her high position in Temasek Holdings, she is feared and revered by many. However, while she gains respect and publicity from the papers and media coverage, beneath that external image is a person.

And I repeat, she is indeed old-fashioned.

Having seen her in real life before, I was surprised to see her shopping alone at Centrepoint. She was strolling at a comfortable pace in an old-fashioned casual cheong-sam while weaving in between the crowd. She seemed like just another old-lady that had been taken out of the oldies - no one seemed to pay attention to her. The young that were fashionably dressed streamed passed her without a glance

Maybe we place too much importance on certain people - after all, they are only human just like the rest of us.

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(Updated: August 28, 2013)

Is she really worth reviewing?

I could have only said this,"Ho Ching is the PM's wife" but of course my editor-in-chief would not have been too pleased with me. But since pleasing is one of my favourite past times, I desist.

Now, once I was attending a grooming workshop and the trainer quipped,"You know Ho Ching? She has an antiquated dress-sense. Seriously, I have no idea why the PM married that MAN!". I believed that was said in jest. But if you would bother taking a second look at her photo, she does look like a guy with a bad 70's perm doesn't she?

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