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Steven Lim is often known for being delusional and trying to get famous. He inevitably did but not in a good way. But behind that he actually runs a profitable company that provides entertainment services.


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Hungry for attention

I'm not even mildly surprised that most people are placing judging him so harshly with cruel eyes. As much as I want to say "Come on, let's give this poor guy a break" I cannot seem to bring myself to lie.

Indeed, Steven Lim is an infamous online personality known for his shameless self-promotion and feminine manner. He is often (unfortunately) taken to be the joke on social media platform, and is ridiculed on forums and Twitter for his appearances on different platforms. He had taken part in some variety shows: "Never Say Die" and "The Singapore Idol" where he stripped to his yellow underwear only, leaving the judges speechless and perhaps forever tarnishing his image.

I'm not going to honey-coat my words. I see him as someone who is too desperate for attention and trying to grab hold of any media coverage in the worst ways imaginable. While some may be in support of his "determination" and "courage" to present this side of himself to the world, I really think there are better methods to be recognized by the masses. I do hope he heed sound advice from those around him and hopefully re-establish a more positive image.

THAT said, we have to admit: Bad attention is still attention, right?

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When I first saw a Steven Lim video, my jaw literally dropped. It was hard to believe the state of delusion that a fully grown man could still indulge in. Up till now, I still don't know if Steven Lim is a hoax or if he seriously does have mental issues. The man thinks he's super famous and incredibly talented. He regularly posts videos of himself on his YouTube channel singing, doing covers and ranting about random stuff.

His videos are usually low-quality with little to no editing, which adds to the hilarity of it. He runs a modelling agency, of which I have no idea how successful it is. He also accepts basketball challenges from his "fans" and regularly takes photos. Steven Lim is no talented man, but I will say that he does make me laugh. I think he probably does have a little bit of mental disability, because I doubt any man in his right mind would go all out and publicly embarrass himself like that.

I'm not even sure how he earns money. But nonetheless, it will be interesting to track this man and see where he goes from here. I'm sure there's no other way but up for him now since he's already hit rock bottom.

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Simply a joke

If you haven't seen any of Steven Lim's Youtube videos or his Facebook posts, I advise you to stay away, your innocence may be severely jeopardised. Steven Lim is famous in Singapore for all the wrong reasons, especially acts such as inviting young girls to sign up with his modelling agency, being carried around in a throne, parading in his yellow underwear, and behaving in public in a disturbing manner.

I felt that all these acts can be attributed to some perverted need to gain attention. Yes, he has achieved his goal, but soiled his reputation and made himself a joke in the process. However, I suspect that his ascension to fame may have some logical and shrewd thinking behind it. You see, Steven Lim, being an entrepreneur, owns a business. With fame of the owner comes fame of the existence of the company. As such, with people taking interest in his products, his company makes more money. Simply makes perfect business sense.

I cannot dispute the fact that he is a courageous man, having stuck to his true believes even while being flamed repeatedly. However, there needs to be a time when he settles down and gets serious about his life, for he isn't getting any younger as the days pass him by.

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Laughing at him and not with him

All around I just see many people flaming local "talent", Steven Lim. Even on his facebook page, I find that many of his "fan" that back him up are mocking and sarcastic. Steven Lim seems none the wiser and sucks up all the blatant 'hate' sugarcoated in nice words. Sometimes, I really don't know if I should laugh at him or pity him. He's really in such a pitiful state.

While he is pompous and so full of himself, he has something that really makes people envy - confidence (but not it's not killer confidence). Perhaps its the way that his lack of manners and unrefined pestering that gets in the way of his confidence, portraying him as shameless and desperate. Together with his know-it-all attitude and his off-key singing which many people commend, I don't know what to believe. Are we all laughing at our fellow man at his expense? The only reason that Steven Lim continues to propagate his image as a local "talent" as a comedian, making people laugh, could be due to the attention that people give him - whether it is sugarcoated hate or real hate just fuels his egotistical self. It makes him think about the attention that people are giving him, when they're really laughing at him and not with him.

And to be brutally honest, he is funny but in a derogatory way. Even in his endless scout for a girlfriend through twitter or a model for his modelling crew, his approaches are unorthodox. We make him out as a sociopath when maybe it's all a front he tries to live to get the attention. Afterall, there are only two ways of getting attention - being famous or being notorious.

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Needs to clean up his act

I’ve never been approached by this infamous man (thankfully). As someone staying in the East, there’s hardly any chance of me running into him. Then one day, I decided to venture out into Clementi.

I was just walking outside Clementi Mall when my friend surreptitiously tugged on my sleeve and told me that the man in front was Steven Lim. My literal reaction was “What? That’s him?!”

Okay, call me judgemental, but what happened to the dude? He was flabby, sweaty, greasy… in short, the opposite of what I had expected. I mean… man, he really let himself go over the years. And why the yellow vest? Why?

The sight of him stopping passers-by to promote his services was really quite sad. Being a “public figure” of sorts, it really does require some guts to do what he’s doing. The fact that he keeps getting turned down must make it that much tougher. But honestly, couldn’t he get in the shower beforehand?

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(Updated: September 15, 2013)

Yellow underwear

I did not say a name, when he popped up, didn't he?

Besides being a lousy psychic, I also am a Clementier. For those unfamiliar with this made-up term, it simply means I live at Clementi.

Which also means I've seen Steven Lim more than I see my purse.

He is always hanging around here recruiting poor unknowing folks to join his Organization of the Shallow and the Shameless and I have been approached by him twice.

Now, while I wonder and try to end myself afterwards at night thinking what is it about my face that attracts the grotesque, I am the daughter of my mother. Which means I'm pretty polite and I would always politely decline.

But there was once when he persisted and as hard as I tried to focus on the ground, I had to look up to face my demons eventually - and to see all that grease, all that lack of muscle, all that square jaw, all that sobbing demin vests wondering what they've ever done to cloth this body - was sad. Just sad.

I slowly walked away in the middle of his speech a little traumatized and wiser - I will never let my kid enter Singapore Idol, nor ever buy him yellow briefs.

I also went to Church the next day.

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Can he just disappear?

Oh God this guy.. I heard that his guy friend had a boob job. His friend is as crazy as he is.

I knew about Steven Lim because of Xiaxue's blog. He is so full of himself and he thinks that he is very handsome. Oh God. He even has a website for him and his so called-models which really can't make it.. it's more like a shoddy escort website.

He is brave but in an annoying way, I wish he could shut up and dissapear. I'm not sure if he's faking his attitude. If he is, then it's pathetic, but if he isn't then that's way more pathetic. I somehow feel embarrassed for him when he does something stupid which is like every time he appears.

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Attention seeker

There is something seriously wrong with this dude. Firstly, he has no talent for showbiz, he can't sing (neither can I) and he can't dance (neither can I as well). But the difference between us is that I do not appear on TV to make an ass out of myself.

So, that's all I have to say about him, lest he thinks that he has earned this moment of fame by me writing about him.

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(Updated: July 10, 2013)

Fame Or Shame

Singapore's very own Steven Lim definitely is a topic among discussion even until today. His fame resulted from the stunt he pulled during one of the Singapore Idol audition. Despite the many haters that he has especially on popular media such as youtube, he still continues to be a video blogger.

Many fellow Singaporeans do have bad impression of Steven due to the things he does or say on media. However, Steven Lim is really a good person at heart. He is merely doing something he is passionate about even though it might not be glamorous.

One definitely has to agree he do possess certain amount of charisma. And quite frankly, I do find some (not all) of his videos entertaining and funny to watch. Search on youtube Steven Lim's Date and you can find a hilarious video of him trying to achieve an ideal date.

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So full of himself...

Since the day his face was made known to Singaporeans when he appeared on Singapore Idol to audition, people, including myself, knew that he was a potential nutcase. Okay, at least at that time when he stripped, he had abs (something I didn't [bother to] realize until I saw Dee Kosh's video). Still, his weird persona probably threw many off their seats. I can't fathom why anyone would work for his agency... Must be really good cash, huh!

From so-called fan meets to basketball challenges in which you have to pay a big sum to challenge him (why do people even agree to this, I can't imagine!), Steven Lim really can grab the attention of Singaporeans and possibly even audiences from across the globe. Well, if it's attention he wants, that's what he's getting. Lots of it...

I guess he somewhat deserves his fame, although it is not the right kind of fame a sane person would want, and it's so obvious that when people praise him, they are so full of sarcasm. Either he takes it really well or he just doesn't get it. I really can't tell! He is seriously so full of himself, and can be really lame and childish at times. The Aaron Tan face-off was ridiculous, and yes, though Dee Kosh calling Steven Lim was, um, wrong, I guess, Steven Lim should not have retaliated with a video to get 'fans' to call him a "son of a beach". Beach? Really? Is that a joke or are you unaware that you just used the wrong word? Grow up, man!

Entertaining, maybe, but for all the wrong reasons. The joke is seriously on himself, but I doubt he will ever acknowledge that. Consider that most of your viewers are probably laughing at you, not with you.

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