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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 28, 2013    

Cheryl Fox is an anchor woman for Channel News Asia. She was also in charge of the supremely successful show at the same channel, entitled 'Get Real'. The show depicted reality as it is, without tainting or distorting it. It discussed social issues and was truly an eye opener for many. She hosted Singapore's Brainiest, a television programme that quizzed the IQs and EQs. She was once the presenter for Primetime Morning too.


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Oh Cheryl...I dream of you every night...

Cheryl Fox is perhaps the sexiest newscaster in Singapore and in my opinion even more so than Otelli Edwards. Well, beauty is subjective anyway but Cheryl wins my vote anytime.

I'd say that we grew up through the 90s together when she appeared regularly on a kids' news show every evening and I watched every episode. Just to see her of course. And throughout the turbulent times known as puberty I dreamt of her due to unfulfilled teenage yearnings.

As an adult, I realised why she is so sexy. If you observe her on TV, Cheryl has facial features which are not exactly symmetrical. Despite that, I always noticed that she would be able to find a way to present the best side of her facial features and just get on with her life without allowing her imperfections to get in her way. Now, her confidence is sexy and I love her for that.

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