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Edlyn Seow
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An American brand of skin care, hair care and cosmetics; a drugstore brand catered more towards young adults in their 20s.

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Deep Clean blackhead eliminating toner

See my title? Don’t buy that. I have many skin problems like many people suffering from oily skin, the things I hate most are the black and white heads. I have tried many ways to eliminate them and so when I saw Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating toner, I bought it without batting an eye. But, please don’t follow my footsteps.

It says cooling toner, but I say burning toner. I didn’t read their ingredient list but the first time I used it, my face was flushing red and had the sensation tingling feel. Of course I’m exaggerating, it doesn’t burn but I think their alcohol content might be way too high? In fact, every time I apply it with my cotton wool, I get that choking sensation upon smelling the alcohol.

I’m still using it because I find it a waste to just throw it away and although my skin didn’t improve visibly, it didn’t get any worse. The redness and tingling feel also tend to reduce overtime. But for the rest out there, probably try to get some samples first if you are really considering on getting this.

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Every individual's skin responds differently to various skin products, depending on their genetic make-up. As for me, Neutrogena's products generally gave me very drying skin. I used their oil-free facial wash, thinking it would rid my face of excess oil. Well, it did remove the excess oil from my skin; but it did its job too well. My skin got too dry as it's natural oil got washed off too; and I ended up having very dry skin.

Their sunblock products are pretty good though; although the creamy and sticky texture and white colour makes it slightly harder for one to blend the cream into the skin and jawline leading to the neck. The sunblock generally leaves your face feeling oily and sticky. A less sticky substance would be much better.

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Oil-Free, Clean and Clear

My experience with Neutrogena is not one to be based on as the ultimate experience. In fact, since everyone's skin reacts differently to different facial products, my experiences might not be all that precise.

My experience with their facial scrub was generally not bad - the micro beads were the most awesome discovery I had ever made with regards to face care. After using the scrub containing the micro beads, they removed my blackheads - something that usually troubles me a lot. It left my face feeling oil-free, clean, and clear.

But even then, it isn't so good to use scrubs with micro beads too often as they may damage your skin.

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(Updated: January 28, 2014)


All their products are labelled dermatologist-tested but they are definitely not good enough for the skin. I used to use the cleanser which was alcohol-free but it dried out my skin really bad. I had oily skin and yet this cleanser dried out my skin. The cleanser wasn't even meant for oily skin.

I think my skin is sensitive to avobenzone as their sunscreen products stinged my skin. A few years ago, they had a really popular sunscreen as it was touted as one of the best sunscreens around. I think it was the Helioplex(?) technology. It irritated my skin so I just gave up on it.

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affordable, but rather harsh products

I've tried Neutrogena's facial wash and sunblock before, and won't be repurchasing either product.

The facial wash was rather harsh, and although my face felt squeaky clean afterwards, it also seemed more dry, which didn't feel very comfortable. After using it for a few days, tiny red bumps erupted all over my skin, which I'm sure was due to the cleanser as I didn't change anything else in my skincare regime. The chemicals probably just aren't suitable for my skin, which can be rather sensitive. Also, I didn't enjoy the rather synthetic smell the cleanser had.

The sunblock wasn't very easy to apply, as it didn't spread very well, and I had to rub quite a bit to get rid of the whitish cast. Once again, I didn't like it's fragrance either.

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To each her own

Neutrogena is known to be one of the good quality drugstore brand. Available in any department store or supermarket, it can easily be purchased off the shelves. I've been on Neutrogena facial wash for a long time. I wasn't fortunate enough to be born with flawless skin. Add on the stress from school/University and hormone imbalance, I have a face full of pimples. I've tried so many products, but I believe the constant change of facial products caused my acne to worsen over the years.

I have purchased their Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, Oil-Free Acne Stress Control® Power-Clear Scrub, Deep Clean Facial Cleanser; and lots more over 7 years of using their products. Although they work for the first few months, I find them to stop working after that. Their Acne Spot Treatment cause my skin to peel too. As much as I would want to rave about the brand, the chemicals in their products might not be suitable with the condition of my skin.

On the other hand, I have heard of positive reviews from my circle of friends who have been using them for quite some time. To each her own.

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Oil Control

I used to use Neutrogena in my earlier teen period, a product called Liquid Neutrogena. It was easy to apply and to wash off but the problem was that it didn't manage to effectively remove my pimples and hence, I stopped using the product after a while. After switching to a more organic substitute, I recently started using Neutrogena again after buying one of its facial foams in Malaysia.

The current product that I'm using is the Oil Control Foam which has Eucalyptus Extract as a main ingredient. I like that it lives up to its name, and it manages to really clean my face and remove excess oil and dirt, which is good for teenagers like me. It's also quite affordable, given that one tube can be used for quite a long time. You only need to squeeze out a bit of foam and add some water for plenty of lather on your face. A slight negative point is that it leaves my skin feeling overly dry and oil-less which makes it feel quite chemical and artificial.

Other than that, Neutrogena is generally known for making good and more natural products. If you're looking for a brand with plenty of experience and variety, Neutrogena is a good brand to start with.

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(Updated: August 01, 2014)

Doctor Prescribed soap...

When I was in my teens, I had a big problem with acne. A doctor I frequented prescribed me some meds and also put me on a regimen of washing my face till it is scrupulously clean. The soap that he prescribed me was a bar of Neutrogena soap. It was brown, translucent and smelt like a hospital and it helped with my acne problem.

I still use that bar of soap 20 years later and other Neutrogena products too. I especially love their toner and also Rainbath. Neutrogena products are a little pricey but if you love that sterile smell and clean feeling, it does represent good value.

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Don't really like their sunscreen

The only Neutrogena product I have used is their ultra sheer sunscreen of SPF 50+++ that covers a broad range of ray spectrum. Price wise it is quite affordable and quantity wise, it lasted for quite long. It works great, I didn't get any sunburn or anything, but I didn't like its smell and texture.

It is a white cream that goes off as quite light, not too thick and like what it say, sheer. However, when I apply it on my face, it feels a little too heavy on my face, and after blending it into my skin, it felt like nothing which is as what it promised, sheer. I am quite picky when it comes to the feeling of the product on my skin, I don't like products that feels heavy on my skin, so people who are not particular about this will not be bothered about this.

Because it is white, if you didn't blend properly, you would see white streaks on your face, and it just doesn't look good. Some knowledge as to how to apply sunscreen, you are required to tap it onto your skin instead of rubbing it to blend with your skin so it will form a protective layer to reflect off most of the UVA and UVB. Thus, it makes it very hard (take very long time) to tap it in yet trying not to leave white streaks on my face.

I have to give it credits for being oil and PABA free and non-comedogenic (don't clog pores) and is true to what it said - 'Dry Touch' for non-shiny finish. It says to have a light fresh scent, but honestly it isn't nice smelling,when you apply it at first, but after blending into your skin you wouldn't smell anything.

Conclusion is that, I wouldn't get their sunscreen again.

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My drugstore fave

Who hasn't reached for Neutrogena during their pre-teen years whenever they've had a breakout? I sure did!

Many of the other drugstore brands like Olay and L'Oreal are a little too strong for people with younger and vulnerable skin. Neutrogena is (in my opinion), the most pocket-friendly and effective brand for those struggling to combat acne-prone skin during puberty.

I've been a loyal user of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel before I've opted them out for a more mature range of skincare only recently, but I've always loved how it absorbs into my skin almost instantaneously. It doesn't leave a greasy mess after application and has that soft refreshing scent. I still use it now whenever I'm on a staycation or trip overseas for that quick trusty boost of moisture.

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