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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on July 19, 2013    

Oakley is one of the leading sports brands in the world. The holder of more than 600 patents, Oakley is continually seeking problems, solving them with inventions and wrapping those inventions in art. This philosophy has made Oakley one of the most iconic and inimitable brands on the market, with innovations that world-class athletes around the globe depend on to compete at the highest level possible.

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Blender Polished Gold Ghost With Dark Bronze
Limited Edition Echelon Radar Carbon Fiber Print Ruby VR 50 Photochromic
Half Jacket
Twenty Gun Metal With Fire Iridium
Sculpt 22-080 Pewter
Clubface OX3102-0152 Polished Black
Evade 22-172 Matte Black
Yarddog II OX1093-0653 Polished Black Retina Burn
Crosslink Switch OX3128-0353 Brushed Alumininum Grey Smoke Black
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To most people, Oakley is a luxury sunglasses brand. A pair can easily cost up to $300, which is considered quite pricey when you realise that you can get any normal pair of shades for $10 at night markets and the like. However, Oakley is durable and has quality which is what you are paying for on top of the branding.

My father has a pair of Oakley shades that he has been using for more than 6 years. The frame is lightweight and is able to withstand multiple knocks and drops. Another good feature is that you can change the lens of your sunglasses if necessary, saving you the need to purchase a brand new pair altogether. Although the frame itself warrants its price tag, it is not to be said for the lenses. Oakley claims that their lenses are scratch-proof, yet my father has changed his lenses 3 times already due to scratches. The lenses are also not cheap and may cost near the actual price of the entire pair.

Due to such negative feedback, it is quite unlikely that I will get my shades from Oakley. However, I am still willing to give it a try again and test it out once more.

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Look great with high-quality eyewear!

As the owner of many pairs of Oakleys, I can safely say that Oakley glasses/sunglasses are the best I've ever worn.

I won a pair of Oakley Radarlock during a running race this year and I really love it! Not only do the sunglasses look good - and really cool - they also have photochromic lenses which reduce glare and reflections on glass. It also came with an Asian fit nosepiece as the regular nosepiece is not high enough for most Asians with a low nose bridge. Although I won a black frame, I have a few other pairs of Oakleys that come in various colours - they are highly customisable as the ear socks, lenses and frames have many colours to play around with.

As a horribly short-sighted person, I have to wear glasses (I prefer glasses over contact lenses most of the time) - and of course, I purchased an Oakley frame. It's extremely lightweight but at the same time, extremely sturdy. It's great!

I'd definitely recommend Oakley to all, especially athletes who need to use sunglasses for training or racing.

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Looks really cool.
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Trendy And Striking Eyewear Brand

Known globally for its range of eyewear designed for athletics, sports, and a generally active lifestyle, Oakley is considered the industry leader for sports eyewear. Founded with only $300 in 1975 by Mr. Jim Jannard, the company was named after his dog, an English Setter called Oakley.

Oakley is known for their outstanding technological designs that are incoporated into every product. With over 600 patents registered to the Oakley brand, much of this innovative techonology is developed by gathering input and feedback from practising athletes, as well as performing rigorous field testing, sometimes under extreme conditions. Their earliest patented technology, a non slip, tight gripping material nicknamed 'Unobtainium' is still used in many pieces of eyewear Oakley makes today, either as ear socks or nose grips.

What I like about Oakley eyewear is their stylish, active, and energetic designs. There is an overall sporty look to their eyewear, with a lightweight construction that is surprisingly more hardy and durable than it looks. Lifespan for a pair of Oakley eyewear is rather long, between 2 - 4 years. This kind of quality doesn't come cheap though, and Oakley is considered one of the more expensive brands of eyewear, with an average pair of Oakley frames costing between SGD $150 - $300, without the cost of lenses.

I used a pair of Oakley spectacles for nearly 4 years. Generally, I prefer those with a square, half frame, which helps to break up the overall look of my face and enhance my features.

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Sculpt 22-080 Pewter
Clubface OX3102-0152 Polished Black
Evade 22-172 Matte Black
Yarddog II OX1093-0653 Polished Black Retina Burn
Crosslink Switch OX3128-0353 Brushed Alumininum Grey Smoke Black
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